26 September 2012

1/15 Coffee

After having not so good dinner, I suddenly craving a cup of nice coffee. Passing thorough Gandaria area, my eyes stood in one coffee shop with a nice place called 1/15. The room split in 2 area, smoking (in a close room area) and non smoking area. I sat in a bar in non smoking area. I loved to see the barista working on with their tools.

1/15 Coffee

I'm a huge fans of coffee, even though I don't really understand about the variant. Luckily  the barista, Caecilia is so helpful. Explained to me one by one the coffee they have. 1/15 have 4 different kind of serving option, Syphon, Kalita Wave, V60 and Chemex.

Single Origin - Handsome Coffee Ethiopia  IDR 35.000
So this is what I choose. Handsome Coffee Ethiopia with Chemex. Even though it's a black coffee, but the taste is so light and smells so good. The brewing method is by pouring it in a jar slowly.
Hot Green Tea Latte IDR 35.000
Since my hubby is not a coffee drinker, so he choose this Green Tea Latte. Don't ask about the taste, because it so good. The texture, the taste, the milk all blend well.

Churros with Chocolate Dip IDR 25.000
To accompany our coffee and Latte, we have the churros with choco dip. It taste good, but nothing really special about it. But i like it though hehehe...

1/15 Coffee
Adi from 1/15 Coffee offered me to try their coffee called Kickapoo from Kenya. It had a juicy acidity in the coffee. Leaving a good taste after. It's also light too.

1/15 Crew
Overall, hanging out here was really great. Having another knowledge about coffee. You should come here y'll. I would come back someday and taste another coffee surprise.

Address: Jalan Gandaria I no. 63, Jakarta – Indonesia
Opening Hours: Daily, 11 am until late (Ramadhan hours, afterwards TBA)
RSVP: +62.21.722.5678
BB Pin: N/A
Email: info@1-15coffee.com
Website: http://1-15coffee.com
Facebook: one.fifteenth

Twitter: @115Coffee
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25 September 2012

Bagel & Pretzel

One day my friend, Sabrina asked me, whether have I try another Bagel store called Bagel & Pretzel. Once I know about Bagel when I tried it in Bagel store in Kemang area. Sabrina said, beside bagel, they also served pretzel. Hhhmm... more curious heard that. So, with her guide on my BBM, me & hubby straight to Bagel & Pretzel store in Cipete area.

The place is not too big. With a green sign board in front of the store. Entering Bagel & Pretzel just like entering someone's home. With a high chairs on the left of the entrance and big sofa in the entire room. Pretty convey though. Don't have to wait too long to have a chair. Because only me, hubby and 1 other couple that time.

I asked what special in Bagel & Pretzel, the waiter suggested me to try Mexicana and Salmon Strike. From his explanation it sounds tempting.

Mexicana IDR 47.000
Mexicana consisting meat chop with sauce, it just like bolognaise sauce mixed with red bean and cucumber topped with melted cheese. I choose poppy seed for my bagel. The bagel is so hard to chew. The sauce taste also so so. Nothing too special about this Mexicana.

Salmon Strike IDR 53.000
I also choose the poppy seed bagel for this Salmon Strike. And again... the texture is soooo chewy. Luckily, the salmon taste good. Not taste fishy. Topped with mayo & cheese. I like this Salmon Strike better than the Mexicana.

Left : Plain & Cheese Pretzel @ IDR 11.000
Right : Cinnamon IDR 11.000
So unexpected, this pretzel taste great. I was planning to take away many pretzel at the beginning. But sadly, in my visit last time, they run out of the Pretzels. I have to wait another 2 hour minimum if  I want my pretzel. So I don't have any choose more than cheese, plain and cinnamon. They have another variant for pretzel. It's choco pretzel. Looks so tempting.

Left : Milkshake : Cappuccino Avocado  IDR 25.000
Right : Fresh Orange Cold IDR 21.000
Cappuccino Avocado I think more like avocado juice. The coffee not too dominant
Fresh Orange Cold, is really fresh. I like without adding sugar. So it taste sour. More freshening.

