30 Juli 2012

Collage Pullman for Ramadhan Delight

A view days ago, I was invited to breakfasting at Collage Pullman Central Park Jakarta. Since Ramadhan already started since 10 days ago, Collage Pullman offers  a variety of  Mediterranean Cuisine that Chef Ayman Ahmed from Pullman Dubai served for us start from 19 July - 18 August 2012.

Collage is an all day international dining offering a very fabulous breakfast, lunch and dinner. They have open kitchen concept and very cozy place to dine. Separate in 2 area, indoor and in a park where we can enjoy for shisha.

Park Area
Entering the Collage Area, I already drooling with the Ta'jil...

Sweet Tajil - me loved the Um Ali
From Above to Below: Yoghurt with Cucumber  -  Eggplant Musagah - Betrout Mutabel - Cawliflower with Tarator - Hummus - Stuffing Eggplant
The cold appetizer so Mediterranean style. From all above i kinda like the Eggplant Musagah and the Hummus. A taste a bit sour and not spicy.
From Above to Below:Lentil Soup - Kabah bel Laban - Kushari Pasta - Chicken Topkabi - Shikh Al Mahshi - Sish Towok - Lamb Kofta
From those dishes I kinda like Shikh Al Mahshi Potato - an eggplant stuffed with mince beef served with tomato sauce. Kabah bel Laban pretty good, too bad I run out for the samosa. Sish Towok & Lamb Kofta - Lamb & chicken skewers also taste great. It so tender. In the other hands, I don't really like the Lentil Soup, tasteless.

Shawirma Chicken
The pita bread was so great, stuffed with mix chicken and lamb. Served with garlic or sesame sauce.

Sengari Fish
A very tender dory fish served with onion, herbs and Capsicum. Also garnish with eggplant, onion and the Capsicum.

Besides the Mediterranean dishes, Collage also served many varieties western and Asia menus that also make me drooling and make me mouthwatering.

Petite Cake and Snack
Pasta cooked al dente, but the sauce was too creamy and thick
Seafood, Tapas and Salad - so freshening
Sushi and Takoyaki yummy...
Thanks to Pullman Central Park, especially Ms Rita who invited me to taste the fascinating Ramadhan Delight. It was so much fun.

Rp. 198.000++ (lunch)
Rp. 218.000++ (dinner)
Weekend Brunch
Rp. 248.000++ (non-alcohol)
Rp. 418.000++ (alcohol)
Tajil buffet Rp. 95.000++

All prices are subjected to 21% of Government tax and Service Charge 

Collage All Day Dining
Pullman Jakarta Central Park
Podomoro City
Jl. Let. Jend. S. Parman Kav. 28, Jakarta 11470
Ph: +6221 29200088
Fax: +6221 29200099

Twitter : @Pullman_Jkt_CP
Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/pullmanjakartacp
Blog : http://pullmanjakartacentralpark.blogspot.com

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27 Juli 2012

Do It Yourself Teppanyaki With Pepper Lunch

Another Pepper Lunch Story. Now lunch with the girls. The closest from our office is in Plaza Indonesia. Terletak di Ground Floor, Pepper Lunch at Plaza Indonesia is not too spacious. Ketika sampai di depan Pepper Lunch nya, ada waiter yang menyambut saya sambil memberikan nomer meja saya. Ada dua area di sini. Pertama indoor merupakan sederetan kursi dengan flat screen di salah satu dinding nya. Outdoor terletak dibawah escalator dan tidak terlalu besar juga.

Indoor Area
Outdoor Area
Siang itu kami memesan beberapa menu sizzling. And here are what we ordered...

Salmon & Chicken Rp. 80.909
Salmon & Chicken in one plate? Really make me drooling. Saya suka salmon nya. Tender and smooth. Tidak terasa amis and well season. Ayam nya juga terasa empuk. Sayuran nya still fresh & crisp meski sudah agak lama berada di atas hot plate nya. Served with rice.

