28 November 2013

KENNY ROGERS ROASTERS - Christmas & New Years Festive

Last week I was invited to have Kenny Rogers Xmas & New Year new menu. A bit curious what Kenny Rogers have this time. So here I am at FX Sudirman Mall to find out more about Kenny Rogers Xmas & New Year menu.

Kenny Rogers in FX Sudirman divided into 2 areas. Main area including the kitchen and the second area across the main restaurant. We seated in second area, in a long wooden table and nice red chair.

Kenny Rogers only served Christmas & New Year special menu start from 18th November 2013 until 26 January 2014. So you better hurry and grab it fast before the promo end.

Special menu this time is Chicken Pasta Meal, Mambo Minty Chocolate & Milkshake Berrynana. For Chicken Pasta Meal, you'll get a full complete dish. Started with 1/4 roasted chicken, 1 side dish and 1 muffin. What a great deal.

Homemade Muffin
 Kenny Rogers always have a yummy homemade muffin. Specially when they serve it still warm. Because it still fluffy and moist. Both the original and the chocolate taste good.

Chicken Meal Pasta - IDR 73.000
Chicken Pasta Meal consist of 1/4 roasted chicken served with your choice of gravy like original mushroom, blackpepper or spicy barbeque. This time, Kenny Rogers served us with original mushroom. My chicken cooked in perfection. So tender, and the gravy really soak into the chicken. Beside the chicken there's also a bolognaise pasta  that cooked aldente. And the bolognaise sauce taste good with a big mushroom chunk also. If you don't want pasta, you can change it with rice. Along with the main dish there's also a side dish. You choose 1 of 12 choice of side that Kenny Rogers have. Here, they served us with fresh garden salad. It really taste fresh and crisp.

Milkshake Berrynana - IDR 33.000
Milkshake Berrynana is a blend of strawberry ice cream, milk and original muffin. So you can imagine how full it's gonna be in your stomach aight? But i really like this milkshake so damn much. The strawberry is really rich. We can still taste the muffin texture in it. Eventhough it's full of muffin and milk, but it not left any weird taste after drinking it.

Mambo Minty Chocolate - IDR 33.000
Mambo Minty Chocolate is a chocolate blended with mint taste in it. The chocolate is generous. But I taste it like usual chocolate milk. But for you who like chocolate and don't want your stomach full right away, this Mambo Minty Chocolate surely a good choice.

Beside introducing a new menu, Kenny Rogers also have a program called Kenny Rogers Roasters Community Chest - Wishing Tree. So basically, it give us a change to help unfortunate kids out there. So we just need to pick one of the wishes that they already wrote in a card and hanging in the tree in the restaurant then you try to make the wishes come true. It's good too sharing.

Beside Chicken Meal Pasta, Kenny Rogers also served other special menu for your Christmas and New Year Celebration. They served (Whole) Roast Turkey for 6pax complete with side dish, gravy sauce and home made muffin. You can have it for only IDR 1.500.000. If you interested to order, note that the last order would be 16th December 2013 with pick up schedule on 24th December until 5th January 2014. This only exist in Jabodetabek Kenny Rogers.

Thanks a billion Kenny Rogers for a yummy Christmas & New Year's menu. I really enjoy it.

Ground Floor
Jl. Jend. Sudirman, Pintu Satu Senayan
Lot F1 No.10, 10A,10B Jakarta 10270
021 - 25554326

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Bakerzin with New Concept: DESSERT BAR

I've known Bakerzin with their scrumptious dessert and dishes. I always love visiting Bakerzin.  And now they have a new concept for their restaurant. Placed in Plaza Senayan Level 2 Bakerzin try to introduce and re-opening their restaurant into a different level.

Luckily I've got an invitation for their re-opening Dessert Bar in Plaza Senayan Branch. All invitation, bloggers, Media and VIP all set in one place and day. It makes the restaurant become over capacity and too crowded. It also make the order came so long and they running out the dessert and cakes so damn fast. 

