19 Juni 2012

The Baked Goods

In one fine afternoon... me & my girls craving something good and light to eat. Finally, we decided to go to The Baked Goods. A bit curious with this place, since i can see The Baked Goods store from my office window.

The Baked Goods place in the corner of  H. Agus Salim (also known as Sabang), 1 area with  Sere Manis resto. The Baked Goods have a not too spacious place, but pretty convy to hangout. Split into 2 area, outdoor and indoor. At Indoor, we can find rack full of cookies display, then there are rack full of cookies that succeed making me drooling. They also have jars of testers. The cookies taste good.

Here are what we ordered...

Lemon Poppyseed 22
Sponge cake  with lemon glaze on top. What I like about this cake was, the cake so spongy and smooth. The poppy seed and the lemon glaze make this cake more unique.

Fruit Cake 28k
This one slice of fruit cake so full. It so tiny at appearance, topped with generous dry fruit. It's good at the beginning. But feel so full at the next bite.

Quiche Spinach Mushroom and Cheese 21k
The quiche to savory for me. Even the spinach and the mushroom didn't help much.  Also filled with the smoke beef.

Tuna Sandwich 18k
One slice of tuna sandwich... Uuumm.... this was just one bite at a time LOL... The filling also not so generous. The onion make the tuna loss the taste.

Dark Choco Pudding 15k
As appearance, nothing special with this pudding. Served with fla.

Hot Cokolada 25k
This hot chocolate really thick and too sweet. You even don't have to add some sugar no more. Enough for 2 actually. My friend ordered this for her own, and she can drink it all hahahha....
Vanilla Latte 39k & Caramel Latte 39k
Totally confused at first when this drink came to my tables. The server said, the vanilla latte is the one with much milk on top and the caramel latte with caramel syrup above. But when I drink it, the taste was so opposite LOL... The Vanilla Latte taste much more coffee than the caramel Latte and the caramel Latte just tasteless. I don't know whether they forgot to add the coffee or they add too much ice. Even when I tried to add some liquid sugar, it didn't help much....  

Overall, The Baked Goods cake was pretty good, eventhough still need improvement in several menus. The service also great. It worth to try.



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