Wagyu Yakiniku With Egg Rp 82.727
Daging wagyu nya terasa empuk ketika dimakan. Setelah dirasa cukup matang, tuang-kan saus yakiniku yang di sediakan in a small cup. Rasa nya sedikit asin but taste good. If you like the egg half cook, just leave it that way. Karena jka diaduk it going to be scrambled egg. It's up to you.

Chicken Steak & BBQ Wagyu Rp 80.000

Barbeque Yakiniku also well season. a bit salty and sour tapi jika ditambahkan sedikit bumbu yang ada di meja, the taste was better. Begitu juga dengan chicken steak nya. Terasa empuk.

Salmon Cream Pasta with Mushroom Rp 62.727
Spaghetti getting overcooked jika terlalu lama di atas hotplate nya. Bahkan jika kita sudah menambahkan creamy sauce nya sekali pun. The creamy sauce was pretty good. Hanya saja salmon & mushroom nya sedikit dan cepat menyusut ketika di masak.

ICE CREAM Rp. 9.091
Atas: Matcha, Choco Nuts, Caramel, Goma (Black Sesame)
Bawah: Choco Nuts, Matcha

From all above, yang paling saya suka adalah Matcha dan Goma (Black Sesame). Goma nya terasa unik. Dengan taburan wijen diatasnya. Matcha nya sendiri sangat segar dan pas rasa nya.

Overall, Pepper Lunch Teppanyaki was pretty nice. I like the salmon and wagyu most. The service also good and quick. But as suggestion, please... Mba Cashier senyum dikiiitt gitu loohh...

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26 Juli 2012

Pepper Lunch - Pepper Rice at Kuningan City

A view days ago, me and hubby went to Kuningan City for dinner. Sebetul nya kita memilih ke Kuningan City karena penasaran. It's a new mall in town sederatan sama Mall Ambassador. Ketika memasuki area mall, masih terasa bau cat dan kayu di sana-sini. Tenant nya juga belum banyak yang buka.

So, we decided to have dinner at EATERY. Konsep nya semacam food court seperti Urban Kitchen, dengan banyak tenant-tenant dari resto yang cukup familiar. Dengan sederetan bangku dan meja dari kayu, Eatery seperti mengajak pengujung nya untuk makan di taman.

After seat in a long bench, we decided to have Pepper :Lunch for dinner. Sounds great rice in a hot plate.

And here are what we ordered...

Wagyu Pepper Rice Rp 57.523
Served in a very hot plate. We have to mix it all before it all too overcooked and become dry. The wagyu beef was shrinking, not as big as the 1st served. But the texture tender enough. Rice served with corn, black pepper.

Beef & Salmon Pepper Rice Rp 53.636
Sama dengan menu sebelum nya, beef dan salmon ini menyusut ketika proses masak terjadi. Tapi tekstur daging nya tetap empuk. Tambahkan bumbu yang tersedia di atas meja untuk menambah rasa menjadi lebih enak.

Untuk hidangan pepper rice, kita harus segera mengaduk nya. Kalau tidak, nasi nya bisa kering dan overcooked.

Overall, pepper rice di Pepper Lunch boleh dijadikan pilihan untuk makan. Rasa nya pretty good.

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19 Juli 2012

Coffee Time With Haagen Dasz & YukMakan

Last Friday, I was invited to Haagen Dasz & YukMakan event. Haagen Dasz want to introduce their coffee variant. The event took place in Plaza Indonesia. The place was not too spacious, but convy enough to chill out and eat some ice cream.

We know Haagen Dasz for its ice cream. They always have many variant ice cream. But this time, I was invited not for the ice cream, but for its coffee. I already imagine that they will give me cups of coffee. I love coffee, but 6 glass in a row? ooww... But luckily, Haagen Dasz served us in a small cup as a tester for each variant. They use Illy Coffee in all Haagen Dasz outlets, but they not grind it themselves. It already grind by Illy before. So, Haagen Dasz only received the ready stock coffee that already grind.

Speech from Haagen Dasz & Yuk Makan
Haagen Dasz Coffee from Illy
Espresso 16k
Short, Sharp, Strong Black Coffee. To get the great taste of espresso, we need to brew it into a very boiling water.

