29 April 2014


Senopati Area keep bombing with the new join of restaurants and cafes. So many kind of food you can find in Senopati. Heard from a friend, that there's new Burger place that worth to visit. I love burger, but not a big fan of it. But since she said that I have to try it, then it make me curious.

Ladies  & Gents... please welcome the new comer in town, Three Buns Burger.  First stepped in to the Three Buns Burger area, I was so stunning. Amazed with the place. Pretty spacious with wooden dominated all over the place. It feel so earthy and felt like dining outside.

We're welcome by the rustic van that painted with blue and white paint with bulldog heads as a logo topped of it. This van actually use for the order place. So quite unique. Just like ordering food from food truck like I saw on TV hehehe...

So surprise when I steeped in into the dining area. The server soon welcoming us with a bit sad face. He sad the place is full packed that time and the air is so damn hot. Yeepp... my eyes quick scanning into the whole area, and yes it FULL PACKED!! No wonder, since I came here around 1pm, at the lunch time. But since I already came here, so I keep ordered it to take away.

Looking at the situation around, no wonder that the place feel like the oven. The roof is transparent, and that make the sun generously. It felt like burnt until under your skin. Even the air purifier in  every corner didn't help much. If you can deal with heat, than probably the hot weather, not a big deal for you. But if you can't stand with heat, I suggest to come here after 3pm. But still, the decoration and the ambiance had amazed me. Split in to two floor, but still you see all over the place wherever you sit. There are wooden chairs and tables, there are also sitting area "tatami" look like.

After ordering the food in the Van, the cashier will give you the waiting number. This waiting number can be use to take your order when the light number in the board already turn on. It means your order is ready. And you can take your order at the station that none other than their kitchen. I saw Adam Penney, Three Buns chef working like a ninja. He prepared customer orders to the perfect.

Double Prime 100g Beef Patties, Double Cheese, Triple Onions, Lettuce, Pickles, Ketchup & Den Miso Mayo.
Since its lunch hour, so I ordered the Four Floors. It the big, gigantic and massive burger here. Yeeaahh... I know that picture not so pretty and look messy. But from the greasy look come out the scrumptious taste. The smooth and soft bun filled with double patty. The patty... OMG!! It so juicy and fatty. They cooked it in Medium level. But you still can customize it if you want to. In this Four Floors there are TWO fatty patty that have 100g each! Imagine how full is that after you eat this. The ketchup and den miso mayo was not too overpowering. It has a great balance. So it's not cover up the patty taste. The miso mayo taste quite unique. With a a savory, tangy, a bit sweet. It kick till the end. Make the whole Burger taste more amazing.

Overall, my experience dining in Three Buns Burger was really great. I wish I can order for more and experience more taste of Three Buns Burger. Still drooling look at their others menu.

Three Buns - Burger and Heads  
Jl. Senopati Raya No. 90 Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan 12190
021 - 2930 7780  
Opening Hours: 11 AM - 12 PM
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17 April 2014

Genji Shoppe Pop-Up Store Pondok Indah Mall Jakarta

A view days ago, I went to the Grand opening of Genji Shoppe Pop_up Store at Pondok Inada Mall 3 Jakarta. Does the Genji Biscuits ring a bell to you?

Genji is the only biscuit with the shape of hearts. I've known Genji Biscuit like forever. My mum usually put it in my lunch box when I was at school. Genji Pie is a family from Monde Biscuit Indonesia. Monde Biscuit Indonesia is under the Khong Guan flag that already been in Indonesia since 1970. And they already expand their business to many Asia countries like Middle East, Africa, North America and Pacific Island. I love most of Monde products. This is no bullshit. I like their butter cookies also. And for the pie that have long shape, I like the strawberry flavor much. And now when I heard Genji Pie open their store, I'm so excited, and immediately take my lazy ass to go to Pondok Indah Mall.

Genji Shoppe place outside the area of Street Gallery Pondok Indah Mall 3. Just infront of the Gourmand Bistro and TGIF Restaurant.

Why it called Pop-Up Store? Because the store is not going to be permanent. As for me, I hope, Genji Shoppe is just not a pop-up store and be a permanent shop. The theme from this Genji Shoppe is really fun, artsy, vintage, shabby-chic and modern. Monde Biscuit Indonesia really take the Genji Pie into a up-scale level. Making it not just an ordinary biscuit in a supermarket rack. They make it more tempting and appealing. It shows in their store. How it looks so gorgeous and details. It shown that Monde really took serious in making dessert with Genji Pie as a based.

