25 April 2013

Outback Steakhouse : MeatLovers Gathering

On 6th April 2013, I was invited to attend gathering In newest outlet of Outback Steakhouse in Kuningan City South Jakarta. It's a famous restaurant franchise from the States. I first knew this Outback from their 1st outlet in Ratu Plaza. Then I know, that they also have another store in Pondok Indah Mall.

Outback Steak Kuningan City
Outback Steakhouse Kuningan City interior is so American typical ranch diner. With wooden furniture, black sofa and trees around the diner. It makes this place so cozy to dine.

After we seated, Mrs Seli from Outback join us to a little & friendly chit chat accompany with their some freshening drinks.

Various Freshening Beverage From Outback
Choose your flavor Lychee, Peach or Strawberry. The fruit is fresh and the tea also good.

A frosty blend of creamy coconut and strawberries. It's good and the sweetness is great.

A refreshing combination of peaches, lime and fresh mint muddled together and topped with sweet soda. Aaakk... I love this one. The soda kicking blend well with the lime.

Since the combination only lime and soda so the taste is so sour. But still fresh and great.

Orange Juice mixed with Sprite and soda.

Choose your flavor: Orange, Mango, Peach, Strawberry an plain.

Not for long, some appetizer came to our tables. And it missing suddenly from the plate after we took the pictures of it hehehe...

Yummy Appetizer from Outback
Full IDR 79.900  |  Half IDR 52.900
Chicken wings tossed in a savory blend of secret spices and paired with creamy blue cheese dressing and celery. Choose mild, medium or hot. What I like about this chicken wings is the chicken marinated well and so crispy.

It's an aussie fries topped with melted Monterey Jack, Cheddar, bits of fresh chopped beef bacon and served with spicy ranch dressing. Better eat it when it's served. The cheese & the dressing taste more tasty.

Lightly breaded and fried mushrooms and served with spicy ranch dressing. The mushroom still juicy when we eat it. Love this mushroom lots...

While we're waiting for out steak to come, Outback allowed us to peeking they secret kitchen. Not all restaurant would do this. See the quality meat that will become our meal grilled, makes me drooling and more can't hardly wait to dig in.
Outback's Kitchen - This is where the magic happened
Outback Steakhouse was so damn generous to us. They let us order main course. So then, we ordered what become signature steak from Outback.

New York Strip - IDR 249.900
A thick cut New York strip steak seared with Outback's secret 17  seasoning blend. I found it too overcooked. So it makes the meat a bit chewy. But i still can taste it seasoning well. Served with fresh veggies, fries, mustard and ketchup.

Alice Springs Chicken - IDR 125.900
Chicken breast flame-grilled and topped with sauteed mushroom, crisp strips of beef bacon, Melted Monterey Jack and cheddar finished with honey mustard sauce. Served with Aussie fries. The chicken is so tender. 
Victoria Fillet - IDR 299.900
The very thick 8oz meat steak cut. It so juicy. Served with fresh veggies and fries and paired with blackpepper sauce and ketchup.

BBQ Beef Ribs - IDR 249.900
BBQ Beef Ribs have USDA "Choice" Certified Angus Beef. These-fall-off-the-bone beef ribs are exactly the way beef ribs  should be! The succulent and saucy ribs are smoked, grilled to perfection and brushed in a tangy barbeque sauce. Served with a very generous of Aussie fries. At first I looked this Ribs, my ind straight to the Flinstone Klan heheh... This ribs is so HUGE! Forget fork and knife. Just get dirty with your hands. The sauce is totally finger lickin'

Toowoomba Topped Fillet - IDR 329.900
I was so interested to ordered Toowoomba just because it wrote in menu book that Toowoomba is #1 Rated ZAGAT Best Steak for 2009 - 2011. So, that make me more curious. Toowoomba is a sauteed shrimp and button mushrooms tossed in a tomato cream sauce and served over a seasoned and seared fillet. The meat is so juicy and tender. Shrimp also taste fresh and not smell fishy. It all taste melted in your mouth  Served with fresh veggies and a very great mashed potato that seasoned well.

