21 Juni 2013

365 Ecobar

Last week I attended an Food Tasting event that held by Openrice and 365 Ecobar. I'm so excited reading the theme and menu from this restaurant. So here I am, beat the worst traffic in the evening just to answer my curiousity.

365 Ecobar located in a very hype location, Kemang. Take the eco friendly theme, 365 Ecobar use so many recycle material like ship container that been re-design and re-painted. 365 means there's 365 days in one year. And if you notice the number infront of the restaurant, it change every day. When I visited 365 Ecobar the bar shows 204. This place so unique and feel good. It's a great for hangout with your friends. Sadly... they don't have separate room for smoking and non-smoking area. I prefer seat outside, where I still can feel the air. Outdoor area with a greeny drop leaves, sitting here just like sit in a garden. I also can't blink my eyes when I saw the bar area. With colorful wooden stool, it look so fun. Indoor, beside the bar area, 365 Ecobar have private sitting area complete with a nice and big sofa where we still can see the stage. And if you want to get really close with the stage, so you can straight to perform and act like a fab singer... You can sit in a couch infront of the stage.

Outdoor Area
Bar Area
Private Seating Area
Our gathering begin with mocktails and cocktails from 365 Ecobar. After that continue with their appetizer. Sadly (again) since I came late, so I missed some picture moments for several menus. Luckily my skinnymini mates, Aline & Yenny allowed me to use some of their pictures.

Virgin Colada – IDR 43.000
*picture courtesy of Aline-Foolosophy
Tropical blend of pineapple, coconut and cream. Eventhough there's coconut and cream in ingredients, but the pineapple dominate this mocktail. It fresh and not too sweet.

1000 Kisses – IDR 43.000
*picture courtesy of Aline-Foolosophy
Light Cherries, Tea and Cream Smoothie.  A very ear catching names. Give it to your girlfriend for a lil' bit flirt hehehe.... Taste like strawberry milk. But since it also blend with tea, taste more freshening.

Fuzzy Kiwi - IDR 85.000
Pears Vodka wit Muddle Kiwi Cube. Me like this one. The vodka is not overpower. The kiwi make it more fresh. You can still feel the Kiwi chunk in it. Since they smash the kiwi into a little chunk.

Russian Roulette - IDR 85.000
Coffee Liquor, Vodka, Irish Cream and Milk. For coffee lover, like me, you gonna love this one. Between one ingredient to other nothing to overpowering. So you still can taste the coffee it self.

Coffee Liquor Aceh Gayo
Aceh Gayo Coffee mixed with Rhum. I never can imagine that Aceh Gayo can be this good infused with Rhum. It's quite unique.

After open by great Liquor, now we move to appetizer....

Tequila Quesadilla – IDR 45.000
*picture courtesy of Aline-Foolosophy
Tequila Quesadilla
Tequila Marinated Chicken Julienne, Pan Fried with White Tortilla. Imagine if you eat chicken that been marinated with tequila. This quesadilla is so great. The tequila is not too overpowering. When we eat it, we only can smell the aroma. Topped with guacamole and fresh tomato, make this quesadilla more flavored.

Mediteranian BBQ Wings – IDR 39.000
*picture courtesy of YennyMichael
Grilled Chicken Wings tossed in Tangy Barbeque Sauce. The chicken quite tender, but the texture a bit too dry, probably it too overcooked. So it make the chicken lost it juiciness.

Tenderloin Shish Kebab - IDR 75.000
Tenderloin Shish Kebab
Turkish Style Shish Kebab Of Tenderloin Cubes, Green Pepper and Mushroom Over Rice. From western to mexico and now middle East. 365 Ecobar really want to fulfill your appetite. A very tender tenderloin grilled with green pepper, onion and zucchini. The waiters help you loosen all the ingredients from it's skewer. Served with steamed rice. I love the tenderloin. It so tender and perfectly seasoning.

Chicken Parmigiana - IDR 63.000
Breaded Chicken Breast Covered in Marinara Sauce Topped with Mozzarella and Parmesan Melt. The chicken is so tender. It still crispy outside and tender inside. The marinara sauce and the cheese make this Chicken Parmigiana is so tasteful and make want more. Served with watercress salad infused with balsamic dressing that I think a bit salty and also served with french fries. The side dish can be replace with mashed potato or butter rice.

Chantily Chocolate Martini - IDR 30.000
Dark Chocolate Mousse with Layer of Chantily Cream. This chocolate mouse taste like heaven. It so smooth and not leaving weird taste after it. The chantily cream balance the taste from chocolate. Yummy...

Overall, 365 Ecobar success to be one of hangout place in Kemang area. The ambience is great, the price pretty reasonable, and too forget about the service, their so friendly and really patient explaining every single menu that we asked. Open until 4am in the weekend, really great for you to hangout and listen to live music.

365 Eco Bar
Aksara Kemang Parking Lot
Jl. Kemang Raya No. 8B Jakarta Selatan
(021) 719 1032

Website : www.ecobar.co.id
Twitter : @365_ECOBAR
FB : https://www.facebook.com/365EcoBar


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