11 Juni 2013

The Playground - Live To Eat + Love To Drink

A view weeks ago I've got an invitation from The Playground. I'm so excited and curious hearing that The Playground who had the same name with my blog name open their new store in also in newest mall Pondok Indah Mall Extension (Street Gallery). Woohh.. already have another extension. Make me more curious.

The Playground 1st opened their store in Plaza Indonesia.  So, more less I already know what the place looks like. Like it's name, the place so typical like playground. Feel like back to childhood era. Even they have swinging chair also the round wheel chair. This is so much fun.

I got a very warm welcoming from Ms Hani & Ms Georgetta from  The Playground. And it makes me feel bad to came late on-site. Not wasting my time, I start to dig and got some picture the menus left.


Here are some pasta and steak menu that The Playground served that day...

Honey Red Wine Salmon - IDR 105.000++

Fresh grilled Norwegian Salmon served with 'Spinach Bakwan' and perfected with the Playground's signature Honey Red  wine sauce. Eventhough the grilled salmon a bit overcooked, but I guess it covered by they tasty sauce. It a bit sweet but tasty.

The Legendary Katsutti - IDR 75.000++

Katsu-don is one of Japanese traditional and favorite dishes. In Japanese "don" means rice. The Playground invented a legendary dish by substituting its rice with a special spaghetti and sauces. The spaghetti cooked aldente. With a creamy sauce making it more tasty. The chicken katsu mixed with eggs. So its looked like chicken omelet. The taste for me is so-so. 

Sateghetti Pasta - IDR 60.000++
I bet you all already can guess what's in it. Yeepp.... it's succulent chicken skewers ("sate") in Peanut sauce. This is my 1st time actually eating pasta with peanut sauce, I guess this is 'Gado-Gado' Italian Style. the sauce is a bit thick. But, the meat is tender and seasoned well.

Green Curry With Crispy Dory Spaghetti - IDR 60.000++
Thai-nesia Homemade green curry served with deep fried dory. This become my second favorite dish. The green curry taste a bit spicy but it balancing with the apple. So the taste a bit spicy and sour. Leaving a good taste. The dory also perfectly cooked. Still crispy outside and tender inside.


Moving to next meal. The Playground served some martabak. I usually buy some martabak somewhere in the street. Yeepp... the Playground has bring this street food into the next level.

 All Day Martabak
From 8 kind of Martabak that The Playground have, 4 of them was served that day which are Cheese Cookies and Cream (IDR 40.000++), Apple Crumble Martabak (IDR 50.000++), Monkey Genius (IDR 45.000++) and Traditional (IDR 35.000++). From all above, I like the  Cheese Cookies and Cream better. I also like the Apple crumble. But, it could be even better if they really add the crumble. The martabak dough quite good and soft. The portion was decent. Enough for 2.

Creme Brulee - IDR 35.000++
Creme Brulee that The Playground served was quite unique, since it serve in the Egg shell. It has 2 variant. the original ( with raspberry on top) and the fermented black glutinous or usually called 'ketan hitam' (with blackberry on top). What I like about this Creme Brulee that it has not too sweet taste. But I had taste a better Creme Brulee in other place.


Cafe D'Avocat - IDR 40.000++
Cafe D'Avocat consist espresso blended with milk, avocado, cinnamon. For those who don't like  coffee, the avocado can be a balancing for the espresso. The combination was just perfect. the taste a bit sweet but still leaving coffee aroma from it.

Playground's Punch - IDR 45.000++
The freshening green look from Playground's Punch. consist of green tea and tropical fruits also soda. I taste mango, lemon and pineapple.  With a slice of peach, this mocktail really good for a hot day like these days.

After tired playing all day... time to go to sleep kids... And don't forget to drink your 'Mimi Cucu' But Stop Mom... This Mimi Cucu is FORBIDDEN for you kiddos. Since it consist baileys in it. Served in 2 different variant, Vanilla and Chocolate. Both have a good taste, but I think the Baileys is too strong. To make it more similar like kids milk bottle, this drink has pacifier made from candy. Kids can eat this candy. The taste a bit sour and sweet.

Mimi Cucu - IDR 105.000++
Overall, we have so much fun playing in The Playground. Served with great food, Greet with a warm greeting. About the price, I think the price is pretty reasonable, considering the decent portion.

Thanks a bunch Ms Hani & Ms Georgetta for inviting us, thanks also for the great Goodie Bag.

The Playground's Students

The Playground
Pondok Indah Mall Extension, Ground Floor
Street Gallery, Unit G11 - G12
Jl. Metro Pondok Indah
(021) 29529729

follow them: @_theplayground_


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