Left : Banana Nut Cake – IDR 55.900
Right : Chocolate Thunder from Down Under – IDR 69.900
Looks like Outback has specialty in creating big meal. Because the dessert also a very serious deal.

A delicious combination of banana soft and fluffy cake, toffee, whipped cream, vanilla ice cream, buts and cinnamon. The sweetness is not too overpowering.

Alert for chocolate lover. You have to order this when you come to Outback.  It's a fresh-baked pecan brownie is crowned with rich vanilla ice cream, drizzled with classic warm chocolate sauce and finished with chocolate shavings and whipped cream. The warmness of chocolate sauce meets cold from the ice cream, it so melted in your mouth.

Overall, Outback is definitely a great restaurant to visit. The price is suitable with what you have. Big portion with a big taste. The service also quick and friendly. Thanks a billion to Mrs Seli from Outback and Ms. Gricia Effendi for invitation. We're having so much fun

Smiley Face
Kuningan City, G Fl Unit 28
Jl. Prof. Dr. Satrio Kav. 8
Kuningan, Jakarta
Telp: 021-30480505


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17 April 2013

Steakology - with Openrice

A view weeks ago I attended to the event that held by Openrice and Steakology. Actually, I've been here before. But I expect for another menu from Steakology that I never been try before. Plus, we're going to meet one of Steakology owner. Can't hardly wait... First of all, sorry for the bad picture quality. I run out my battery camera before my works done. Forgetful me to charge it before...

Steakology placed in Tebet Raya area. The area that I know very well. Since I just need to blink my eyes from my mother-in-law house. I first know about this  restaurant because I often passing through in this area. Steakology have 2 floors area. The interior took park theme. With wooden furniture and leaves hanging on their ceiling. Quite good though. Second floor, I think good for private area or those whose  come in a group. Big room, great for hang out.

The event begin with quick speech from one of the owner, the famous Metro TV anchor, Prabu Revolusi *wink-wink He explained about Steakology history. You know what? Steakology name came out after one of the owner and also Chef of Steakology, Chef Dimas explained about the consistency of every sauce. They said, Chef Dimas looks like teacher in class who explained things to student hohoho... That the 1st time Steakology came out. So ear catching.

Prabu Revolusi - One of The Owner
Enough speak about the restaurant. I bet you can't hardly wait to scroll down for Steakology menus.

The Steak

Chicken Steak
Medium – IDR 45.000
Big – IDR 55.000
Chicken Steak was what I had that day. It looked gorgeous outside. But when I tasted it, sorry to say... the steak a bit chewy, not so tender and lost it juiciness. The steak came out with veggies salad  that stir in a good way. Not overcooked. Love it. For side dish there's french fries also.

Tenderloin Steak
Small – IDR 60.000
Medium – IDR 70.000
Big – IDR  80.000
A bit surprise when I taste this tenderloin steak. Because it totally different than the last time I had one. This time the steak more juicy, more tender and the herbs more tasty. Paired with mashed potato. Eventhough, the mashed potato still there's still some flakes, probably it didn't mashed well. But it forgiven with the seasoning. The veggies also still fresh & not overcooked. This tenderloin steak become my favorite that night.

Sirloin Steak
Small – IDR 50.000
Medium – IDR 60.000
Big – IDR 70.000
Sorry for a blurry picture. Guess I'm too mouthwatering with the steak hehehhe...  Sirloin steak also a bit chewy and not too juicy. Paired with fresh veggies and french fries.

Seven Wonders Sauce

Seven Wonders Sauce - IDR 5.000

What make Steakology different with other similar steak restaurant is that Steakology have many varieties of sauce that they called with 7 Wonders Sauce. We usually only know Mushroom or Blackpepper  for the sauce. But Steakology have many more. Steakology give an effect explanation after eating their sauce. Dunno whether it's true or not, but it's quite funny to read. Below the description.

A very romantic sauce made 1st time in France. The texture is creamy with sour & savory taste. Made from melted butter, egg yolk, vinegar and spices
Effect : suddenly melancholic
My Thought : I like the sour & savory taste. This one of my favorite.

