08 Oktober 2012

Magnum Cafe

A view days ago, me & my girls craving some ice cream. Make me mouthwatering in this very hot days imagining ice cream. Then suddenly we already in Grand Indonesia 6th Floor for Magnum Cafe.

After a very long queue, finally the waitress called our names. We seated in a chair new the door that we can see outdoor view. Very crowded with so many visitors that day. Luckily no smoking area in this place. Sitting in outdoor would be nice if choose in the evening. You can see city view from the outside area. Indoor area also so excited. With chocolate, candy, ice cream and fondue in one spot... Uuumm it kinda remembering me with the movie Charlie and the chocolate factory.

The Facade
Indoor Area
Outdoor Area

So drooling with their menus. And here what we ordered...
Wafel D'Antwerp IDR 39.000
Wafel D'Antwerp is one of Magnum's signature dish.  It's a Belgian waffle with chocolate truffle magnum sticks, dark chocolate shavings and cherry compote. The sour from the cherry balance the sweetness from the ice cream. I just wish the waffle served a bit warm and more fluffy.

Wafel De Brussels IDR 39.000
Wafel De Brussels is a Belgian waffle with coconut cream, vanilla magnum sticks, caramel sauce, roasted banana brulee and strawberry compote. All sweetness in one plate. From the caramel sauce, the banana brulee like deep in the caramelize sugar which I like. Only the sourness from the strawberry compote balance it all. The waffle not too fluffy.

The Grand Gaufre IDR 39.000
The Grand Gaufre is a crispy Belgian Waffles with vanilla and chocolate magnum sticks and melted milk chocolate. Actually nothing special from this Grand Gaufre. But the crispy waffle taste good. It's crispy, pour with melted chocolate and topped with peanut crumbs.

Overall, Magnum totally my lil' playground. The service also fast enough. Maybe next time I will try to come at the evening, so can sit in outside.

Grand Indonesia Shopping Town, Lt. 6, 
Jl. MH. Thamrin No.1

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