27 Februari 2014

Sana Sini Buffet Restaurant by Pullman Jakarta Indonesia

I'm so excited when a friend invite me to join with him to taste a great restaurant in Pullman Jakarta - Thamrin. Since it just need to blink my eye from my office, so I said yes to his invitation.

If you feel like want to dine a buffet restaurant that served many great dishes, then Sana Sini by Pullman Jakarta should in your bucket list. Sana Sini is on the ground Floor of the Pullman Jakarta. Sana Sini means 'here there' in Indonesian, is a place where you can travel the world with your taste buds. When you entering the restaurant, your eyes will spoiled with their many varieties of menu. You don't have to be worry will lost an idea what to eat. Or when you bring someone who really picky in food, just bring'em here. I bet they never complaint about so many choice of menu here.

You can find Japanese, Chinese, Western and Indonesian Food in the buffet selection for lunch and dinner. Each section decorated their venue based on food they served. So we really can feel the ambiance not only from the food, but also from the place it-self.  The space is vibrant and fresh with floor to ceiling glass providing natural light.

Each section is steered by an expert expatriate chef. In total there are six international chefs; one from France, China, Belgium, and America and two chefs from Japan working along side top Indonesian's chefs.

Complimentary Bread
The bread look s like rocks if you notice the appearance. Or it similar like rugby ball perhaps? But whatever you describe it, the texture is not that  hard as it looks. Pretty amazing with the the softness from the bread. We get the crunchy texture from the hazelnut and there's a mix of a raisin and black olive in it. Really good for a start.


Like in traditional Japanese store, Japanese station in Sana Sini decorated with wooden chairs. There are a place where we can eat & see the Chef cooking our meal at the same time. Just sit in the bar stools where you can see the sushi display infront of you.

Those 3 above are the appetizer from the Japanese Station. Really fresh and a great start before continue your journey in Japanese food. Forget the exact names, but the one that I remember was is the wakame salad. Because it has the very fresh seaweed in it. Add a lil' bit of shoyu if you like. In the middle was mushroom. I like the mushroom much. It cooked well with the seasoning. And the last one is a slice of beed with seaweed and sprinkle with sesame. This was also taste good.

When visiting Japanese restaurant, 1st thing that caught in my eyes must be their sashimi station. For me, it can measure how fresh the ingredients that they have. If the sashimi already fresh, other ingredients must be followed. Like sashimi that served in Sana Sini, they have very addictive salmon, tuna, prawn, octopus, oyster, just mention. All taste fresh, a bit sweet, just dip it in shoyu sauce, I bet your chopstick wont stop to grab it.

When I saw sushi in their display, I feel like see the rainbow. Colorful tobiko topped most of the sushi roll. The filling is so generous. I can taste every ingredients that they put in the sushi. Although I taste that the rice way too sticky. But I guess it covered with their generous filling and the shoyu.


In the Chinese station one of the Chefs is preparing handmade noodles while another is carefully slicing roasted duck. There is also a wonderful mapo tofu for vegetarians and fresh noodle station.

Fresh Noodles & Toppings from Noodle Station
Tom Yum Noodle Soup
A high expectation come from Tom Yum Noodle from Chinese Station. I expect the sour & spicy Tom Yum actually. But what I taste is just a spicy soup with a hint of ginger in it. But I like the noodle texture. it perfectly made. Also with the generous seafood that add to the bowl. It taste fresh & cooked well. Sana Sini only have too increase the soup taste.

Fried Lamian
This Fried Lamian actually not include in their main menu. My friend made a special request to the Chef made one for him. Luckily the Chef willing to made with a pleasure. What a service. The taste was also beyond my expectation. It taste sooo damn great. All the ingredients that he put in this plate is blend well together. Nothing that too overwhelming. Best served hot just when the Chef take the Lamian from his wok to your plate. When you visit Sana Sini, try this Lamian and ask the Chef personally cook for you. I bet you wont regret.

This Dimsum is the first dish that capture in my eyes when I'm passed through the Chinese Station. The smoke from the Steam really teasing me. The fatty dimsum all look so tempting. So I grab every single dimsum that they served. The first bite I choose the mantou. I like the dough from the mantou. It so spongy. The filling also generous. I taste to mantou, chicken and red bean, and the chicke is so yuumy. Other dimsum also taste soo great. With fresh ingredients and generous filling, make me can't stop grab those dimsum.

Not complete visiting Chinese Station without its roasted duck and rolls. The roasted duck is really tender and the skin is really crisp.

There's also rice in Chinese station. Like typical Chinese food, the fried rice a bit less salt. What I like was Steam Dory Fish with blackbean sauce and its prawn. Taste so great.


In Indonesian section you are welcome by a colorfull collection of krupuk (rice crackers) holders. Many varieties of Indonesian food that you can try.

The one that makes me stop in this station is their Satay. I saw they grill it fresh that day. There are several satay that you can choose. From satay prentul made from chicken, lamb satay, chicken satay and beef satay. The Chef said usually they served prawn also. The satay is really amazing. It so tender and perfectly grilled. With choice of peanut butter sauce or soy sauce. Served with sticky rice.

Soto Mie also served in Indonesian station. Taste decent. But have to add more seasoning in the broth for the soup to get more tasty flavor. Better server hot.

For chilli lover, you gonna love visit Indonesian station. Because they have 7 kind of sambal. From Mango sambal, dabu-dabu, sambal matah, sambal terasi, sambal hijau, and 2 others that I forget. Fried rice definitely served in here. I tried it with  with snapper. It taste decent.

Asinan Jakarta - Fruit & Veggies

 In Western Station we can many varieties kind of food also. from the fresh salad bar until the finest Australian Beef.