First made for steak in 1864. This creamy sauce made from mushroom, butter, cream pepper and spices.
Effect : comforting
My Thought : the mushroom chunk pretty big. Not to milky, Seasoned well. It's good.

Some history said this 1st found by the Colombus. Made from tomato paste, vinegar, liquid smoke, pepper and sugar.
Effect : Freedom Sensation 
My Thought : This one is good too. The texture a bit thick.

Sauce made from jalapeno, mustard, tobasco other spices sounds eccentric because its name taken from rattles snake type.
Effect : dropdead gorgeous (suddenly I take my mirror hehehe)
My Thought :  This one is my other favorite sauce. The spiciness blew me away.

Teriyaki is a cooking technique from Japan, Heated or Grill. Made from soy sauce, Japanese vinegar and sugar with comparison 1:1
Effect : Make you shine bright ( like Rihanna ? )    
My Thought : A bit weird. Too watery. I'm not that shining after eat this sauce hehehe...

Italian sauce typically sauce from Genoa that know since ancient Roman era. Made from basil leaves, olive oil, parmesan cheese and pistachio nut.
Effect : Being Unique personality
My Thought : My 3rd favorite sauce. All blend well.

Black-pepper based sauce, became known   as one of cooking ingredients since 1840 by the European. First used for medical and beauty
Effect : Keep Spirit On
My Thought : Same like other black-pepper sauce I've known. Pretty good.

Dessert Wars

We had a chance to taste the up-coming dessert that Steakology haven't release yet yeeaaiii... I'm so excited hearing about dessert...

Steakology Dessert
Soft and sweet crepes mixed with a bit savory strawberry sauce and sourness of apples. Would be better if Steakology caramelized the apples a lil bit to add more flavor in it. This crepes taste so-so.

Suddenly it became my favorite dessert. Cheese mixed with caramel sauce that taste like melted alpenliebe candy.

Filled with a lot of melted chocolate that spread generously and topped with chocolate sauce. Love it also

They really have too improve this pancake. Not a fluffy pancake. A bit tough also.

A sweet crunchy caramelize banana. Love this one.  

Overall, we're having so much in Steakology. Nice service, nice ambiance and great price to dine. You should to try it y'll... Thanks Steakology and Openrice for having us

The Happy Face
Tebet Raya No 38
Weekday  : 12 - 10 pm
Weekend  : 12 - midnight
For Reservation  : +62-21 83786620
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15 April 2013

Steakology - New Comer Steak in town

Walked in Tebet area with my hubby, I saw new restaurant called STEAKOLOGY. Since i just need to cross the traffic light from my mother-in-law cribs, so it definitely make curious. Plus i saw in Infotainment a view days before regarding this restaurant owned by one of famous singer Tantri from Kotak Band. So here we are in Steakology...

We took place in 1st floor. Steakology took a garden theme for their restaurant. With wooden furniture and fake leaves hanging. Pretty convy.

For the menu the use local wagyu with various sauce to offer. Usually we only know Mushroom or blackpaper. But in Steakology, they have 7 different kind of sauce. For the steak meat, they also offer with size. So it depend your tummy capability hehehe... Me & Hubby, of course we ordered the Big one.

Tenderloin BIG - IDR 80.000
First impression, the big size wasn't that big. It also a bit chewy, not so juicy. Even-though I asked for medium well, it turned to be a welldone.  I paired this tenderloin with bernaise sauce. Bernaise sauce is special French signature sauce. Made from melted butter, egg yolk, vinegar and spices. At first I thought this made from mustard. Because it taste like mustard. A bit sour and savory. The texture is creamy. I like this sauce. I choose mashed potato for my side. It seasoning well. Like it.

Topside BIG IDR 70.000
Topside is one of waitress recommendation. I think it's more tender that my Tenderloin. It also more seasoned well. Hubby paired it with mushroom sauce. I like the mushroom sauce also. The texture is creamy, but not to thick. It made from mushroom, butter, cream pepper, and spices. We still can find the mushroom inside the sauce. For side, hubby choose rustic potato, which is baby potato seasoning with herbs. It cooked well. The seasoning blend well with the potato. 