Overall, If I visit this Bagel & Pretzel again, I probably only buy the pretzel only. It more good than the Bagel. The service a bit longer. Have too wait for about 20 - 30 minute serving. But they really friendly though. The price not too expensive. Quite reasonable.

House of Bagel & Pretzel
Jalan Bendungan Walahar no 32 Jakarta Pusat Indonesia
Ph. +6221.8032.8500
Opens Sun-Thur(7am-10pm)& Fri&Sat(6am-12pm)
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21 September 2012

Lekker Bekker

In one evening, me & my hubby one to try a (not to new) place in Tebet area called Tebet Green. Many Restaurant here, but my eyes stood in one cute theme resto. It's Lekker Bekker. The interior is cute, we just like sitting at Granny's home. With the soft color green and white. What really make me interesting is the rolling pin for partition and bird cage for decoration. What a creative things....

We choose to sit in a wooden chair with pink pillows. It feels like sitting in a terrace.  Not so long, the waitress come and give us the menu book. And here are what we order...

Bolletjes with Strawberry Ice Cream 24.5k
Bolletjes is just like poffertjes. But the shape a bit small and cooked at the same time. It a bit burnt in the fringe. The texture not too fluffy. I like the ice cream. It so smooth. And the icing sugar also not too sweet.

Pannekoek with Strawberry Sauce 21.5k
4 slice thin pannekoek served with strawberry jam and icing sugar. I like the strawberry. The sourness really balance with the icing sugar. The pannekoek also nice and smooth.

Hot Tea & Lemon Tea
Overall, the food is so so. But I like the interior of the restaurant. The service and price also great. Maybe if I comeback here, i want to try they main course ^^

Tebet Green, Jl. Letjend MT Haryono Kav 25 - 26
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11 September 2012

HAN GANG - Korean Food Art Restaurant & Grill

Annyeonghaseyo.... To be honest, I got familiar with Korean food since I often watching Korean series *blushing*. The food that that appear in that series look tempting. So here we are, me & my girl Melly at Han Gang Grand Indonesia to taste the Korean Food. Han Gang place in Level 3A.

Han Gang specialize is in grilled and boiled menu. For the BBQ menu, Han Gang prepare many kind of fresh meat & seafood. As for for boiling menu Han Gang also prepare the healthy veggies, meat and seafood. Han Gang also have private room with chairs or tatami. You just need to close the curtain and... voila... no one can see your activity behind the curtain. If you need waiter, just push the button on the table.

Appetizer - Complimentary
Han Gang gave us many varieties appetizer as compliment while waiting our order. The appetizer come in a small plate. From potato, watercress, calamari, jelly and not too forget the fab kimchi. The kimchi is so damn sour and spicy. But it not making me stop to eating it hehehhe...

Dolsot Galbi Bibimbab 48k
Dolsot Galbi Bibimbab consist rice with beef ribs with marinated in a soy sauce in a hot stone pot. We have to mix all the ingredients in a pot blend between the sauce and the ingredients. And mix it while it's hot, so the sauce marinated well into the ingredients. The ribs really tender and cooked perfectly.

Maeun Tteokpoki 55k
Then come what Melly's ordered. Meun Tteokpoki is a boiled dish of slice tender rice cake in a hot sauce. The meaning of hot sauce is literally HOT. OMG! it's so hot and spicy. Not to spicy at the beginning. That's why i keep eating it. But at the end, my throat getting burns. Only hot water can release the spicy taste.

Thai Ice Tea 25k | Ocha 15k ( refillable)
Watermelon - Complimentary
Overall, I like Han Gang. Good food good service. The price also reasonable with what we get. I definitely want to comeback for more Korean menus.

