26 Maret 2015


Visiting Grand Indonesia is always an exciting thing (at least for me). This mall is so dynamic and always have a new joint vendor. Like this (not so new) restaurant called Public Markette.

Publik Markette is still under ISMAYA GROUP. I always amaze with Ismaya creation. They always have something great when making something. Just look at some of their restaurants like SKYE, KITCHENETTE, ISMAYA CATERING and many more.

Publik Markette placed at East Mall Grand Indonesia inside the Central Dept.Store and located between another hype restaurant Union Deli and NOMZ. I already interested in Publik Markette restaurant on my last visit to Union Deli.

The Publik Markette interior similar like other Ismaya's restaurant. The vibe, the ambiance and the decoration is so attractive and enjoyable. Publik Markette design their venue with wooden interior and furniture. With a pretty big and interactive Bar on the side where you sit at the outside the restaurant area.

The dining concept here is like we dine in a market. But of course Publik Markette here is an upscale and more stylish. So when you entering the restaurant area, the server will take you to your seat. Then you bring your table number to the food stall and just mention your table number when you order your food. The food will be deliver to your table in a warm condition. Pay your food before you leaving the restaurant.

What happen next to me is... my eyes keep on drooling on their stall. They look so tempting. Starting with a big plate of salmon, ribs, chicken roast, fried rice, fish and chip OMG... Next stall there's salad, next there's bread, quiche, dessert and last drink and juice. I'm so overwhelmed seeing all food on the stall.

And these are what we ended with...

The simplicity come from this dish. I thought it would be too creamy. But I like this dish. It so smooth and delicate. It's a potato gratin model with a cream and smoke turkey bacon. Even though the potato have a thick cut, but it so soft and smooth. This is so good!

I guess I always been in love with pasta in anyway. Like this baked bolognaise penne pasta It cooked al-dente. With a lots, generous amount of bolognaise sauce and melted cheese on top. I like the taste of the sauce, a bit sour from the tomatoes. So it make a balance with the cheese.

See the appearance the one excuse why I bought this Foccacia. It look like Pizza, but no, its not a pizza. The foccacia, too bad is a bit chewy. Not fluffy, not smooth. Need some time to chew. But the topping really recover the disappointing from the foccacia. The topping is really generous. A lots of meat. Thick pile on it. Blend with the tomato sauce, the dried tomatoes, thick layer of melted cheese and topped with grated cheese. Yuuumm...  

A crispy crostone topped with big chunks of chicken and shredded chicken. The crostone a bit hard for the texture. Need a bit effort to bite. But I like the pulled chicken. It so tender and well marinated. the corn add some texture into it.

This is what I called black beauty. The simplicity comes from the dessert. This cake really blew me away. It so moist and melted in my mouth. A bit bitter from the dark chocolate combine with the sweetness from chocolate ganache. Devilishly good!

Overall, the food here is surprisingly good. The canteen look like that they modify into a stylish dining place called Publik Markette has really amaze me in so many aspect. I like the details they putted in every single corner of the restaurant. The price, I have to admit a bit pricey. But, you wont be sorry spend your money, considering they have pretty big portion. The service also quick and good. So gotta be back here!

Pose with Chef Phillips & YennyW

Publik Markette
Central Department Store East Mall - G Fl. (Across Nomz and below Social House)
Jl. M.H. Thamrin No. 1
Jakarta Pusat 10310
Opening Hours:
Lunch Time: 11:30 AM - 2:30 PM
Ala Carte Hours: 3 PM - 5 PM
Dinner: 6 PM - 9:30 PM
Pricing: $$
Dresscode: sporty casual

Email: watashi_waoct4@yahoo.com
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19 Maret 2015

Itacho Sushi – Grand Indonesia Jakarta

A view days ago me and hubby so damn craving about sushi. We already imagine to have lots of sushi. Usually we had our sushi always in the same place. Because I have an indication to get an allergic to a not fresh sushi. But I'm so curious with new chain sushi restaurant called ITACHO that place at Grand Indonesia, East Mall Shopping Town Jakarta. So... keep scroll down to catch our sushi menu.

Itacho Sushi already well known as a sushi restaurant in several countries like Hongkong, China, Australia and the closest from us Singapore. Its Saturday night before dinner time when we arrived. We just tried our luck and hope that we get a seat. Not so long, finally the server take us to our seat.