Because i'm so curious with the sauce, so i ordered another sauce called Rattlesnake. What a name hehe...

Rattlesnake Sauce - IDR 5.000
If you want to order another sauce, there's IDR 5.000 charge for it. Since i'm so curious, so i don't mind to pay another 5k. Rattlesnake consist jalapeno, mustard, tobasco and spices. Taste a bit spicy, but it's good. Love it.

Green Tea Blended (Cold) – IDR 22.000
Strawberry Juice IDR 15.000
Love the Green Tea blended and  the strawberry. The sweetness is just right. Not overwhelming. Simply love it.

Overall, love the sauce, love the blended ice great service. Need a little bit improvement on steak though.

Tebet Raya No 38
Weekday  : 12 - 10 pm
Weekend  : 12 - midnight
For Reservation  : +62-21 83786620
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09 April 2013

Bakerzin - Plaza Senayan

Bakerzin - Plaza Senayan placed in Level 2 next to Metro Store. Since me & hubby not smoking, so we took place in the alley for no smoking area. Indoor is used for smoking area.

Using voucher from GrouponID, me & hubby choose menus that have been determined by Bakerzin for peoples who using voucher.  So here are our package for 2 menu...

Wagyu Sausage Pesto Fried Rice
Wagyu Sausage Pesto Fried Rice taste so so. I don't taste nothing special from this menu. The pesto not to tasty and the sausage just like bratwurst sausage in common supermarket. Served with fried egg and emping 

Margarita Pizza - IDR 60.000
Thin crust Margarita Pizza is pizza with fresh tomato sauce and mixed cheese. I kinda like this pizza. Especially when it's hot. The cheese still melting make me mouthwatering... yuumm

Lava Chocolate Cake - IDR 55.000
For choco lover, you should to order this. Like my hubby did. Baked warm chocolate lava that melted in your mouth topped with vanilla ice cream with orange confit. Heaven.

Coupe Rainbow - IDR 65.000
Scoops of lemon basil ice cream, mango and strawberry sorbet served with Red Velvet, Pistacchio and Blue Curacao Macarons. Ice Cream and sorbet really soft, a bit sour and meet with the sweetness of macaroon, taste good.

Since in that package not include drinks, and because we already eat much of food, so we order something light for drinks... The very freshening Lychee Ice Tea & Lemon Tea

Ice Lychee Tea – IDR 33.000
Ice Lemon Tea – IDR 28.000
Overall, I always loved dine in Bakerzin. But for in Plaza Senayan branch, even I sit in no-smoking area, i still can smell the smoke :( For service, no doubt, it's great.

Plaza Senayan Level 2  
Jl. Asia Afrika No. 8 
Gelora Bung Karno-senayan 
Jakarta 10270 
Ph: 021.5790 0408
Fax: 021.5790 0409

Octa's Playground

Cooking Class With Bakerzin

Last month I was invited to attend cooking class in Bakerzin Central Park - West Jakarta that held by Groupon ID and Bakerzin. I was so excited attend to this event. Since I barely can't cook. Forgive me hubby hahaha.... 

Since they only have 5 stoves and a view ingredients, so we separated into 5 groups. There are 4 person in one group. We compete to make the best Penne Pasta that demonstrate by the Chef earlier.  The price? Voucher from Bakerzin and pasta from Agnesi wooww...

Chef demonstrate Penne Minced Chicken
Penne Minced Chicken With Cheese
In the original recipe, it supposed to be beef and broccoli.  But, since the chef said beef very expensive lately, so he change it with chicken. About the missing broccoli dunno why they also delete it from the list. Maybe  they forgot or the price suddenly become expensive that day... who knows hehehe....

My groups mates, hubby, Michelle and Fitri (hope I mentioned your names right) like pasta with lots of creamy sauce. Along the cooking session, dunno why our stoves keep on turning off. Looks like it wont cooperate with us :( So when we saw the groups next to us finished with their penne, we use their stoves to continue our jobs.

