16 Mei 2014

All-New Immigrant Dining Room

Finally Immigrant re-opening with a new concept. We used to know Immigrant as a hype club in Jakarta. No one not know about Immigrant when I asked some of my fellows. I remember, we have to face the smokers with a loud music when we want to dine there. Not really a good place to eat back then. With the same thought like that, finally Immigrant change their identity to be more classy and separated the club from the dining area.

With a black and white tiles, Immigrant Dining Room looks sophisticated and modern. Between the smoking area and non smoking area only separated with one step stair.  The dining area might be not too spacious. But it convy enough for you to dine and the space between one chair to another also not too close. The ambiance is casual fine dining. But if you want just relax with your mates, Immigrant definitely support the vibe. In the middle of the room, you will find a biig cabinet full of choice of great wine. So you can have wine after dinner. Also love the flowers and Big leaf in the room. Make it more fresh.

Entering the Immigrant area, you will see the bar full of choice of great liqueurs. So whether you just want to drink without any meal, you can have it in the bar.

Now let's find out Immigrant Dining Room special menu.


Bread and Cheese Stick – Complimentary
The cheese stick is so addictive

Portobello, porcini, button, black truffle mushrooms with parmesan & thyme foam.
Love the combination of 3 mushroom. The consistency and the thickness is just right. The thyme make give a fragrant and great taste to the soup. Make the texture is not heavy. So it so good for a start. Served with the garlic bread that add the crunchy texture to the soup.

CAESAR SALAD (Chicken) - IDR 75.000
Romaine lettuce, anchovy, crispy beef bacon, poached egg, parmesan & croutons.
The caesar salad come in a big portion. You will feel full enough if you had this for your own. Fresh romaine lettuce mix the other crunchy ingredients like beef bacon and croutons. Topped with a very tender and juicy grilled chicken and poached egg. How full is that huh? The anchovy gave a salty taste to this salad. Nice!


Italian pig-ear shape pasta stuffed with ricotta cheese, spinach, parmesan & grated nutmeg.
At first when I read the menu, to be honest I'm a bit afraid when reading the pig-ear. Yeeaahh... i didn't ready it carefully. I didn't notice that pig-ear is only a shape from the pasta. Not made from pig-ear. OMG! I'm so embarrassed. Well, I guess since I don't eat pork, so it worth to ask tho hehhe... Love how Immigrant cooked their pasta. It so al-dente. Perfectly cooked. The sourness from the tomato sauce balance the taste from the ricotta and parmesan cheese. So it make the taste not overpowering. Eat it while its hot to still get the melted texture from the cheese. So yummy....

Garlic sautéed mushrooms, roasted baby tomatoes & lemon fraiche
If you don't notice it well, you will think that the long shape is a baguette. But the fact is it was a omelete. The texture was dense and chewy but smooth in the inside. What make it extra-ordinary is the tea-smoked salmon. It's not fishy and taste fresh. Love the combination  between the tea-smoked salmon and  the garlic sautéed mushrooms. So smooth and delicate. I think it's good if pairing with the romaine lettuce also. And become another twist of salad.


Figs, black currant & orange bread pudding served with spiced Bailey’s ice cream 
Eating this bread pudding is just like eating  home cooking. It so comforting. The butter taste was not too overpowering. Probably because it balance with the sourness from the black currant and the orange. Figs taste delicate and sweet. The warmness from the bread pudding is so good when meet the coldness from the ice cream. Love the bailey's ice cream. It's not too sweet but its good.

Served with vanilla bean ice cream
What makes good a chocolate lava cake is when you cut the cake then the melted chocolate come from the cake to the plate. Immigrant Dining Room use the valrhona dark chocolate here. The chocolate is really smooth. The bitter sweet taste make it so addictive. Not too forget the cake it self. It smooth and moist inside and a bit dry outside. Served with vanilla bean ice cream.

What a club without trying even just a sip from their signature mocktails and cocktails. Immigrant have many kind of mocktails and cocktails for you. Not just the taste, the presentation also look so pretty. Just take a look at below

GTO : gin, triple sec, orange, grape, lemon, lime & grape fruit.
Look at the presentation. It so cute and girly. If my niece see it, she probably thought it's a milkshake. With a watermelon candy as a garnish. GTO taste mix between bitter and sour. With a hint freshness from lemon and orange. 

ROSE MARTINI : gin, rose, grapefruit, lychee
A pretty and elegant look from the rose martini. The rose is so fragrant. Bitter-sweet symphony comes from the mix of gin, grapefruit and the sweetness from the lychee. Nothing to dominated in this Martini. Everything seems mix and balance together.

BEE’S KNEES : gin, honey & lemon
Just look  at the from the property in the glass I know what's in it. The sweetness from the honey balance with the freshness and the sour from lemon. The gin give a bit kick in to it.

MAD MANGO : mango, cucumber, soda water
If you don't drink, Immigrant also have several mocktail for  your. And one of them is Mad Mango. Like the title, it have really freshening taste. Mango dominated this drink without too overpowering sweetness taste. A hint of cucumber definitely add more freshness to this drink. The amount of the ice on top is too too much. If we keep stir it, the soda water become bland because it lost with the ice. Just add a mango syrup a little bit to give more pretty texture. But still, I love this mocktail.

You have to note this y'll.  Immigrant have the longest happy hour. It start from 4pm to 10pm like everyday. At least around Plaza Indonesia and Thamrin area that I've known. Because usually the happy hour only until 8pm max. So if you feel want just to take a sip just come around. They not just offer the cocktails, beers and so on. But they also offer Wine at their happy hour. What a joy.

I really have a wonderful time here. Happy tummy with a happy faces. Thanks Immigrant for having me.

The Immigrant Dining Room
Plaza Indonesia 6th fl. (Next to Plaza Indonesia XXI)
Jl. M.H. Thamrin Kav. 28-30
021 - 2992 4125 / 0812 9930 0099
Opening Hours: 11 AM - late (daily)
Dresscode: neat casual


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