16 Oktober 2013

Liberté French Brasserie Jakarta at Galleries Lafayette Pacific Place

To be  honest, If I'm not stepped in to Galleries Lafayette in Pacific Place, I would ever know that there's a fancy restaurant in it.

Located inside Galleries Lafayette at 2nd Floor, Liberté offered a very nice French ambiance in their restaurant. It looked so classy and elegant. They succeed capture the atmosphere from French. It showed in the interior and furniture. Every details remind us with a little cafe that I often see in a movies.

Entering the restaurant, we can see sitting area like in the alley. The view very limited, Either shop view or picture on the wall view. I suggested you take a seat inside of the restaurant where we can find big window as a backdrop with a building view. There's a bar in the middle of the room. No separation between the smoking area and non smoking area. But if you want to feel convy without interrupting by the smokers, choose sitting area in the end of the alley until in the middle of the bar, like we did.

Sitting Area in the alley
the Bar
after we seated, there already menu that also our table mat at our table. Also there are pretty little flowers in every tables. Nice.

Liberté menu

Now let's move to the dishes. Can't hardly wait to taste them...

French Toasts (free complimentary)
White Toast and Wheat toast served with butter and Olive Oil. The bread pretty moist. A really great start.

Beer Battered Butterfish - IDR 72.000
A very promising dish when I read it in the menu. But unfortunately, when it came, the taste not impressed me much. The fish and the homemade chips served waayyy to oily. Even when my friend press the chips with fork, the chips come out from it. The taste a bit bland. So make sure you squeeze the lemon and dip it in to the mayonnaise before you eat it.

Roast Chicken - IDR 80.000
Chicken Leg & Breast, Roast Potatoes, Corn Relish
Since we visit Liberté in lunch hour, so my friend change the roast potatoes with rice. It cook rite. The chicken really tender and juicy. The sauce really soak up into the chicken, not only in the skin. So, this one really worth to try.

Chicken Roulade - IDR 80.000
Chicken Breast, Mashed Potatoes, Tomato Confit
I like this chicken roulade.  The chicken really tender and juicy. It so contrast with the brownish skin. The stuffing make the chicken more fascinating. It so smooth and great to my palate. Served with smooth mashed potato and nice sauce.

Chicken Cordon Bleu - IDR 90.000
Breaded Chicken Breast with Smoked Beef & Mozzarella
The chicken texture still juicy and tender eventhough the skin end up with it's crispiness. Stuffing with smoked ham melted mozzarella plus the sauce make this dish tasty. But for the veggies side dish, it's way too overcooked. So it lost it crunchy texture. And also, for 90k the portion is so petit. I expect a bit bigger portion from this one.

Iced Lychee Tea - IDR 36.000
Great prportion from Lychee Ice Tea. Lychee really dominated this drink gave freshening effect when we drink it.

Vitamin Waters – Watermelon Rosemary - IDR 72.000
(for three or four people)
Pretty presentation from this drink. Like it's name, mineral water that served from Aurum Pitchers only infuse with watermelon. So the watermelon and rosemary taste not too overpowering. For me, this not quite good.

This Liberte is worth to put in your list to be visit. Great place to hangout and a lot menu worth to try. Liberte only need to make an improvement with their Fish and Chips. Other than that, the place already great and the service also excellent.

Liberté French Brasserie
Galeries Lafayette 2nd Floor
Pacific Place
SCBD Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 52-53
Jakarta 12190
Phone: 021-57973425
FB Fan Page: Liberté Jakarta
twitter: @LiberteJakarta
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11 Oktober 2013

JJ Royal Brasserie Jakarta

A view days ago, my mates Hans asked me and other mates to try 1 new restaurant in town. Well... I always excited to try something new. So, I was instead said I Do to him hohooho...

JJ Royal Brasserie located in new Mall in town called LOVE a.k.a Lotte Shopping Avenue a.k.a Ciputra World. The exact location is in Lower Ground Floor. From the facade, we already can see the eye-catching JJ Royal Brasserie. At the entrance we welcome with they pastry spread in a bar. And we also can peek their colorful chairs. OMG! Their so cute... Can I have it one for my new crib? *wink

JJ Royal Brasserie divided in to 3 section. After the entrance we can see the non-smoking area with a cute colorful chairs and gigantic painting of the gorgeous lady as JJ Royal Brasserie icon.

