30 Mei 2012

Fish & Co: Seafood In A Pan Best In Town

Last week, several food bloggers and I were invited by Groupon Indonesia (also known as Disdus) to the finest restaurant Fish & Co EX-Plaza Indonesia. Fish & Co first open in Jakarta was in 2003 at Mall Taman Anggrek. Now they already spread their wings and open many branch in Jakarta and Surabaya. With the casual dining restaurant,  Fish & Co try to spoil their customers with many great seafood dishes.

All  Fish & Co stores have a very unique design. In the entrance there are 3 fish sign board that informed menus and promo that Fish & Co have. With the blue, white and yellow dominated the store. the sea atmosphere really look cheerful and fun.

The room split in to 2 areas. In outside down the hall is the no smoking area. If you smoke choose inside the room behind the open bar. With the decoration and good ambiance really nice to hangout here.

Sea Freeze Monkey 39k
As a start we surprise by this  giant big glass of Sea Breeze Monkey. It's a mix between lime and pine granadilla syrup. The taste really sour but freshening at the same time. I like this one.

Sharkie Freeze 39k
This Sharkie Freeze taste was a bit sweet. Because it contained passion fruit in it. It also freshening. If you don't like it too sour, better choose this one.

 And here come the food parade

Starter Platter 99k
Starter Platter consisting of nachos, fried calamari, fish nuggets and prawn fritters served with tar-tar sauce, tomato salsa and spicy mango vinaigrette. I like the spicy mango sauce. It just taste great, mixed between sour and spicy. All the seafood taste great. But I like the calamari most. It was tender and crisp.

Fish & Co claimed themselves as "The best Fish & Chips in town". They use imported Dory fish from Vietnam.
Philadelphia Fish & Chips 79k
Philadelphia Fish & Chips was a very tender and crisp fish with cream cheese above. Served with big and crisp chips

Danish Fish & Chips 79k
This Danish Fish & Chips stuffing with stringy mozzarella and topped with lemon butter sauce. I like this one. Beside the skin more crisp than others, blended between mozzarella and lemon butter sauce really great. Served with big and crisp chips

New York Fish & Chips 79k
New York Fish & Chips is one of all time favorite fish and chips with generous parmesan cheese stuffing and topped with lemon butter. Served with big and crisp chips

Seafood Platter 235k
Seafood Platter came in a very big portion. Perfect for sharing with your friends. Consisting of paella (Spanish rice, with herbs) topped with seasonal fish, calamari, black tiger prawns, mussels in creamy garlic and lemon butter sauce. Everything cooked well. The seafood served fresh, I like the prawns most. It was so  juicy.

Hot Fudge Chocolate Cake 35k
Hot Fudge Chocolate Cake was a moist chocolate cake, similar like brownies. There's melted chocolate inside the cake. Served with Chocolate or vanilla ice cream and choco sauce.

Ice Bomber 35k
This one is my favorite. Ice Bomber is a mixed between cheese cake ice cream, chocolate ice cream, raspberry and topped with nut sprinkle and choco sauce. The raspberry balance all the sweetness. Really melted in my mouth, when i ate it.

Panna Cotta 35k
Panna Cotta is an eggless custard with raspberry sauce. The texture really smooth, but the taste way to sweet. But the raspberry sauce a bit sour, it can balance the sweetness of the panna cotta itself.

Overall, Fish & Co really spoiled the seafood lovers. The seafood really fresh and the taste was great. The service was great also, really helpfull. The price a bit pricey, but it's worth with what you get.

Above of all, thanks to Fish & Co, Groupon Disdus (Mr Rozelina) , PT Gading Food ( Ms Angel K & Ms Stella) for great invitation. I'm totally HOOKED!


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23 Mei 2012

Pizza Marzano - to die for

A couple days ago, me & my girls lunch in Pizza Marzano. 1st because we interested in one of 1 credit card great promo. So in that day, we chose to lucj at Pizza Marzano Citywalk - Sudirman. A very nice place that Pizza Marzano have in Citiwalk. The place spacious enough with no smoking area in restaurant. Pizza Marzano took place in Ground Floor, in the right side of the main entrance. We took place in the very nice long red sofa. It was so nice having lunch here.

With open bar in front side, to make beverages like mocktail, cocktail, wine etc. The bar also look nice. There's several stacks of Pizza box on top of it.

Trilogy Pizza 90k
This Trilogy Pizza topping was really complete. Make me mouthwatering *Glek... Contained smoke salmon, barbequed beef, turkey arrabiatta, olives, capers, red onions, sundried tomatoes, mascarpone and grana padano. The freshnes of the salmon really great. Mixed with the turkey and the beef. The meat's texture was really tender. And what make it more great was the sauce that use herbs and tomato really blend well with the salmon, turkey and the beef. Not too forget the generous melted cheese. yuuumm... The dough it self was thin and crisp.

