27 Juni 2012

The Pancake Icon

Jalan-jalan ke Kalibata City dan karena lapar menyempatkan mampir ke foodcourt nya. Foodcourt nya cukup nyaman. With no smoking area in indoor dengan nuansa kayu dan modern serta konsep open terrace for outdoor.

This time saya mencoba menu-menu dari salah satu tenant nya yaitu The Pancake Icon, yang menyajikan berbagai hidangan dessert, pasta, steak dan pancake.

The Pancake Icon
Here are the menus that we ordered... 

Chicken Cordon Bleu 35k
Chicken Cordon Bleu served with french fries and salad.  The chicken a bit thin not too juicy filled with cheese and smoked beef and pour with homemade sauce. The sauce pretty good, not too thick.

Honey Butter Waffle - 28k
Honey Butter is a pancake (or waffle) served with butter honey and choice of ice cream. Honey Butter ini pada dasar nya adalah pancake. Jika kita ingin merubah nya dengan waffle, kita dikenakan extra charge Rp.3000. The texture not too smooth. But the topping make it better.
Bavarian Apple - 26k
So far, I like this one most. Bavarian Apple merupakan pancake dengan apple apple dan raisin above then pour with the apple sauce. Rasa apple dan sauce nya enak. Bercampur dengan rasa cinnamon. Served with ice cream. The pancake texture pretty moist. Just love it.

Chocoreo - 20k
This Chocoreo blended was too sweet for me. Choco with oreo blended in one. Topped with whipped cream and oreo crumble.

Overall, The Pancake Icon service was great. Their menu was also so-so, but worth to try.

Kalibata City Square, Lt. LG Blok FB Unit No. 03 A, Teras Quliner,
 Jl. Kalibata Raya No.1
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19 Juni 2012

The Baked Goods

In one fine afternoon... me & my girls craving something good and light to eat. Finally, we decided to go to The Baked Goods. A bit curious with this place, since i can see The Baked Goods store from my office window.

The Baked Goods place in the corner of  H. Agus Salim (also known as Sabang), 1 area with  Sere Manis resto. The Baked Goods have a not too spacious place, but pretty convy to hangout. Split into 2 area, outdoor and indoor. At Indoor, we can find rack full of cookies display, then there are rack full of cookies that succeed making me drooling. They also have jars of testers. The cookies taste good.

Here are what we ordered...

Lemon Poppyseed 22
Sponge cake  with lemon glaze on top. What I like about this cake was, the cake so spongy and smooth. The poppy seed and the lemon glaze make this cake more unique.

Fruit Cake 28k
This one slice of fruit cake so full. It so tiny at appearance, topped with generous dry fruit. It's good at the beginning. But feel so full at the next bite.

Quiche Spinach Mushroom and Cheese 21k
The quiche to savory for me. Even the spinach and the mushroom didn't help much.  Also filled with the smoke beef.

Tuna Sandwich 18k
One slice of tuna sandwich... Uuumm.... this was just one bite at a time LOL... The filling also not so generous. The onion make the tuna loss the taste.

Dark Choco Pudding 15k
As appearance, nothing special with this pudding. Served with fla.

Hot Cokolada 25k
This hot chocolate really thick and too sweet. You even don't have to add some sugar no more. Enough for 2 actually. My friend ordered this for her own, and she can drink it all hahahha....
Vanilla Latte 39k & Caramel Latte 39k
Totally confused at first when this drink came to my tables. The server said, the vanilla latte is the one with much milk on top and the caramel latte with caramel syrup above. But when I drink it, the taste was so opposite LOL... The Vanilla Latte taste much more coffee than the caramel Latte and the caramel Latte just tasteless. I don't know whether they forgot to add the coffee or they add too much ice. Even when I tried to add some liquid sugar, it didn't help much....  

Overall, The Baked Goods cake was pretty good, eventhough still need improvement in several menus. The service also great. It worth to try.

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14 Juni 2012

Y&Y - Grand Indonesia

Last Week I celebrate 1st year my marriage with hubby (yeeii...) Instead of having dinner in a fancy romantic restaurant , we decide to have dinner in a nice placed called Y&Y. I first known about this place was from my Dad. He loved (and always mention ) about Y&Y Salmon Black pepper.  So, we went to Y&Y in Grand Indonesia, because it take closer from our office.

Y&Y Grand Indonesia took place in 3A Floor. In front of the dancing fountain.  The place really spacious. Split into 2 areas. Indoor and outdoor. I took place in Outdoor area, because i still can watch peoples around and the dancing fountain. Even though you still can see outside activity from the indoor also. Because it only separated with glass. Orange and white dominated the interior. Really nice place, felt like eating in a harbor.

Outdoor Area
Outdoor Area
Indoor Area
As seen on Y&Y wall, they served many kind of meal. From pasta, sushi, rice, steak, all in one place. Here are what we ordered...

Minced Wagyu + Chilli Mayo 110k
Thin crisp Pizza with minced wagyu and chilli mayo as a topping. The minced wagyu really generous. A sweet tender wagyu in one pizza. It good to eat while it still hot. Because the longer to eat, the dough texture became a bit chewy.