Sorry for the blurry picture - but those cute chairs still look adorable
Second area, which is in the middle of the restaurant is for smoking area. There's a big bar with a big shelf full with wine. So, for wine lover, you can pick wine you like here... There's also an open kitchen here. So we can peek when Chef do their magic :p A big glass door separated middle room with outside area. In the evening, JJ Royal Brasserie open those door so we can straight go into outside area. So I guess, it transform into a club when in the evening comes. I'd like to comeback here one day to see the night crowd here.

Middle Room, See the ceiling. Beautiful lady picture in the ceiling.

As we seated in the middle room, I notice there's a cute little rose on the table.This restaurants dominated with Paris theme.

Let's move on to their menu. I bet you already curious about that. Menu that I spread below is for Lunch Package ( IDR 120.000 ++ ). We get starter, main course, dessert and coffee for Lunch Package. I think it's a great deal. Remembering you'll get the complete menu.


Home-Style Deepfried BBQ Chicken Wings - IDR 50.000
Deep-fried BBQ chicken wings.
When you see the brownish of the chicken wings, it come from the coating. It coated by delicious thick barbeque sauce. Taste a bit sweet and it's not spicy. The chicken cooked to the perfection. It so tender inside and still crispy outside. This chicken wings is so finger lickin'.

Chunky Salsa, Guacamole & Crispy Tortilla Chips - IDR 50.000
Fresh Mexican tomato salsa, mashed avocado and spices, homemade salted tortilla chips.
A crunchy tortilla chips really hits my palate at this lunch. Paired with tasty guacamole which is mashed avocado and sour cream. They succeed bring out the guacamole into a yummy pairing for the tortilla. And the other one is the tomato salsa to make a balance for the guacamole. If you blend it together, the taste is become extra ordinary. Must try.

Tender Chicken Fingers - IDR 40.000
Served with honey mustard mayonnaise make the taste from the tender chicken more tasty. A thick cut from finger chicken really good. It crispy outside and still tender inside. Kids gonna love this one.

Crunchy Tiger Prawns With sweet chilli yoghurt sauce - IDR 65.000
Dunno what are they doin' with this prawn, but this is taste good. Eventhough the skin was crispy, but the prawn still juicy and not smell fishy. It's a simple starter with a million taste. Served with chilli sauce.


English Fish and Chips - IDR 75.000
Deep fried battered fresh cod, pommes frites, tartar sauce.
Golden Cod fish served in a simple look. The batter really great. Not leaving oily or greasy taste. The french fries accompany the cod fish also not oily and good. All served with tartar sauce. Perfect paired.

Linguine Aglio Olio - IDR 85.000
Pine nuts, crunchy ebi, garlic, chili flakes, fresh olives, chopped parsley.
The appereance looked like spaghetti. But this one is not spaghetti. It's linguine. Pasta wider than spaghetti but not as wide as fettuccine. JJ Royal Brasserie cooked it aldente. Chili flakes gave a bit spicy taste to this pasta. Served with fresh and juicy prawn. Must try!

Traditional Indonesian Oxtail Soup - IDR 85.000
Oxtail soup, long grain rice, thin emping crackers, pickles and condiments (fried oxtail upon request)
At first I thought the goin' to be so so. Because it happen in most western restaurant that not have specification in Indonesian food. But when I taste it, I'm totally wrong. JJ Royal Brasserie succeed bring the oxtail soup to the Indonesian palate. The taste was great. The oxtail really tender. Plus the clear soup really seasoning well. Not oily and greasy. The carrot and potato texture also tender. Served with white rice, emping (melinjo crackers) and green chilli (Sambel Ijo). Recommended!

Nasi Goreng Special - IDR 75.000
Long grain rice, fried chicken, chicken satay, fried egg, beef floss, cucumber, tomato.
Another Indonesian food in JJ Royal Brasserie. Nasi Goreng (Fried Rice) is 1 of popular food in the world. The rice cooked well. Not over cooker or undercooked. Because when the rice overcooked it become soggy and in the other hands, if the rice cook undercooked it become dry and the texture still hard. The rice seasoned well. Served with tender fried chicken, tender chicken satay ( me likeeyy...) and some kerupuk (crackers). The runny sunny side up egg really like sunshine in the morning.