Open Kitchen - Where we can see the magic happen
Since the place is not too spacious, I suggest you come in the morning to avoid the queue. And beside that, Genji Shoppe only have limited seat in their outside area. But trust me, this Genji Shoppe really worth to wait. If you pay attention on the art details, then I guess we have to give a standing applause to the very talented artist who done it. They are Rukmunal Hakim, Lala Bohang, Ykha Amlez, Muhammad Taufiq (EmTe) and Monica Hapsari. They really captured about the products really well and amazing in their own way. And I can't blink my eye to admire their creativity. Look at more closer to their job.

The shop also look vintage and chic. It captured in their furniture and interior. Genji Shoppe also sell merchandise that are so damn cute. I HEART WITH THEIR MUG. I forgot to buy'em yesterday. It just because I'm too busy in taking picture. Have to go back before 1 month end.

Merchandise Corner - Felt like want to grab'em all
Iphone case & Cute Genji's Mug

C'mon... keep on scrolling, don't be that lazy. I even haven't spread their gorgeous creations made from Genji Pie. Trust me. The taste as pretty as it looks

We not only can enjoy the Genji Pie creation that already in the menu, but the best part is YOU MAKE YOUR OWN CREATION FROM GENJIE PIE! Whaatt?? Yeess... Gennji Pie provide you many kiinds of topping. So, spread your imagination and creation here with Genji Shoppe like 5 talented artist above.

A Bag of Love - IDR 20.000 / 100 gr
A Bag Of Love or A Jar Of Hearts - What an ear catching name. A simple love comes from a simple hearts. A petite Genji Hearts with chocolate filling really good if pairing with tea or coffee. I imagine, this can be a substitute for a popcorn when I watch movie.

Ratatouille Goes Berries - IDR 25.000
Ratatouille Goes Berries
A Sweet Combination Of Cream Cheese and Fresh Blueberries with Genji base Crust
Loovvee this creation. The re-shape of Genji Crust with cream cheese into the shape of hearts and become a tasty pie. The cream cheese not too overwhelming. And it balance with the blueberry and strawberry sauce.

Sleeping Beauty - IDR 25.000
Sleeping Beauty
Mini Genji Pie hidden inside a moist, a la minute, Strawberry Pinkish Sponge Cake. Made Fresh when we ordered. Served with choice of Chocolate or Strawberry Sauce.
A beautiful spongy cake play hide and seek with the mini genji pie. Not capture to clear here. But if you notice in the bottom of the glass... there you go go the mini genji pie. The sponge cake taste not too sweet. That's why it paired with the strawberry or chocolate sauce.

Sweet-Sweet Love - IDR 35.000
Sweet-Sweet Love
Heart Shape Melting Brownies in Between Original Genji Pie, Balancing the Sweetness with Raspberry tartness.
The appearance is so gorgeous. I imagine the two raspberries on top is a 2 heart of human that become one in a big shape of hearts. Why in the hell I become a mellow hahaha.... Again, Genji Shoppe add surprise element to their creation. From outside you probably only see the raspberries. But wait until you cut the hearts. Then you'll find the melting and moist brownies. The sweet and sour is so blend together.

Magic Cinnamon Pie - IDR 28.000
Magic Cinnamon Pie
Crispy Genji pastry with assorted spiced fruit
Look at that layers in cinnamon pie. It taste crunchy, crispy and it has the flaky texture. Like it name, this pie really create some magic. It play in your palate. The sourness from the fruits mixing together with the sweetness from the syrup. The spice taste come from the star anise. It's not just a garnish. But it also give the signature taste on this plate. The fruits taste so fresh and still crunchy.

This Is Not A Martini - IDR 25.000
This Is Not A Martini 
Layered of white and chocolate mousse, a perfect combination to share with loved ones. Dipped your original genji pie inside
This is my other favorite that day. It so melted in my mouth. One scoop become two and then I feel like possessive and don;t want to share hehehe... The white and chocolate mousse taste not too sweet, so it make not too overwhelming. If you want to add a crust texture, just dip it the Genji Pie inside.

When Sour Meets Choco - IDR 32.000
When Sour Meets Choco
Sweet lovers addict, layered of genji with chocolate malt enriched with hazelnut, finished with chocolate ganache blanked and spring fruits salad.
Alert for chocolate lover. You gonna love this one. The chocolate melt and the chocolate ganache are very rich. The chocolate taste is so bold and tasty and taste is just right. Not too sweet or overwhelming. The sweetness balance with the sourness from the fruit salad.

The Art Dance that closing the Grand Opening Show. Really creative and attractive!
When I come back here someday, my goal is for the mug and make my own creation of Genji Pie. But this time, I just want to share with you so you want missed the magic of Genji Shoppe. Mark your calendar y'll. Because Genji Shoppe only from 12 April until 12 May 2014. So don't miss it.

Genji Shoppe Pop-Up Store
North Entrance Lobby Street Gallery
Pondok Indah Mall 3
Pondok Indah, Jakarta Selatan
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