Fettuccine Salmone 70k
Fettuccine Salmone taste great. The texture if the fettuccine really smooth. It cooked well. The salmon also tender. It all mixed with cream sauce, asparagus, dills and red onions. really rich in taste.

Spaghetti Alla Bolognese 60k
The spaghetti really full of meat. The bolognese sauce also a bit thick. The texture of the spaghetti really great, not rare and not overcooked. But eat this spaghetti can make you full right away. This was because Pizza Marzano gave the very generous sauce and meat

Spaghetti Alfredo 60k
Spaghetti Alfredo was also great. The cream sauce blend well with the spaghetti. Serving with tender Italian beef sausage.

Spaghetti Aglio Olio with add Mushroom 40k
This one is the very light spaghetti taste. Choose this if you want to eat pasta but don't want something creamy. The olive oil blend all the ingredients in it like garlic, basil and crushed chilli. If you want to add mushroom, pay for more 13k. It complete all the taste.

Penne Picante 65k
Ate this Penne Picante make my stomach fully loaded. So much things in it, such as pepperoni, hot spiced beef, red onion, green peppers, crushed chilli, mushroom, and top with bechamel and tomato sauce, mozarella, grana padano and water crest. The taste was great, but it a bit spicy.

Lasagne Pasticciate 65k
The 4 layers of lasagna with bolognese sauce, tomatoes, bechamel sauce and top with grana padana cheese. The taste was great. The sauce was very generous. Love it

Fusilli Polo Alla Genovese 60k
Pesto Genovese that used in this fusilli was taste great. The herbs really sorely in this dish. The chicken also tender.

Ice Lemon Tea 20k & Dilmah Jasmine Green Tea 20k
What could be better than Tea to neutralize the heavy pasta and pizza

Hot Mocha Picollo 25
Ice Mocha Picollo 25

Mocha Picollo is blend of coffee and milk. Taste good. But too heavy for pasta. With all the whipped cream above.

Overall, Pizza Marzano have great authentic Italian Pizza and pasta. The taste was great, the service also nice and the price also affordable.


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21 Mei 2012

Andakar - Aneka Daging Bakar

Nowadays, banyak resto menawarkan menu steak. Namun ANDAKAR menawarkan sesuatu yang berbeda. Bukan hanya sekedar harga nya yang murah, tapi menu steak yang di tawarkan juga banyak. Mulai dari Rib Eye, Lamb Shank, Salmon sampai Ikan Dory.

Saya penasaran mencoba Andakar. Akhir nya me & hubby memilih Andakar di cabang nya di Mampang - Buncit. Tempat nya berada 1 area dengan Pizza Hut. Tempat nya not too spacious. Bisa take indoor atau outdoor. Jika Andakar sedang ramai-ramai nya, bisa dipastikan akan mencari tempat untuk parkir, karena berebutan dengan pengunjung Pizza Hut yang sama ramai nya. Saya mengamil tempat di dalam dengan area memanjang seperti koridor. Andakar mengambil furniture kayu-kayu. Berkesan western. Tempat grill nya sendiri, terdapat diluar Andakar. Tepat nya disamping nya. Jadi kita tidak perlu khawatir terkena asap nya. Begitu juga dengan area outdoor. Tempat duduk nya tidak dekat dengan grill station nya.

Andakar Area

Menu yang dipesan kali ini adalah RibEye dan Tenderloin.

Rib Eye Lokal Rp. 38.500
Rib Eye tampil dengan porsi yang besar. Disajikan dengan french fries dan mix vegetables. Daging nya a bit chewy, but still can tolerate. The sauce was great, but the french fries serve cold. Seperti nya kentang goreng nya memang stock yang sudah tersedia. Karena rasa nya pun sudah tidak begitu renyah lagi.

Tenderloin Lokal Rp. 48.500
Sama seperti Rib Eye, the Tenderloin came in a big portion. Dengan menggunakan sauce yang sama. The meat also a bit chewy. Apa mungkin karena daging lokal, jadi masih banyak serat-serat nya? Penyajian nya side dish nya juga sama. A lot of mix veggies, not overcooked, tapi kentang goreng nya sudah dingin, seperti kentang yang sudah beberapa jam lalu digoreng nya.

Pelayan nya menyediakan mayonnaise dan tabasco sebagai bumbu pelengkap. Mayonnaise taste a bit sweet and thick. I love to add some tabasco also.

Es Lemon Tea Rp 12.500
Lemon Tea nya enak dan menyegarkan. Came in a big glass. Puas minum nya hohoho...