GRAND INDONESIA: Sky Bridge Level 3A Shop Unit FD1-08 Telp. (021) 2358 0710 - 2358 0711
PACIFIC PLACE : 5th floor Unit 37 Jakarta Selatan Telp. (021) 5797 3460 - 5797 3461
MONGINSIDI : Jl. Wolter Monginsidi No.99 Jakarta Selatan Telp. (021) 7278 7802 - 7278 7789
FOOD COURT PLAZA SENAYAN : Jl.Asia Afrika level 3 Shop Unit ID 329 C(2) Telp. (021) 572 4802

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Eat & Eat with Mid-East Style

I'm quiet interesting with new food court in Kota Kasablanka called Eat & Eat. They Mid-East or Morocco in specifically theme for the food court. The details really The details really make me feel like in Sinbad land. With the carpet rolls, the lamp, the window even the paintings, all telling us about morocco style.

For dining, we should use card with minimum payment Rp. 5000 We can take and recharge the card in counter in the entrance. To avoid me eating much, so i only fill it with 50k. Because usually i can't stand look so many stall in front of me. Makes me want to swipe my card again and again *blushing*

As for the stall, there are still view stalls that still close. But also many stalls that we can choose. From Indonesian, Western, Chinese, Mid-East you named it.

I'm wondering what tower is that in Roti Prata stall? Call me 'norak' but I haven't seen Roti Prata with

± 30cm tall. When I asked to the waiter, he said it's Sweet Prata. Okay... I ordered one...

Sweet Prata 17k
The prata shape is like my nephew trumpet. I confused where to start hahahha.... The texture thin, but a bit chewy when i eat it. More cold the prata more chewy. Uumm... not as good as it looks. 

Es Pisang Ijo Original 15k
The banana not too sweet, a bit sour and the green skin not smooth enough. But the sumsum porridge pretty good. 

Overall, the food that I taste was so so, but I'd like to comeback here for more another dining experience.
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10 September 2012

Dorayaki Addict

Who doesn't know dorayaki cake? Since i was a kid, Doraemon already wash my brain with his fave cake. The round cake with ogura or matcha filling. So nice to accompany you with your milk, coffee or tea. But these days, dorayaki already have many variant. Such as cheese, banana, strawberry, chocolate, blueberry etc. Add filling as you like.

I found Dorayaki store in Kota Kasablanka called Dorayaki Addict. The store really interesting and cute. Make me want to stopping by at their store

Dorayaki Addict
I ordered half dozen with many various filling. The great thing is, the dorayaki is made by order. So it keep warm and fresh since we order it.

The Dorayaki process

My Dorayaki
8k / pcs
45k half dozen
60k / 8pcs
The texture is not too fluffy. The filling also soo little. If just the filling more thick... it would be great.

In this store there's also bakery called Shokupan. I love the blueberry & cheese. It so moist and good. The proce aso not too expensive. Just like bakery shop next door.

Overall, I like the bakery than the dorayaki. The bakery has a lot variant and the texture more soft and moist than the dorayaki. It's all good for your "cemal-cemil"
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Billie Chick

A few days ago, me & my girl try to visit a new mall in Jakarta named Mall Kasablanka. Because so many place still close, so we decided to try a restaurant that look good from outside. It's Billie Chick. The place is not too big. But still look nice. Separate in two different area. Indoor and outdoor. We choose to sit outside, so we can see all activities around.

Outdoor Area
Because we're not so hungry, so we decided to ordered light menu. I ordered cannelloni that look got in the picture.
Cannelloni De Mare 37k
Kinda disappointed with the real appearance. Because cannelloni i know is like lasagna layer but it's cylindrical shape and pour with tomato sauce. But what it come in Billie Chick was like porridge. There's a seafood filling in it that taste sooo fishy.... Not my recomended.

Mozzarella Incarosa 27k
Mozzarella Incarosa is smoke beef and mozzarella that coated with bread crumbs. Left an odd feeling after eating this. I don't know because it's too oily or what.

Sparkling Apple 25k
From it's name, it look refreshing. But when it come the real one it's tasteless. Maybe it's too much water. I just like eat an apple with a water doohh...

Overall, kinda disappointed with Billie Chick. The service is pretty fast, but the waiter can't describe the menu well. The food.. uumm what can I say... Rather not to say more.... They just really need much improvement.


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