All new dessert will be placed in dessert bar. So you the customers, can straight pick and order their tempting dessert. What a great move that Bakerzin made...

Bakerzin Plaza Senayan - New Concept & Interior
Meanwhile, for the interior and exterior, Bakerzin also make a change for their outlet. This time they took modern rustique with a vintage France look in their display and furniture. I love the wooden big window in their store. With capacity 140 peoples, Bakerzin pretty confy to hangout. Specially they have dessert bar corner, place where the customer can interact with the barista and chef pastry.

Important note for you who doesn't smoke. Choose outside sitting area if your not smoking. Because indoor area for those who smoking. Eventhough we still can smell the smoke, because there's no specific divider.

Enough with the interior. Now let's move to their menus. I bet you guys already can't wait. Just scroll down... And do not lick your screen while you read it LOL...

Yummy Canape
Salmon Steak - IDR 90.000
Grilled salmon served with sautéed baby potatoes and vegetables.
Everything in this plate is so good. A well-done salmon steak cooked in perfection. It so tasty without overpowering herbs. Taste tender and not fishy. Served with tender baby potatoes and the herbs also tasteful in this potatoes. The veggies also cooked well. Not too overcooked. So we still can get the crunchy texture

Classic Oxtail Soup - IDR 90.000
Our signature oxtail soup served with steamed rice and melinjo chips.
I don't a have a great expectation about this oxtail soup actually. At first, I thought it would be so-so. But, we never know unless we try it aight? And I prove it that I was wrong. The oxtail soup taste good. With a savory broth it taste just right. And the oxtail also tender. I can ripped it from the bone easily.
Veal with Pesto Linguini - IDR 120.000
Pan-fried veal with homemade pesto linguini and tomato vinaigrette.
Linguini is a pasta that have texture thin like fettuccine but smaller.  In Bakerzin, they served this linguini al-dente or cooked perfectly. The pesto really blend well with the linguini. And don't forget the very tender veal. It also seasoning well. I like it

Sliced Beef with Crushed Potato - IDR 160.000
Tenderloin slice served with over mixed vegetables and potato crush.
With all the tempting description and considering the price too, I really have a high expectation on this menu. But unfortunately, it's not my lucky day. The beef is a total failure (sorry to say...). It so chewy, tasteless and I barely can't eat it. So I end up only eat the mashed potato, nice cooke veggies and the gravy sauce. Look at my next table who order a menu just like me, and she also get the one like me. Bakerzin really really have to make improvement with this menu.   

Blue Passion Macaron - IDR 35.000
To be honest, I ordered this one because I looked at the cute presentation. Bright blue and the shiny yellow is just like a sun above the ocean. And when I taste it, it pretty freshening. Simple syrup with a lil' bit kick of soda. And the blue macaroon also taste good.

Sweet Peach Sparkling Fruity Tea - IDR 30.000
The freshness from the peach is really great. A bit of soda and fruity tea make this drink flavorful without too overpowering sweetness.

Iced Honey Lemon - IDR 33.000
Honey mixed with lemon bring out the freshening feeling. One sip from this drink is never enough. Plus you'll get the very fresh lychee. Sluurpp...

Iced Tiramisu Caffe Cinno - IDR 35.000
Are you in the mood for coffee? Then you have to try this Tiramisu Caffe Cinno. it feels like we eat a cake in glass. What make this drink good is that both the tiramisu and the coffee have a balance role. So it not too sweet or bitter.

Finally after an hour since our main course finish, we can get our dessert. I told you before aight? That Bakerzin has transform into a dessert bar? So of course we wont missed their dessert.

Red Velvet Lava - IDR 55.000

Our table ordered 2 plates of this Red Velvet. It just because, from 4 dessert menu mentioned only 3 can be serve. The 1st plate, they not to succeed bring out the lava. It's like stuck inside the cake. But the cake taste good though. It's soft and delicate enough. I like the cheesy ball. It sooooo gooodd... It's creamy yet light. Make me want to bite more. Combine the warm cake with the ice cream to get a more yummy taste.