Itacho Sushi  have a spacious dining area with wooden interior. every seating area divided by wooden partition. There's a sushi bar where we can seat there and eat while watching the Chef prepare our sushi.

The Order Sheet
How to reserve your meal is by filling the number on the paper that the server give to you. Just right down your order and the quantity then give it back to the server.

Itacho Sushi have a wide selection of Japanese kind of food. They serves many selection of Traditional Sushi, Fusion Sushi, Temaki, Hand Roll, Donburi, Udon, Soba, Rice, Salad and many more. Price ranges from IDR 6,000 (Sushi) to IDR 670,000 (Abalone Sashimi) for food, and IDR 0 (hot/cold ocha) to IDR 1,100,000 (Dassai 39 Sake)

OCHA – Hot / Cold COMPLIMENTARY (Bottomless)
*Happy Dancing*

Compare this Salmon Head Soup to the sushi Restaurant next door, this definitely more delish. With a hint of tangy and sour from the soup make this dish so fresh. Plus, there's so fishy smell from the Salmon. Served warm. Good in a rainy day.

#112 FATTY SALMON - IDR 11.000
Like its name, the salmon really had a thick cut and it taste fresh and not fishy.

From Left To Right:
#128 SHRIMP - IDR 10.000
Sweet and delicate shrimp, the one that blew me away. Roasted Mackerel that has a perfect seasoning, soak up well, so it make it roasted perfectly. Roasted Salmon with Cheese, slightly taste of cheese, so it makes the salmon still the star.

#611 CRAB & CRAB MISO  - IDR 22.000
How petite is the size when it arrived to my table. But from the (very) small size come big taste. Like the combination of a crab and Miso paste.

#713 SPICY SALMON - IDR 18.000
Actually I make a wrong note when I order it. I supposed to be want to order the salmon handroll instead of this Spicy Salmon. But this salmon turn our really good too. Combine with a bit mayonnaise. Crisp texture from the seaweed contrast with the fluffy rice with a hint taste of vinegar and spicy. If you don't like spicy, I'm sure you still can handle this. The mayonnaise has make a perfect balance into it.

Actually this fatty tuna come 4 when it serve. But because hubby to curious about the taste, one already sink into stomach LOL. The fatty and fresh tuna filled this roll. The spring onion  and the seaweed add the crisp texture.

#214 ROASTED EEL - IDR 28.000
This one is my favorite. The eel is so tender and the soy sauce marinated well into the eel. It taste sweet and savory.

#141 SCALLOP - IDR 30.000
No wonder this single sushi is expensive than the others. The thick cut of the scallop is so smooth and tender. It is also so fresh. I feel like eating a cotton.

To be honest (OMG, I feel ashamed because my hubby like to fishing a lot, but I dunno this kind of fish! Shot me!) this is the 1st time I ever ate Saury Fish.The shape similar like Mackerel Fish. And also with the taste. but this saury fish is more delicate and sweet.

The appearance is a little bit sloppy. It a salad in a roll. Served cold, with combination of salmon, fresh lettuce, tamago (egg), crab stick and a drizzled of mayonnaise. The taste is good. I really feel like eating a salad.

#616 FLYING FISH ROE - IDR 10.000
Ordered this just because my hubby love the texture of the flying fish roe. It pop in your mouth like a candy. Even though the shape is so small, but it paid with the taste.

At the end, me and hubby really feel so damn full. We can't get our ass up from the chair. Spoiled with so many scrumptious sushi make us over-whelmed. Itacho's strategy marketing really worked well with us. They sell dishes in a small portion with affordable price to make us want to grab every single food from the menu book LOL. 

The service that I've read from several comments on my friends blog didn't happen on my visit. The service was doing well. I even want to give more appreciation to the server named Risti (the chubby lady, If I'm not mistaken), that really helpful and always give a smile. 

So, overall, our visit that day was exquisite. Happy tummy with a happy face. 


Level 3A, Unit FD1-10 Grand Indonesia Shopping Mall 
Jl. MH Thamrin No.1, Jakarta
(021) 235 81228

Website | FacebookInstagram

Email: watashi_waoct4@yahoo.com
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18 Maret 2015


Looks like Union Group had a "Speedy Gonzales" mode regarding opening a restaurant. Because not so long after the hype of UNION DELI and BENEDICT, they already open a new restaurant with a Milan vintage look called CAFFE MILANO.