Menu List
Overall, Andakar really worth to try. Maybe the steak not as fabulous dengan Steak sejenis. Tapi saya rasa sesuai dengan harga juga lah yaa... All steak here served welldone. Pelayan nya tidak menanyakan kepada saya tingkat kematangan steak nya sebelum nya. So I assumed all steak here cokked with welldone. Pelayanan nya juga cepat & helpfull. It just that, they really need more improvement.

dari Senin s/d Minggu, jam 11:30 - orderan terakhir 22:30,

                    1. Jln. Duren Tiga No. 11
                        Pasar Minggu, Jakarta Selatan
                        Tlp. 7919 8184
                    2. Jln. Warung Buncit Raya Pulo No. 1
                        Jakarta Selatan
(Seberang halte TransJakarta Buncit Indah)
                        Tlp. 7901360, 7901036
                    3. Jln. Cilandak KKO No. 2
                        (100 meter seberang Rumah Sakit Marinir )
                        Jakarta Selatan  Tlp. 780 1775

Buka dari Senin s/d Minggu, jam 15:30 - orderan terakhir 22:30,
                    4. Jln. Condet Raya No 9,
                        Jakarta Timur Tlp. 800 4067, 2617 3134

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16 Mei 2012

Breadlife - Bentuk roti nya Unyu-Unyu...

Nowadays, banyak toko-toko roti berteberan di berbagai mall-mall. Salah satu nya adalah Breadlife. Pertama mampir ke gerai Breadlife karena penasaran, mengingat nama nya mirip-mirip dengan toko roti sejenis.  Dari sekian banyak branch Breadlife, saya paling sering berkunjung ke outlet nya yang di Pejaten Village. Non other because tinggal nengok langsung sampe dari rumah saya hehehe....

Melihat-lihat ke rak roti nya was so much fun. Bentuk roti nya lucu-lucu. Ada yang bentuk rugby, UFO, ada bentuk kepala boneka dan masi banyak lain-nya. Dari penampilan nya, saya ingin gatal mencoba setiap varian roti yang disajikan di tray, di rak-rak roti nya.

Breadlife Gandaria City

Roti Abon Floss juga tersedia disini. Seperti Abon Floss ini menjadi salah satu Item wajib toko roti yaa... I love the choco lava bread and the croissant. Pada dasar nya, semua roti di  Breadlife, rasa nya enak. Tekstur roti nya moist, lembut, ngga seret. Varian roti nya juga banyak. Meski sejenis dengan toko roti lain nya, tapi rasa nya ngga kalah enak.

Overall, meski kita o the self service, namun beberapa pelayan nya dengan sigap membantu. Beberapa kali saya menanyakan mengenai roti-roti yang tersaji, mereka dengan sabar menjelaskan. Beigtu juga dengan kasir nya. She did a quick job. Great service, Great place - clean, and reasonable price.
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Ayam Bakar Taliwang Bersaudara

Lagi jalan-jalan di seputaran Tebet, saya melihat di Jl.Saharjo ada rumah makan khas Lombok, yaitu Ayam Bakar Taliwang Bersaudara. Karena penasaran, saya mampir dinner kesini. Diantara resto-resto dengan neon box warna-warni, Ayam Bakar Taliwang terlihat biasa saja. Dari depan tidak kelihatan jelas keberadaan Ayam Bakar Taliwang meski sudah terpasang neon box berwarna putih.

Memasuki ruangan nya, kental dengan nuansa  Lombok dengan kayu-kayu pada furniture nya. Hanya saja lagi-lagi menurut saya, untuk ukuran sebuah resto, penerangan nya kurang bright. Beda dengan konsep temaram yang biasa saya temui di beberapa resto.

Ketika duduk, pelayan nya menyodori saya buku menu. He suggested us to order Ayam Bakar Taliwang. Awal nya saya berpikir, 1 ekor ayam untuk 2 orang? Banyaakk banget. Tapi kemudian pelayan nya mengatakan bahwa ukuran nya todak terlalu besar. Cukup untuk porsi 2 orang. Ayam bakar nya ternyata memang tidak terlalu besar. Tapi daging nya empuk. Pembakaran nya pas, sehingga bumbu nya meresap kedalam ayam nya. Disajikan bersama sambal santan yang rasa nya pedas. I don't dare to eat this much.
Pedes cabai khas Lombok nya itu terasa sekali.