Deconstructed Foret Noir - IDR 55.000
We also ordered 2 plate for this menu, and again we got a failure in 1st plate. The cake and ice cream is fall apart and not look appetizing. But when I dig in the brownies, the texture is so light and moist. I like it when it still warm. Served with creamy chocolate mousse which pretty good since it's not too sweet.

Iced Puma - IDR 55.000
Basically I think it's the same with the mouse above. It's a chocolate mouse that served in great presentation with a bowl filled with dry ice so it will look smoky. However, this is not my favorite. But I like the strawberry meringue though.

Earl Grey Chocolate Mouse
To be honest, it's not the my first choice of cake. Since bakerzin start running out of their cakes, so i just what it left. And this Earl Grey Chocolate Mouse ( I hope I said it right, because I'm a bit forget the excat name)  is one of them. Lucky for me, this cake is soo damn good. So moist and the earl grey is dominated the cake. Recommended. 

And for the goodie bag, Bakerzin gave us a box of macaroon. All the taste is so yummy and so hard to resist. I think I'll comeback again for the macaroon.

Thank you Bakerzin for your hospitality and the your yummy dessert.

Plaza Senayan Level 2
Jalan Asia Afrika
Jakarta 10270
Phone: 021-57900408
FB Fan Page: Bakerzin
twitter: @bakerzinjkt
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27 November 2013

Tea Revolution at MING Dine & Chill

I know this is a very late post from me. But I'm still excited to tell you guys about the tea revolution. If usually we eat some food we paired it with wine, this time I was invited to try pair some food with Chinese fabulous tea. This event was held in great Chinese fine dining restaurant,  Ming Dine and Chill placed in Epiwalk Rasuna Epicentrum 2nd Floor.

Courtesy of @yennymichael for OctaPlayground
Before the main event begin, they gave us a quick grand tour to their restaurant. And I'm pretty amazed with how they manage the restaurant. Ming Dine and Chill is a fine dining restaurant where you can talk with your colleagues or dine with your family. It has 300 capacity sitting area that accommodate you whether in public dining area or in private room. The private room it self can accommodate 10 - 20 person for minimum purchase IDR 2.000.000 Complete with big screen TV for you who want to sing karaoke after dine. This definitely a plus facilities if I want to go back later with my ganks or with my family, who coincidentally a singer wannabe hohoho...

Dining Hall
VIP Room
After a tour, we seated in a very nice bar where the main event will begin. The event begin with an opening & a lil' speech from Mikael from Ming Dine and Chill. After that, Danny Handimulyana, Sales Director from DeVieni explain all we need to know about tea.

DeVieni is a  company that promote high end good quality tea from Indonesia also the import tea that will sell to the local market. They do cooperation with some restaurant and cafe to do the tea tasting and tea pairing.

Here, DeVieni want to give a little bit view point about tea. I bet some of you only know several tea like green tea, black tea and so on without knowing what food is good to accompany the tea. That night we did the pairing with 4 kind of teas with several menus from Ming Dine and Chill.

With a Latin name Chrysanthemum morifolium, we can get this flower from the highland of China. Many use for medical purpose that can heal fever, influenza etc. In Indonesia we know it as Krisan flower many served in Chinese restaurant. Really good if we pair it with dimsum or boiled food like siomay.

Known for its sweetness and its fragrant flower or fruit aroma. Before it fermented, the oolong leaf should through one process calles "Shaking" which is mixing leaves in a big rattan bowl (tampah) or with machine. The mixing between those leaf that leave taste and a good aroma and it make it different than usual green tea. Some of famous Oolong tea like Gao Shan Oolong, Dong ding Oolong and Tie Guanying.
Oolong Tea suit with some food that not have too strong taste and aroma like chicken, fish or seafood.

Black Tea
Black Tea or in Mandarin usually called Hong Cha is a full fermented tea. Black Tea really famous But it can be different with it taste and aroma. Really good in many varieties food that have a strong aroma like curry or fried dish.