*Photo credit to Aline Foolosophy
Placed at East Mall of Grand Indonesia Shopping Town, Caffe Milano offer an Italian menu that look so tempting. Split into two area, non smoking area, where we can find an attractive bar and open kitchen with vintage and chic look dining area. Meanwhile the outdoor area more look like a terrace where there's a green plant on the side to make it more cool. But taking picture here so damn tricky. If you look at the bright yellow canopy. It makes my pictures looked yellowish. I have to wait for the sun down or gloomy to get a pictures.

Like I told you earlier that Caffe Milano served many various kind of Italian food that separate in Antipasti, Pasta, Secondi (Main Course), Pizza and Dolci (Dessert). A bit curious what to choose. Italian dishes that cook by the brilliant Chef named Luca Pezzera.

OMG! This complimentary bread not like other complimentary bread I ever had. This one is so damn yummy. With a crust outside a swirl beef inside make this bread so extra ordinary. Inside of the bread is so moist and soft. I got this complimentary bread on my 2nd visit. On my 1st visit, me and my friend didn't get any ;( . I paired this bread with olive oil and balsamic vinegar that finely served in every table. Those olive oil and balsamic vinegar taste is so good. Savory with a little hint of tangy and sweet. What a perfect combination. I think I'm going to find it in some supermarket.


Porcini Mushroom, Pancetta, Egg, Parmigiano Reggiano
Because I'm not eating pork, so I asked to the served to substitute it to the beef instead of pancetta. I like the dough. It Italian signature with thin crust pizza and still have a soft texture in the middle. But I'm not a fan of the sauce. I think there's something missing that make it not to kick. Topped with runny egg.

FUNGHI - IDR 135.000
Assorted Mushrooms, Truffle Oil
Love this Funghi Pizza so much. It so fragrant with a generous amount of mozzarella cheese and assorted mushrooms. The sauce more tasty, and the adding of truffle oil make it more scrumptious. I suggested you to drizzled a bit of olive oil that serve on the table to get more savory taste. It so delish y'll!!


and Sun-Dried Tomatoes
Our pasta choice come to this Linguine pasta. It executed very well. So al-dente and not overcooked. With a combination of generous amount of Veal with ragout sauce with a hint of tangy taste from the sun-dried tomatoes. This one is one of the pasta that you should order! 

In Light Butter Sauce
What a surprise when Chef Luca came to our table and offered us one of their signature Angel hair Pasta. I'm so flattered Sir! *hug. Angel hair pasta texture is like spaghetti but thinner. It cooked al-dente with a creamy light butter sauce. The sauce not too overwhelmed and it balanced well with the truffle oil. It so fragrant and hell delicious. Topped with the shredded black truffle mushroom that even more rocks the bowl of this angel hair. If you think this pasta is too pricey, then you should consider the black tuffle that served on top. Super Love!


with Strawberry and Citrus Salad
I love the simplicity yet pretty of this panna cotta. So smooth and soft. The taste is not too milky. Like the strawberry compote too. Its sour, tangy and become a good combination for the panna cotta. Topped with citrus to make it more fresh.

Ricotta Cream with Chocolate Chips In a Crispy Pastry Shell
Ricotta Cream that combine with pistachio nut  mixed with chocolate chip as a filling. What I like about this filling is the fact that the taste is not too sweet. But the shell pastry not my favorite. It's too floury. And the shape not too pretty too.

This tiramisu is the winner for the dessert today. It so so smooth, soft and melted in your mouth right away. With a combination of lady finger that already soak well into the liqueur. But the liquer not too over powering. It so blend well with the mascarpone. So scrumptious.

After I visited Caffe Milano twice in a row, I feel this restaurant is so promising. The food that they served really capturing the Italian cooking. Even though the food choice is  not too wide and perhaps you already familiar with it, but what they serve is really good. And also the service is excellent. Really informative and helpful. Even they bother to remind us about the pork menu when they know that we don't eat pork.  Friendly not snob like the usual typical fine dining. I still willwant to comeback for their mains some other times.

Congratulation on your opening & Good Luck!

Caffe Milano  
Central Dept. Store Ground Floor, 
Grand Indonesia Shopping Town
Jalan M.H. Thamrin No. 1 Jakarta Pusat 10350  
021 - 2358 0638 Opening Hours: 10 AM - 2 PM  
Pricing: IDR 500k for two Food starts from IDR 85k - IDR 300k
Drinks (cocktails) from IDR 100k - IDR 200k  
Dresscode: sporty casual  

Email: watashi_waoct4@yahoo.com

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