Raspberry Cronut - IDR 30.000
Been heard about cronut in many place. Cronut is a croissant in a doughnut shape. When in other store serve cronut with made by order, not in JJ Royal Brasserie. The cronut is ready to served. I expect it's more crunchy, so it can feel like the original croissant. But in the inside still feel moist. Raspberry not to kick into my palate. Add more raspberry taste, then it will more good.

Other selection of Cronut from JJ Royal Brasserie
Tarte Au Chocolat - IDR 40.000
Pate brisee, hazelnut crispy, Valrhona manjari ganache.
Alert for chocolate lover. You'll gonna love this cake. Tart filled with bittersweet valrhona mnajari chocolate. The chocolate texture really dense but so smooth and straight melt in my mouth. Pate brisee or shortcrust pastry give another balance to the chocolate. I like the crunchy texture.

Big Red - IDR 40.000
Raspberry marmalade, fresh raspberries, vanilla brûlée, almond macaron.
This big red is really eye-catching. The appearance is so pretty. It's a gigantic almond red macaroon. Filled with fresh raspberry. If you can see the layers, it shows creamy vanilla brûlée, fresh raspberries and raspberries marmalade. What I like is all balance together. Not too sweet, because raspberries succeed neutralize the vanilla brûlée. Not leaving weird taste after eat it. Okayy... right the moment i wrote this, suddenly I'm mouthwatering... OMG!!

Black Velvet - IDR 35.000
Chocolate sponge cake, cherry compote, vanilla mousseline.
Sponge cake really moist. When you cut it, you'll see the cherry compote and vanilla mousseline layers. It so beautiful. Cherry compote taste not sweet which i like but can give a million taste to this cake. 

 I first known JJ Royal from the coffee. My sister often bring me some of their coffee. So when I got a chance to visit JJ Royal Brasserie, coffee is one thing that I wont missed. Ian Consulta, as Head Barista who make sure that coffee you'll drink is served in a great quality.

Cappuccino - IDR 30.000
This cappuccino presentation is so damn cute. In Ian Consulta's hands this cappuccino can be this cute. The taste of espresso really dominated this cappuccino. I like the consistency of this cappuccino.

Cappuccino - IDR 30.000
Also still in Ian's hands, you can drink your own face!! Yeepp... he will take picture of you, then voila... your face move into this hot cappuccino. Really entertaining for customer. The cappuccino above is replicate of my mate face. Thanks to Ian, I can drink Hans's face LOL...

Cafe Latte - IDR 30.000
Espresso blended with hot, frothy milk.
The graceful cafe latte served infront of me. Garnish with Valrhona marshmallow and macaroon crumbs. The taste also as pretty as it looks. The consistency between the coffee and milk really great. You can see also the milk foam really look nice.
Homemade Ice Tea with Lychee Flavor - IDR 30.000
If you don't drink coffee, JJ Royal Brasserie always have something good to try. Like this freshening Lychee ice tea. Lychee really dominate this drink. Beside lychee, JJ Royal Brasserie also have another choice like Mango, Green Apple, Strawberry, Peach.

Well, that's all folks... My experience in tasting JJ Royal Brasserie menu's. I have to drag my hubby here. So we can dig other menu that JJ Royal Brasserie offer. Hubby... I want to blow my candle here... Good, Delish, Delicious, Delicate and so on is relative. It depend on every person. But as for me, JJ Royal Brasserie had succeed spoiled my palate.

Thanks to Eric Guilbert, GM from Foodie Habit Group that run the JJ Royal Brasserie who explained to us every single details about JJ Royal Brasserie and also for recommending the great dessert.

JJ Royal Brasserie
Lotte Shopping Avenue – Ciputra World
Jl. Professor Doktor Satrio No.5
Jakarta 12940
Phone. +6221 2988 8980
Facebook: JJ Royal Brasserie
Twitter: @JJRBrasserie

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Pipiltin Cocoa

Yeaaiii... I finally got a chance to visit Pipiltin Cocoa. I first known Pipiltin Cocoa from my mates, who lives near Pipiltin Cocoa. Heard her describe about Pipiltin Cocoa  make me so curious. Luckily me & several mates had a chance to visit Pipiltin Cocoa.