Chef demostrating Panna Cotta

Raspberry Panna Cotta

How to Serve your Panna Cotta
Raspberry PannaCotta is so good. Sweet blend well with the sourness from the fruits. We only saw the Chef demonstrate it. If you notice the black spot all around panna cotta, don't worry. It's not because dirty mould or something. It's just an extract from the vanilla stick.

At the end, we had so much fun attended this cooking class eventhough we're not the winner. This experience won't forget. Thank a bunch Bakerzin & GrouponID for having us.

Our Team

Central Park Mall - Level GF
Phone : +62-21-29200195

For the complete outlet of Bakerzin you could click here
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08 April 2013

Gourmet World - Around The World in One Place

A view weeks ago, I was invited to do food testing at Gourmet World Kemang. This event was held by Open Rice. I was so exciting came to Gourmet World. Because in this place, we just like travel around the world. We can find many kind of food from many countries in just one area.

Gourmet World is located in 2nd Floor Ranch Market at Kemang area. The atmosphere is just like we enter to a giant warehouse, so nice and cozy. We sat in a long table with big screen TV infront of us.

Gourmet World Venue
Gourmet World Venue
Pastry at Gourmet World
After short introduction from Gourmet World and a quick speech from Openrice, Gourmet World start present us their fabulous menus that make me drooling

Nachos Grande  IDR 70,000
Our dinner start with a yummy Nachos Grande. It's tortilla chips with chilli con carne, the tasty guacamole, jalapeno peppers, sour cream and melted cheddar and topped with mozzarella cheese. I can't stop snacking this Nachos. The guacamole, jalapeno and sour cream blend together into a tasty things.

Crispy Spicy Salmon IDR 55.000
From Mexico now we jump to Japan. Crispy Spicy Salmon opening the main course tonight. The sushi rice cooked well. The salmon was so tender and blend well with the spicy mayo on top. Served with soyu sauce.

Wagyu Burger  IDR 140,000
Look at thus Wagyu Burger. It making me drooling. It so chubby like my cheek hohoo... Grilled wagyu beef patty on rocket greens with balsamic dressing served with french fries. The patty looked pretty and perfectly grilled. But when I taste it, it's a bit chewy and dry not so juicy. The bun also not fluffy.

Classic American Burger - IDR 70.000
 Imported prime beef patty with onions. tomatoes, gherkins, mustard, ketchup and mayonnaise. 5 Small classic American burger served in a wooden chopping  board. It's good if you bring your kids with you. The patty more juicy than wagyu burger. But the buns still the same. Not too fluffy and soft.

Spaghetti Seafood Aglio Olio - IDR 90.000
I like this spaghetti. It cooked al dente. It contains garlic flakes, basil chiffonade, olive oil and a hint of dried chilli. All seafood alsoo cooked well. It's not fishy and still fresh. Served with garlic cheese bread.

Bento Special - IDR 120.000
Look at this big portion of bento.. ooohh... I'm so mouthwatering seeing it. This bento contains Angus Beef hamburg, crispy chicken teriyaki, ebi furai, fish furai, salmon sushi, sushi rolls, sashimi. It all served with steam rice, miso soup and cawan mushi. All cooked well. Even for the sushi and sashimi. The ingredients is so fresh. Order this and wont regret.

Banoffee Pie
When I tried this menu, it's even not in Gourmet World's menu yet. Yes, it's new comer from Gourmet World when we got a chance to try it 1st wohoooo.... It a moist and soft banana and coffee pie sprinkle choco and caramel chunk. Eventhough it's a pie but the structure more look like pudding.  I also like this one. The sweet taste is just right, not too overwhelming.
Toffee Date Pudding - IDR 55.000
Warm toffee cake served with butterscotch sauce and vanilla ice cream. The cake is so moist. Not too sweet, which I like. Warm meet cold it perfect blend together.

Overall, Gourmet World is so worth to try. All menu have many different varieties. If you go  with a big group with different appetite then Gourmet World is so great place to visit. The price a bit pricey. But u will get the decent portion. So, it's suitable with the price. I definitely going back to this place.

Jl Kemang Raya No 66 - 2nd Fl
Phone : +62-21-7190875
Sunday to Thursday 8am - 10pm
Friday & Saturday 8am - 11pm
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