Long Jing
Is a green tea without any fermentation process at all. Really have a strong aroma and it has green yellowish color. Long Jing has a top rated among the other kind of green tea. Long Jing has a really mild aroma and a little bit sweet. That is why Long Jing can be pair with food that have a little sweet taste also like cookies or cake.

White Tea
Been exist since the China Dynasty and it only served to the Emperor and family. Known with the antioxidant and has the most vitamin compare the other tea because it less process and fermented. The shape is like needle and a bit grey, taken from the unopened buds of the tea plant. It become yellowish when we brewed it.

White Tea
Now let me show you some of Ming Dine and Chill menus that can be pair with those tea above...

Steamed Chicken Char Siew Cheong Fan, Steamed Shrimp Dumpling, Steam Truffle Dumpling with wild Fungus
- pairing with Chrysanthemum

Probably you see the appearance not look appetizing, specially when you look at the Truffle Dumpling. But believe me, these appetizer taste great. It really smooth, really rich in seasoning and taste fresh.


Steam Fish Filled with Taiwanese Black Bean
- pairing with Oolong Green

This steam fish also taste great. It so delicate, so rich, so melted in your mouth.  a bit sweet come from the black bean blend with the seasoning. Ended with a good savory taste.

Emperor Chicken
- pairing with Black tea

A very unique presentation from the Emperor Chicken.It came with extravagant way hohooho... Basically, it's a chicken that cooked with clay and leaf. First it came clay shape like coconut with fire. So cool... Then we need to break it to get the chicken. And the chicken wrapped with a leaf. It leaves a very good aroma, full of herbs, so rich yet light. Beside the chicken, there's also mushroom and bamboo sprout. The texture still crunchy but tender. Me likey...

Japanese Handmade noodle with Handmade sauce and Crabmeat
- pairing with Black Tea

Eventhough for me the noodle a bit too overcooked, but the taste still good. I like when the sauce really blend together with the noodle. and the crabmeat is so tender and not smell fishy.


Deep Fried Sesame ball with Salted Egg filling
- pairing with Long Jing

I feel like in laboratory  when I see the presentation of this dessert.  If no one told me that the filling is salted egg, I probably would not notice it. Because it taste like custard. And it so damn yummy. It so melted in mouth and it still warm when it served. The sesame ball texture also so smooth and not chewy. The drink in the tube is guava mix orange juice. Taste freshening. 

Food and beverages served that day are for personal portion. Of course you'll get the real and bigger portion when you come by your self. Many food here are perfect for sharing. Like the Emperor Chicken above. A great service is really a plus. 

Thank u Ming Dine and Chill for a great dishes & thank u DeVieni for a tea knowledge.

Ming Dine and Chill
Epiwalk Rasuna Epicentrum
2nd Floor Unit #318-330
JL HR Rasuna Said
Jakarta Selatan 12940
Phone: 021-29912323
FB Fan Page: Ming Dine and Chill
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08 November 2013

SUSHI BAR - an Easy Way to Eat Sushi

A view weeks ago I was invited by one of Sushi resto in Jakarta. Curious because i loved sushi very much. So at one afternoon, me and several mates go to Sushi Bar for lunch invitation.

Sushi Bar located in FX lifestyle X'nter F2 Floor.  The place is not too spacious. But it's confy enough for us to eat our sushi menu. There are 2 bar area that you can choose. If you curious what Chef do with your sushi, choose bar area where you can see them making your order. But if you want to chit chat with your friends, just choose the other bar sitting area.

Now let's roll the sushi...

Salmon Skin Fried - IDR 27,000
Deep Fried Salmon Skin served with Spicy Sauce. 
Recommended appetizer from me. The texture is so crispy and savory. This salmon skin make me can't stop snacking. Dip it in to the spicy sauce. You will  like more.

Spicy Tekka Maki - IDR 21.000
Boiled Yellow Fin Tuna, Mayonnaise, torched with Volcano Sauce.
A very generous amount of volcano sauce. Mayonnaise taste a bit spicy. I like it when it still feel warm after it torched. The mayonnaise texture still melting. It taste good.