Ayam Bakar Taliwang
Plecing Kangkung rasa nya enak. Sayuran nya masih segar. Berisi kangkung, tauge diberi taburan semacam bumbu urap (kelapa kering pedas), sambal pedas (benar-benar pedas) khas Lombok dan ditaburi dengan kacang tanah.
Plecing Kangkung 11k
Tahu Goreng berisi 5 buah dalam 1 piring. Disajikan panas bersama sambel kecap. Tahu nya empuk dan cocok sebagai peneman makan.
Tahu Goreng Kecap 10k
Ketika saya mencuci tangan di washtafel, mata saya terpaku pada satu tulisan yang tertempel di dinding. Cukup membuat saya terpaku, dan mengernyitkan dahi. Read this below...

Overall, the food taste good. Pelayanan nya juga cepat. Harga yang ditawarkan juga affordable. Hanya saja, they really need to make an improvement mengenai tempat makan nya. I see a lil mice in it OMG!! And asked the waitress to chase it instead...
Menu List
Kerupuk yang sudah tersaji dimeja
Jeli yang tersedia di meja kasir
Ayam Bakar Taliwang Bersaudara bisa dijadikan pilihan jika anda menginginkan authentic Lombok taste.

Jl. Tebet Raya no 10A
Phone: 021-8298592
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14 Mei 2012


Last weekend I was invited by Openrice to attended Gathering at Never Been Better - Kemang. According of of the owner, Never Been Better mengusung tema Industrial. All furniture that used here was recycle. Ini terlihat, when we first step into Never Been Better area. Jika diperhatikan lebih dekat, board name in the entrance itu terbuat dari kotak minuman loohh... Belum lagi meja-meja nya yang terbuat dari bekas gulungan kabel, lampu yang terbuat dari hanger dan dirigen minyak, even inside the resto, they have tables with wheels, jadi semacam rail gitu. Kursi nya juga mengambil tema kursi-kursi di metromini. Bahkan Menu card nya berupa bahan recycle juga. What a creative jobs!!

Never Been Better juga mengusung open kitchen, so we can see what happen behind the kitchen. Di depan kitchen nya itu ada semacam meja dan kursi, jadi ala-ala warung gitu. Dan mata saya terpaku pada salah satu sudut meja tersebut. Ada beberapa permainan seperti ludo, ular tangga dan ludo. Saya langsung membayangkan... asiikk banget kalo dateng ramai-ramain sama teman-teman, cemal cemil sambil main. Apalagi disini juga free WI-FI. WI-FI nya ngebuutt koneksi nya.

Alfonso, 1 of the owner, gave a lil speech about Never Been Better
Untuk soal makanan, agak nya Never Been Better menyajikan menu yang tidak terlalu berat. Menu nasi tetap disajikan. But still not too heavy. On the last gathering, Never Been Better menyajikan menu ala Buffet for the Openricers.

Here comes the menu parade...

Salad 18k
Salad di Never Been Better  served fresh. Contained lettuce, tomato, mushroom and beef. Pour with homemade dressing. It al blend well. Love it

Nasi Goreng Hijau 24k
This fried rice quite unique. Why? Karena nasi goreng hijau ini sangat kaya aroma. Seperti aroma rempah dan aroma daun jeruk. The chef said the green come from the traditional chilli and the water spinach. No wonder it's a bit spicy. Served with chicken chunk, scrambled eggs, tempe dan taburan kacang tanah sangrai.  

Spaghetti Bolognese 28k
Spaghetti Bolognese made from special homemade tomato pasta, minced meat and parmesan. The sauce a bit sour and thick. Sehingga memakan spaghetti ini akan cukup mengenyangkan dan membuat blenger. But the spaghetti cooked well, tidak keras and not overcooked too.

Rice Beef Teriyaki 32k
Beef Teriyaki di Never Been Better bertekstur kering. Teriyaki I know, biasa nya sedikit basah. But here, the beef mixed with the eggs. Teriyaki sauce nya kurang berasa, kurang tasty. Beef nya juga a bit chewy. Hard to bite. Really need improvement on this menu.

Banana Balls 16k
This fried banana balls adalah makanan penutup gathering kali ini. Pisang goreng berbentuk bola-bola dengan taburan coklat cair dan keju parut. Pisang nya manis dan adonan tepung nya enak. Nice to try.

Ice Tea 12k
After all those food that served, Ice Tea adalah pilihan yang tepat untuk menemani acara makan saya. Kami disediakan Ice Tea yang kami racik sendiri pada acara gathering yang lalu. Jadi rasa manis nya bisa disesuaikan dengan selera. But I like it plain without any sugar.

Overal, Never Been Better is nice place to hangout. Bisa santai-santai ditemani menu makanan yang harga nya bersahabat. But Never Been Better still need improvement in few things. Such as more clean restroom, keep the flies disappear, and more various menus. Other than that, Never Been Better worth to try to visit.

Never Been Better
Jl. Kemang Selatan No.31, Kemang
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