I like their petite tuna croissant. It simple but great. Their pasta also taste decent. Specially their rigatoni with mushroom cream sauce. If you see the picture above, rigatoni is the one behind the tuna croissant. It cooked aldente with nice cream cheesy sauce.

Love Love their Norwegian Salmon. OMG! It so tender, so juicy and not smell fishy. The cream cheese sauce add more flavor into it. On the right one is potato lyonnaise great for pairing.

King Prawn ala Provecale  is another dish that I like. The shrimp taste fresh and it seasoning well. Served with mushroom and baby tomato.

This is the one that I mentioned above. The tender Austalian Beef poured with au-jus and I think it cooked in medium. Because the juice is still taste from the meat. Taste decent.


Dessert Station have many varieties of dessert mix between the Indonesian and the western. I love to see their display. It so beautiful harmony there. Many traditional Indonesian snacks served here. Like Kue Lapis, Putu Mayang and even Kue Cubit.

Pancakes also served here.  You can mix it whatever you like. Like pancake above, it's a pancake that have 3 scoop ice cream, M&M chocolate and chocolate sauce for topping.

And then there is the sorbet, including mango with Indonesian mangoes, raspberry and hazelnut.

Look at the picture above, petite snack with big taste. Half cooked Kue Cubit remind me of my childhood times. I used to ordered with spider web shape also. They made the Kue Cubit so yummy. Also the macaroon. It chewy and crunchy. Love it.


Sana Sini also offer the Vinoteca wine concept where you can buy number of different wines by the glass with technology that makes sure that the wine is still kept fresh.

Fresh Healthy Mocktails
After around the world through dishes, I had a big smile and a happy tummy. Usually some hotels failed delivered buffet meal. But Pullman had succeed delivered almost all their dishes. Probably because  they have specialty Chef in every section that know well every dished that represent each country. It shown the tables are full during lunch. I hope they can keep the quality and the freshness of the food.

Thanks Madame Amel & Iyan-san for accompany us. It's a very great lunch.

Sana Sini Pullman Jakarta Indonesia Hotel Jl. M.H. Thamrin 59 Jakarta Pusat 10350 021 - 3192 1111 email: H8491-PR@accor.com Opening Hours: Lunch (11.30 AM - 2.30 PM) and Dinner (6 PM - 10.30 PM) Seating Capacity: 250 WEBSITEFACEBOOK | TWITTER | INSTAGRAM
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Dessert ala Egg Nest Bistro

A view weeks ago me and several friend got a chance to visit an unique restaurant called Egg Nest Bistro. Actually Egg Nest Bistro is part of a  Oaktree Hotel that located right next door.

If you curious with the cute name Egg Nest, it's inspired from the owner name itself. A young girl called Agnes Juniper have a great idea in restaurant business.

First stepped in you will see many  birds and nest as their decoration. They look so cute. Egg Nest put the egg, birds and even tree in their restaurant. The bloomy lighting make the restaurant more convy. It feel homey too with the wooden furniture. Eventhough the parking lot not too big, but the restaurant pretty spacious. It because this restaurant become a buffet diner for the hotel guest's breakfast.

Agnes also told us, she doesn't want just create an unique place, but also a creative dish. We also can capture the egg nest theme through their food. Egg Nest served many varieties of Asian Food, Western Food and Italian Food. All start from dessert, salad, main course until dessert. This time, we got a chance to taste their dessert and salad.

Egg Nest Special Salad - IDR 58.000
A very unique presentation. We can eat all in the plate. The nest is made from crunchy potato then filled with smoke beef, poached eggs and hollandaise sauce. As for the tree, Egg Nest put a fresh lettuce and paprika. I think Egg Nest didn't have any specific standard for their meals. It taste from this menu. Some of friend got the salad that have bland taste, some more have the salty one.

Panna Cotta  - IDR 48.000
Fresh Vanilla Infuse Italian Panna Cotta with sauce Melba.
The texture a bit dense than the usual panna cotta that I usually met in some restaurants. The milk taste was too overwhelming. Luckily the melba sauce can make a balance for it.

Nested Pavlova - IDR 48.000
A beautiful layered of meringue with fresh fruit cream.
You better eat fast the maringue when it just come to your table. Because the texture wont take long. It will sunken immediately in open air temperature. The fresh fruit cream was made from the fresh strawberry and blueberry with a raisin in it.

Chocolate Parfait Merry-Go-Round - IDR 58.0000
Up-side down chocolate parfait, home made chocolate sauce on the chocolate nest
The nest was made from cornflakes that frozen with the chocolate. At first a bit hard to break the nest. Maybe because it was too frozen. But this dessert was great for you chocolate lovers. The chocolate ice cream is good topped with cone and chocolate sauce.

La Fleur Cake - IDR 68.000
What if you can eat dirt straight from it's pot? Yeepp... you can have it in Egg Nest. It some kind like molecular gastronomy technique. It's basically a chocolate cake with cream cheese in it. As for the dirt effect, they use oreo crumble on top. The portion is enough for 2. It so beautiful dessert.

Fruity Yakult Drink - IDR 28.000
Fruity Yakult Drink come in many varieties of fruits. You can choose between the strawberry, lychee, mango, peach, banana and green tea. the sweet from the fruity syrup blend with the acidity of the yakult. With popping bobba in the bottom, this drink suit for a hot day.

Overall, some of the dessert were too sweet to my palate. But I have to admit, the presentation and the idea that Egg Nest have is so amazing. With a unique food and great place ambiance, Egg Nest is worth to try.

Egg Nest Bistro
Jl. Sampit V No. 3
Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan
(inside Oak Tree Hotel)
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