Salmon Roll - IDR 29.000
Baked Salmon Salad, Crunchy, Cucumber, topped with Torched Yellowfin Tuna, Green Cod Roe sauce & Shredded Skip Jack Fish.
So curious with the topping. I thought at first it was a wasabi mayo. I already imagine the heat from the wasabi. But when I taste it,  it was a green cod roe sauce. To be honest it was my 1st time taste the green cod roe sauce. The taste was great. Good balance with the baked salmon.

Salmon Kastengel Roll - IDR 39,000
Fresh Norwegian Salmon, topped with Baked Cheese
I like the salmon. It taste fresh and great. But for the topping, I think it's too overwhelmed. Maybe because it mix between mayo and cheese. 

Tori Cordon Bleu - IDR 25.000
Chicken Leg, Smoked Beef, Melted Cheese, served with Volcano Sauce.
Cordon Bleu in Japanese way. I guess you only can find it in Sushi Bar. Little things but come in a big things. Better eat while it still hot. So you can still feel the melted cheese.

Volcano Scallop - IDR 29,000
Scallop served with Volcano Sauce. 
A very light to start. I like this one. The volcano sauce really kick. it spicy but not too overwhelmed. And the scallop also taste fresh and not fishy.

Tuna Cheese Fried - IDR 25,000
Deep Fried Yellow Fin Tuna & Melted Cheese.
I think the melted cheese a bit cover up the fin tuna taste. But it still tast good though. The sauce save the tuna perfectly.

Shibuya Roll - IDR 29,000
Deep Fried Soft Shell Crab, Shredded Cheese, topped with Yellow Fin Tuna, Avocado, served with Volcano & Cod Roe Sauce. 
This shibuya roll is quite good. I like the combination between avocado, yellow fin tuna and deep fried soft shell crab. It's not fishy and the ingredients really pop out it taste. The sauce make all more yummy.

Black Volcano Maki - IDR 23,000
Fried Squid, Crunchy, breaded with Black Tobikko, topped with Volcano Sauce.
This is quite new for sushi filling. Squid rolled with crunchy breaded. I like the black tobiko. Volcano sauce make more taste for the tobiko.

Oshi Scallop - IDR 20,000
Scallop, Avocado torched with Cod Roe Sauce.
This sushi is different like usual sushi. Since the shape is rectangle. It prepared using a traditional wooden box called an “Oshibako” which is used to compress the rice and ingredients. That's why we see all those ingredients blend together. Scallop, avocado with cod roe sauce is definitely a great combination. Me like this one. 
Maguro Burger - IDR 24,000
Sushi Rice with Tuna Patties Katsu, Nori/Tomato, Cucumber & Onion. Served with Mayonnaise & Volcano Sauce.
Fluffy and chubby sushi rice as replacement from burger bread. I like the tuna tat coated with breadcrumb. So it most look like chicken katsu, but this one made from tuna fish. spicy mayonnaise and volcano sauce make it more tasty. I just hope that Sushi Bar could give Nori shredded on top of sushi rice. Beside give it more good texture, it can give more flavor into the rice. 

Tempura Ice Cream - IDR 21,000
Deep Fried Ogura Ice Cream, Bread, Dry Seaweed.
Don't miss this dessert when you visit Sushi Bar. Ogura ice cream rolled with dry seaweed and bread make this dessert pretty good. But since this is fried Ice cream, so you have to eat it quick before it melt. 

SUSHI BAR definitely offered many varieties of Fusion Sushi. Some sushi to overwhelmed in seasoning and mixing the ingredients, but some sushi really worth to try. With the very reasonable and wallet friendly, you'll get the extra-ordinary sushi that you can never imagine. Nice service also that they give. For sushi lover, just go visit SUSHI BAR. 

Sushi Bar
fX lifestyle X’nter f2 Floor
Jl. Jend. Sudirman Pintu Satu Senayan
FB Fan Page: Sushi Bar
twitter: @SushiBar_ID
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