Fresh Brewed Coffee 16k
I think this fresh brewed coffee taste like instant coffee that we know. The appearance looks like espresso, but the taste was more light. 

Espresso Machiato 22k
Espresso with a shot of hot, frothy milk. Better espresso original than this one.

Affogato 48k
A steaming shot of espresso poured a scoop vanilla ice cream. Haagen Dasz said, we can change the ice cream flavor as we like. But I prefer the vanilla one. It so affogato authentic. 

Cafe Latte 22k
Espresso blended with hot, frothy milk. Mine, brewed well. The combination between the frothy milk and the coffee really balance. Kinda like this one

Cappuccino 22k
Espresso topped with hot, frothy milk. Also like this cappuccino.  All mixed well.

Beside tried mine, I also taste my friends coffee. My friend cafe latte have too much milk, and the other a bit plain. So, I guess the barista still don't have the exact measurement for each coffee. Really need to fix this things. For coffee lover, taste is important.

Actually there's one more coffee called Double Espresso (26k). But remembering single shot already make heartburn, so we decided not to try this one.

Beside coffee, Haagen Dasz also served us Ice Cream and cakes (yeeii...)

Chocolate Mouse Cake 29k
This cake consist chocolate crust at the bottom, then chocolate mouse, chocolate cake and topped whit thick choco. The taste? Don't ask... it really melt in mouth.  The most suitable cake to accompany you drink your coffee.

Blueberry Cheese Cake 29k
Blueberry Cheese Cake also so great. Love this one also. Consist of cake crust, sponge cake, cream cheese and blueberry cream, sponge cake, cream cheese and topped with blueberry jam. 1st thing in my mind. This is definitely the guilty pleasure ever.

Oreo Cheese Cake 29k
Oreo Cheese Cake consist with oreo crust, cream cheese, oreo crust again, cream cheese again then topped with oreo crumble. 

Cookies & Cream, Strawberry Cheese Cake, Macadamia
No comment about Haagen Dasz ice cream beside I loovveee all Haagen Dasz ice cream. They always served fresh ice cream. But from the three above, I like strawberry and cheese most. Sweet and sour blend well.

Overall, this Haagen Dasz was great. They really always have something new to try. Thanks Yuk Makan and Haagen Dasz for the invitation \(^o^)/

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18 Juli 2012

Afternoon Bites with Din Tai Fung & Femina

Last week. me and several Blogger mates was invited by Femina Magazine and Din Tai Fung to event called "Afternoon Bites with Din Tai Fung & Femina" at Din Tai Fung Plaza Senayan. With dress code 'a touch of flower'  Din Tai Fung introduced us their several menus.

Din Tai Fung founded 1st  1958 by couples from Taiwan. The funny thing was, 1st Din Tai Fung was known as Oil shop, not as Xiao Long Bao shop. In Indonesia itself,  Din Tai Fung 1st open their store in 2005. Now Din Tai Fung already several branch in 5 other places beside in Plaza Senayan. So total Din Tai Fung have 6 outlets in Jakarta.

They have an open kitchen concept also. So interesting see the lamp. It's like made from wire.  So unique. Din Tai Fung Plaza Senayan have 2 area, indoor and outdoor. Outdoor only have several tables, considering it took place in the alley. We seated indoor of Din Tai Fung. With theme of  Noodle Bar, the interior is dominated with red and wooden. In Indoor, they have several long bench with it tables, and round tables. Not too spacious, but it was nice.

and here are the menu parade...

Black Currant Bubble Tea & Hot Tea
Black Currant Bubble Tea was quite good, even though not my favorite also. It was a mixed between tea & black currant syrup. The bubble has chewy texture. Kinda nice. 

Vegetable & Chicken Won Ton Soup 32k (4pcs)
What I like about this Won Soup was it so warm when I ate it. It came from the ginger. The ginger taste was so strong. I kinda like this taste. The won ton itself so smooth, the skin a bit thin but still good and didn't break when I  took it with chopstick. The filling, vegetables and chicken, also taste good. It all blend well.

