28 Januari 2013

Bonchon Snowflakes

A view times ago  I was invited to a soft launching Kay Magazine which is magazine for teen that really love Korean style. In this event Bonchon also introduce their new dessert called Bonchon Snowflakes, that inspired by Korean dessert called Patbingsu.

Bonchon Snowflakes - IDR 11.800
Bonchon Snowflakes consist of  azuki beans which is Japanese red beans, Mochi, Cornflakes and  Shaved ice and poured with selected syrup. There are 3 choice of snowflakes that you can choose. Mocha, Strawberry and Blueberry. Me like the mocha much. Maybe because the blueberry syrup was not to tasty, i guess it because the shaved ice become melted. The chewiness of the mochi give the different taste.

Mocha Snowflakes
Blueberry Snowflakes
Overall, Bonchon Snowflakes can be another reference for dessert menu. The price is really suitable with what you get. Nice...

Bonchon LippoMall Kemang Village
Launching Kay Magazine
Lippo Mall Kemang - Stars Avenue 3rd Fl

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