27 Maret 2014

Black Listed Coffee at Lotte Shopping Avenue

Several weeks ago, I met up some friends at Lotte Shopping Avenue. We decided to meet at Black Listed Coffee. Since the place looked cozy for us to chit chat and doing some works with our laptop. Yes they have a good WI-FI connection here.

Black Listed placed in Lotte Shopping Avenue 1st Floor. From the facade appearance, it already look so eye-catching. Dominated black and yellow colors with modern chic theme. And there's a big written on their wall that wrote "King Charles Banned Coffee House". Well, no wonder, in the year 1675 coffee become a taboo things. It been banned. Back to the future, Black Listed has become one of must visit coffee shop. I love how they manage their interior.

Look at the cute couch and pillow. It wrote the coffee brand on it. Others, they put the wooden chairs. And the area is divided into two area. Indoor and outdoor. I still prefer the indoor one.

 Black Listed also served many variant of food. It start from appetizer, main course, dessert, cakes and of course choice of coffee.

Truffle Fries - IDR 35.000
I really love their truffle fries. Te truffle oil was so fragrant. With a bit dry herbs on top, make this fries taste more great.  You should try this.

Blacklisted Burger - IDR 69.000
Stacks of Onion Rings, 100% ground Australian Beef Patty & Beef Bacon, Melted Mozzarella on homemade charcoal bun with coleslaw& potato wedges.
This burger that first captured by my eyes. Black big burger with a generous amount of cheese. Why the bun color is black? Because they use charcoal powder in to it. I like the consistency of the patty. They grilled it right. It still juicy and its so thick. The beef bacon also good. Not dry. To add the crunchy texture, they put the onion rings in it. 

Tea in a Pot – IDR 22.000
English Breakfast – Earl Grey – Peppermint – Chamomile – Green Tea
Ice Lychee Tea - IDR 29.000
Refreshing Ice Lychee Tea. Great balance between the tea and the lychee syrup. The tea always always freshening in any occasion and with any food.

So overall, my experience in Black Listed was great. The service was great and also with the food. My next visit, I'm going to try their coffee fosho...

Blacklisted Coffee
Lotte Shopping Avenue, 1st fl.
Jl. Prof. Dr. Satrio Kav 3-5
021 - 2988 9166


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