08 Februari 2013

Seigo Dakgalbi

Several days ago me and my bloggers mates was invited in a Soft Launching for Korean Restaurant called Seigo Dakgalbi. To be honest, this is the 1st time I heard about Seigo Dakgalbi. So I was so excited to come.

Seigo Dakgalbi located in one shopping town area in Tebet Green, MT. Haryono. In my invitation wrote that is in UG Floor. But kinda confused to find. No wonder, they haven't put their sign board yet. First look, the place is so spacious. Taking place in the corner of the mall, so customers can see Jakarta view from the restaurant, because they put a lot of big windows. The earth colour like green, red blue and chocolate dominated the area. Make the room so convey and hip. Upon each tables, there's a round stove with it fry pan to cook the dakgalbi. With stove and big window, I think Seigo Dakgalbi need more air-con, specially in the hot afternoon.

Seigo Dakgalbi venue
Seigo Dakgalbi venue
Since it's still brunch time (around 10.30 am) so we ordered some light food. The chef said, usually in Korea these are very famous local street food and some of their beverages. Hhhmm... make me curious what it taste...

Nun Sungi Ice - IDR 25,909
 My friend Aline who ordered this. Looks pretty aight? ( I mean... not you Aline LOL...) Nun Sungi Ice is a combination between jelly, korean noodle jelly, jack-fruit ice cream and simple syrup. I thought it would be so sweet. But the mix between milk and coconut milk make it good and not leaving a weird taste after it.

Left - Yache Juice - IDR 22,886
Right – Yu Cha Cha  - IDR 22,886

My friend Julia who ordered Yache Juice. It's a healthy juice that made from fresh fruit and veggies.  We instantly don't really like it. Because it still have veggies aroma in it. I often drink veggies & fruit juice. But the taste not that weird.

As for me, I ordered Yu Cha Cha. It so refreshning. Made from Sunkist Orange skin with soda. Can serve in hot or cold way. 

Sengson Duikim IDR 24,182
Sengson Duikim is fried fish fillet poured with mayo-lime. The fish is so crispy. But the fish is not too stand out. I think the sourness of the mayo-lime that make this crispy fried fish taste pretty good.

Seewoo Odeng IDR 8,205
Seewo Odeng Odeng is a shrimp satay that wrapped with Odeng and poured with sweet and spicy sauce. The taste was so-so. But the sauce help to cover all of it.

Dakkochi IDR 33.250
Dakkochi is chicken satay that poured with sour and sweet sauce. To me, nothing special from this menu. This just like other Fillet crispy chicken.

Odeng Duikim - IDR 3,866
Odeng Duikim is an odeng that wrapped the eggs and poured with sweet and spicy sauce. The taste was like Seewo Odeng above. Nothing wow from this Odeng Duikim.
Odeng - IDR 34,977
Odeng is a satay made from fish flour and served with fish broth and a salty savory dipping sauce. I really like this Odeng a lot. Especially when  it still hot. The texture is so tender. Dip it into the sauce and the taste even more great. Something simple but come with a great thing.

Toekbuki - IDR 38,000
Toekbuki is rice cake the texture is chewy. I like this toekbuki. The taste is just right. Even though I think the sauce is a bit bland. But it still acceptable.

Beef – IDR 47,068
Vegie – IDR 32,386
Kimbab is more like Korean sushi. We ordered the beef one. I thought the taste would be similar like other. But then I can't stop eating this after the 1st bite. Filled with beef, danmuji (Korean veggie), crabstick, cucumber, carrot, egg and odeng rolled with kim (similar like nori). Dip it into the savory salty sauce to make it make delicious. 

With Rice – IDR 45,341
Ala Carte – IDR 41,886
Bulgogi is a beef slice mix with green and red chilli. The taste is sweet and salty. I like this bulgogi. The beef is tender and seasoned well.

Sundubu Jigae - IDR 43,182
Sundubu Jigae is so perfect for this rainy season. The hot and spicy soup, similar like Tom Yum make this menu worth to try. Consist of egg tofu, Seafood, Korean noodle (glass noodle) and egg that served in a hotbowl.

Bibimbap - IDR 48,795
Bibimbap in literally is mixed rice. Consist with bean sprouts, beef, carrot, pumpkin, inoki, saute pokcoy and half raw egg in the middle. Not to forget Korean sauce to add flavor on it. But I think the sauce not too tasteful, even though we already mixed it all. There's still something missing. And although it served in a hotbowl, but it not hot when it served. Not it left dry rice on the side of the bowl.

Dakgalbi Original
When visit to Seigo Dakgalbi, must order menu is their Dakgalbi. It come in a pan. Consist with veggies (pumpkin, carrot, cabbage etc), Chicken or when you ordered Seafood (even though it's seafood, but still there's chicken in it). It all blend with the korean sauce. The taste is sweet and spicy. My table ordered the original one. Just because we want to taste the real and original dakgalbi. Also with no rice and cheese add-on. We really want to try the original taste from it.

The server cooked it for us, so we don't have to worry to get overcooked. After try... I even want to dig it more and more. Love it.

Seafood Dakgalbi - mixed with rice & cheese
Then I moved to the next table, just because curious with the seafood with rice & cheese add-on. And beyond my imagination, the taste also great. The cheese mix well with the sauce. I've got to order like this in my next visit. At the end I dig in my neighbor table seafood again *blushing *poke Rian, Niya, Lenny & Tika hohoho...

Dakgalbi Regular
  • Original – IDR 53,545
  • Seafood – IDR 68,227
  • Vegie – IDR 50,091
Dakgalbi Large
  • Original – IDR 72,114
  • Seafood – IDR 101,477
  • Vegie – IDR 67,795 
Rice Only – IDR 4,318
Rice Dakgalbi ( R ) – IDR 8,636
Rice Dakgalbi ( L ) – IDR 17,273
Mie Dakgalbi ( R ) – IDR 8,636
Mie Dakgalbi ( L ) – IDR 17,273
Extra Cheese ( R ) – IDR 10,364
Extra Cheese ( L ) – IDR 15,545

Overall, I have great time eating here. Not like other Korean restaurant, in Seigo Dakgalbi the taste not too spicy. Probably to adjusted with Indonesian peoples liking. I like some of their menus. Worth to try. The price also reasonable. The service really good. 

For social media, I guess Seigo Dakgalbi need more speak out about their restaurant. Because from what I've seen in their twitter  and facebook, they less promoted about their menus and restaurant. They more talk about Korean in general. Since it's a new restaurant, better you use your social media to do a promotion.

Seigo Dakgalbi
Tebet Green MallUG Floor
Jl MT Haryono - Jakarta


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