Salmon Black Pepper 95k
Salmon Blackpepper served in a hot stone bowl. The salmon grilled well. Crisp on the skin and really tender in the meat. The black peeper sauce really seep into the salmon. Served with radish and rice. For this menu I also suggested, eat this while it's hot. Because I don't know why, the taste became a bit weird when it already cold.

Y3 Sushi Platter - 73k
When I asked the waiter, what is the most favorite order for sushi. Then, he suggested me to order the Y3 Sushi Platter. 9 of kind sushi in 1 box. Woohooo.... But then I had to disappointing with some of sushi that served. Consisting of several sushi like:
  • California Roll : Like this one always.
  • Ebi Avocado
  • Fire Work: Totally weird, using abon like my mom use in nasi kuning hahaha...
  • Kick Boxing : with duck
  • Chicken Satay: Chicken satay in it rolled with nori, kinda weird.
  • Naked Crab
  • Holly Molly: I also kinda like this one. Sushi rolled with salmon 
  • Big Apple: with cheese in the middle.
The sushi rice not like Japan's rice. The seasoning not good enough. But, the fish fresh. Wont order this Y3 again. Better choose another sushi from menu book.

Virgin Lemon Squash 27k
What could me more freshening than a virgin Lemon Squash? Totally perfect for a sour minded like me. After take a very full dishes nothing more better than this drink.

Orange Lychee Tea 35k
Orange Lychee Tea was also freshening. Consisting fresh lychee, strawberry and aloe vera. This flavored lychee tea worth to try.

Overall, Loved the Y&Y. The place was pretty nice. But, I just felt the food taste not the same like the old time. The service  really helpful  & friendly. Willing to explain what's in the menu.

Grand Indonesia, West Mall Lt.3A Unit ED 1-21 A,
Jl. MH. Thamrin No.1, Thamrin , 10310
PHONE : +62-21- 23580825

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07 Juni 2012

Madelaine Bistro - A Taste Of France

Last Saturday nite my hubby and I had a very fabulous dinner at Madelaine Bistro. First I know about Madelaine Bistro was from my friend. Madelaine Bistro located in Kemang, in a very nice building called Kemang-89. Madelaine Bistro is a fine French restaurant, that serve many great French cuisine.

Madelaine Bistro have a very nice ambiance. With retro painting also romantic and comfortable really great place to dine. Not too crowded also.

After we seated, the waiters help us with the menu list. It's a french resto and we a bit un-familier with French cuisine.   

French Bread with Cheese spread - Complimentary
French Bread with Cheese spread was a complimentary from Madelaine Bistro while we wait for the entree come. A smooth french bread with cream cheese. It's quiet nice.

Salade Nicoise 55k
It was really freshening salad. Consisting crisp and fresh romain lettuce, potato, red bean, egg also minute seared tuna and anchovy. All served in a plate was really fresh. The tuna was quite unique, topped with sesame. Love it

Pineapple Sorbet - Complimentary
Again, Madelaine gave us complimentary while we wait for our main course. Pineapple Sorbet quite freshening. Mixed between sweet and sour.

Angus Beef Striploin Stack - 185k

Pan-seared Australian angus beef strip loin stack with mashed potato, artichoke, baby carrot and pour with red wine sauce. Tell the waiters to cook the angus beef striploin with medium rare. Because it make the beef  keep tender and juicy. If it too overcooked, it make the beef a bit chewy and lost it signature. The artichoke and the carrots also still crunchy and fresh. I love the sauce. Not to thick and it made the beef more richer in taste.

Biere Battue Dori Frit - 85k
Deep fried beer-battered dory fish fillet served with potato wedges and mayonnaise. The dory was crisp and tender, but it still a bit fishy. But the potato wedges was nice. Just add with the mayonnaise to less the fishiness.

Warm Cherries Jubilee - 40k
Black cherry flambee served with pumpkin seed tuile and vanilla ice cream and topped with fresh strawberry.  It was so nice when you eat the warm cherries. The tuile really thin and crisp. The vanilla ice cream is the good combination for the sour cherries.

Trio de Gateaux Madelaine - 40k
Assorted flavors of macadamia, raspberry and chocolate Madelaine cake with chocolate and berries sauce. The cake a bit burned outside. The texture also not so smooth. 

Overall, I love Madelaine Bistro so much. I really impressed with the service. The server really helpful.  She really patient explain every single things in the menu even though there already explanation in it. The price is a bit pricey, but I guess it's all worth with what you get. About the place, prepare your camera, trust me, suddenly you became narcissist person ever, Madelaine Bistro have many great spot for taking picture LOL...  but unfortunately, I guess Madelaine Bistro really need to separate between non-smoking and smoking area. Because, although i already asked for non-smoking area, I still can smell the smoke.

Madeleine Bistro
Jalan Kemang Raya No. 89
Jakarta 12410
Telp : 021-71794538
Website : Madeleine Bistro
Twitter : @madbistrojkt
Facebook fan page : Madeleine Bistro
Open Hours : 11:30am - 22:00pm
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