Beef Floss Pancake ala Shanghai 20k
The shape really unique. Round with sesame seed on top. The beef floss (abon) filled all over the dough. This pancake more remind me of cake than a pancake. Worth to try.

Xiao Long Bao Satay
We're so honored to be the 1st peoples who get a chance the to try this  Xiao Long Bao Satay. The skin this but as I mention before, it didn't break even when I took it with chopstick. But this one was not my favorite. As it name, satay, so the filling was satay. Quite unique aight? Curious enough? Just order it. Because it such a limited edition. Only for Ramadhan season hohoo...

Hainanese Rice 12k
Hainanese Rice, so savory, cooked well. It's like they put many spices into the rice. It makes the rice have good taste.

Crispy Fried Enoki Mushroom With Chilli 38k
Order this if you like spicy food. The enoki really crisp, and the chilli and garlic really blend into the enoki. The flour still crisp even when it's not warm any longer.

Smoked Dori Fish Ala Din Tai Fung 45k
The seasoning was too sweet for my liking. The Dori fish also too overcooked. So the texture a bit flabby inside. The portion enough for 2-3 person.

Sauteed Green Bean With Minced Beef 52k
I like this Sauteed green bean. The texture still crisp, but the seasoning blend really well. The minced beef make the flavor more tastier.

Sweet Sour Chicken 50k

They fried the chicken first before seasoning it. It so Chinese Restaurant typical. They make the sour from the pineapple. The sauce also blend well with the chicken. Like it.

Fresh Cut Mango With Mango Ice Cream over Slush Ice 58k / 28k (personal)
The closing for the entire was Fresh Cut Mango With Mango Ice Cream over Slush Ice or Din Tai Fung usually called it with Mango Fantasy. The mango sauce that pour the slush ice really freshening. Not too forget the really smooth and tasty mango ice cream  as a topping. Love it.

Overall, even though Din Tai Fung price a bit high, but I guess it still worth to try, considering they have  several "must try" menus. The service was good. They able to explain every single question that I asked. 

Not too forget Din Tai Fung and Femina Magazine also gave us the goodie bag. So happy... Thanks Din Tai Fung and Femina Magazine \(^o^)/
Goodie Bag



Plaza Senayan Arcadia
Ground Floor Unit X101-103
Jl. New Delhi No. 9 Jakarta 10270, Indonesia
Tel : +62 21 5790 1288/78 | Fax : +62 21 5790 1279
Blackberry PIN : 2316B6BD

Pondok Indah Mall 2
3rd Floor Unit 352 (North Skywalk)
Jl. Metro Pondok Indah, Jakarta Selatan 12310, INDONESIA
Tel : +62 21 7592 0986/85 | Fax : +62 21 7592 0984
Blackberry PIN : 2316B79B

Plaza Senayan (Noodle Bar)
3rd Floor Unit 318C
Jl. Asia Africa No. 8, Gelora Bung Karno, Jakarta 10270, INDONESIA
Tel : +62 21 5790 0163 | Fax : +62 21 5790 0162
Blackberry PIN : 2316B6CB

Pacific Place
5th Floor Unit 52, Sudirman Central Business District
Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 52 - 53 Jakarta 12910, INDONESIA
Tel : +62 21 5797 3151/52 | Fax : +62 21 5797 3153
Blackberry PIN : 2316B71C

Plaza Indonesia
3rd Level Unit 30
Jl. MH. Thamrin Kav. 28 - 30, Jakarta 10350, INDONESIA
Tel : +62 21 2992 3583/82 | Fax : +62 21 2992 3584
Blackberry PIN : 2316B738

Mall of Indonesia
Ground Floor Unit C1, Kelapa Gading Square
Jl. Raya Boulevard Barat, Jakarta 14240, INDONESIA
Tel : +62 21 4586 8001/02 | Fax : +62 21 4586 8003
Blackberry PIN : 26E6C2E1
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