Pipiltin Cocoa located in Barito Road, Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta. From the facade, it's already looked eye-catching, with a big orange signboard. When I first stepped in we can see their open kitchen. So you can see the magic happen here. Uumm... make me more curious. Some of chocolate making, remembering me with HESTON BLUMENTHAL with his molecular gastronomy idea.

Now moving to 2nd floor for the sitting area. I felt the industrial theme in here. with a cement stairs and floors also a unique stairs handle. So cute. For furniture, they use wooden element. This restaurant is so earthy.

This is another part what I like from Pipiltin Cocoa. They really separate the smoking room and non-smoking room. So for smoker, your can have all your smoke for yourself.

Now let's move to part that I bet you've been waiting for... Chocolate spreaaadd...

Tabanan Chocolate - IDR 50.000
Mousse, spiced creameaux, chocolate pearl, dehydrated chocolate mousse
What a great presentation. I'm so impressed when I first looked at it. We have to picture it quick before the foam get melt and lost it bubbles. When I started to dig in, I felt a bit strange. The chocolate divider is taste good. The bittersweet chocolate come from the chocolate ball. Meanwhile others taste a bit bland. As for me, this Tabanan not my kind of chocolate favorite.

Egg No - IDR 47.000
White Chocolate Panacotta, Mango, Passion Fluid, Chocolate Chili Soil, Selasih
Another cute presentation from Pipiltin Cocoa. Look at the cotton candy. We have to eat it soon, before it collapse. The taste really balance 1 another. The sweetness from the mild panacotta and cotton candy can blend together with the sourness from mango and passion fluid. Must try!

Freeze - IDR 45.000
Frozen Macaroon, Milk Cloud, Rice Crispy, Tonka Chocolate Sorbet
OMG!! This Freeze one is the one you should try when you visit  Pipiltin Cocoa. Those frozen macaroon is not actual macaroon. It's an ice cream with a different flavor in macaroon shape. You'll get banana, strawberry and chocolate. Each flavor have different character and it's all good. RECOMMENDED!

Ebony Ivory - IDR 47.000
Bitter chocolate mousse, vanilla, dark sweet cherry
This Ebony Ivory actually split in 2 elements. Like yin and yang, day and night. The bottom we can see chocolate mousse and dark cherry, dark cherry jelly and smokey brownies. The smokey taste too overpowered. Maybe because we open the top side too long. Meanwhile at top side, we can find vanilla mousse that have a milky texture. To make a good taste, you have to eat it those both side. Just grab a little form bottom glass then mix it with vanilla mousse from top glass.

Devil Chocolate Brownie - IDR 45.000
Double Vanilla Ice Cream, Chocolate Lace.
This devil chocolate is so damn good. The brownie is so moist and smooth. With the generous amount of chocolate all around. Since the sweetness not to overpowered, so eat as much as you like without feel overload. It just melt in my mouth.

Chocolate Forever - IDR 39.000
Chocolate mousse bar also taste heaven. So moist and the bittersweet from the chocolate make this cake more great plus the amount of the chocolate is so generous.

Fruit Paradise - IDR 30.000
To balance all the sweetness that I already eat, so for the drink I ordered something a bit sour. The waitress suggested me to have this Fruit paradise. But the taste not like I expected. I forgot the name of the seed that they add in this drink. But the taste is like herbs.

Iced Dark Cherry Tea - IDR 29.000
This one also taste a bit bland. The cherry I think not too dominate the drink. But pretty okay to neutralize the sweetness.

Overall, Pipiltin Cocoa is definitely a heaven for all chocolate lovers. They served many varieties chocolate that we never imagine before. Either for the presentation or for the taste. We never can guess what on our plate. Really playful. But don't worry, the server always ready and really patient explain all the menu we ask.

Even though Pipiltin Cocoa famous with their chocolate, but they also sell another dish from Indonesian menu, Pasta, and other dish. So if you can get a full course here.  You should try.

Pipiltin Cocoa || Facebook || Twitter || Website
Jl. Barito II No.5
Jakarta Selatan
Phone: (021) 72800011
Opening Hour :  Monday-Thursday 10.00-22.00, Friday-Sunday 10.00-23.00

Pipiltin Cocoa
Pipiltin Cocoa
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