17 November 2014


A weeks ago I was invited to the newly join of restaurant at Senopati Area. The place is right across of Crematology. Senopati recently has full packed with many kind of restaurants. you can find any kind of food here. And they all look promising. Like this 3 Wise Monkeys. A cute and very ear catching name.

From the front side, I already capturing my eyes with their design. The parking lot not too big enough,  and it become full packed during dinner. Love how they put the little pond infront of the entrance. it look more greeny and calm. Entering the restaurant area, we'll find the sleek and simple interior with industrial theme. Wooden furniture dominated this restaurant. On the 1st floor we'll the more intimate and sophisticated area where you can find the Sushi Bar. And smokers is not allowed here.

Love the "coma" table. Where we can hang out or who come with a groups.
Move to 2nd floor, the ambiance is more relaxing. We can find a big sofa big big window. Also there's a Sake bar for you who want just have a drink and snacking. Smokers allowed here.

3 Wise Monkeys have total capacity for around 100 peoples. And become full packed during dinner time.

I found that cute little wooden statue in Sushi Bar table. It has it own meaning and become a philosophy from restaurant. Those 3 characters above are:
Iwazaru : the monkey who shut the mouth that have meaning "speaks  no evil"
Kikazaru : the monkey who shut the ears that have meaning "hears no evil"
Mizaru :  the monkey who shut the eyes that have meaning "sees no evil"

As for the menus, 3 Wise Monkeys have many selection Japanese signature menu. Like sushi, sashimi, udon tempura and Kagoshima Wagyu Beef. And if you want a set combination menu, 3 Wise Monkeys have it also, that you can have start from IDR 59.000.

That night we served they set menu which is Kaiseki Set for IDR 350.000++ that already known as traditional Japanese set menu. Other version of Kaiseki Set there's also available in price IDR 550.000++ And below what we have for Kaiseki Set.

3 kind of Appetizers
Zensai consist of a fragrant garlic pickles, seaweed salad and salmon wrap that filled with fresh avocado and cucumber. Like the freshness of those ingredients. Even the garlic not stingy at all.

3 kind of Seasonal Sashimi
Really loved with what they served in Mukozuke set. It has the very fresh and not smell fishy sashimi. It contain salmon, tuna, and octopus. I might be can eat tons of this. The one that you should order when you visit 3 Wise Monkeys. Served with soyu and wasabi.

Chawan Mushi is a egg custard dish that served warm in a bowl. Usually it served with mirin or soyu. I like Chawan Mushi that 3 Wise Monkey served. It have the right consistency. There's a mushroom in it and edamame beans on top of it. It really play in my mouth since it has many texture in one bowl.

Fried Dish - Assorted Tempura
Agemono comes with a plate of fried dish. It consist of shrimp tempura, like the batter. It so crisp. Fried sushi, rolled with nori, good rice texture, but I forget what's in it. The fish ( I guess it's shisamo fish) also good. Not stinky smell. As for the mushroom, it still juicy inside and crisp from the batter outside.

Steamed Tofu wuth Vegetables, Fish / Meat
Like this dish much. It so light. The steamed tofu is really smooth, filled with unagi (eel) in it. Poured with soyu and slice of mushroom. And topped with slice of spring onion. 

Last Served, Usually it can be Rice, Udon or Ramen
Tome Wan is a main course when served the last of the menu set. That night we served Gyutan (beef tongue) with salad. Like the gyutan. It so tender and marinated well. Served with butter garlic rice that too bad I think that its too dry and a bit bland. Meanwhile the miso soup is delicious and it still warm when it served.

After that there's also a dessert called Mizumono. Too bad I didn't get a chance to try it due to some things came up I have to leave site early huhuu...

Meanwhile for beverages, 3 Wise Monkeys have many selection of drinks. From Sake, Mocktail, Cocktail even just for coffee or tea they have it.

Sake Sangria with Fruity Red Wine Taste and Aromatic Peach Flavored
Me love the Sake Sangria. Its fragrant, full of fruity flavor. The sake and the red wine blend together without one of it dominating.

Monkey shoulder Whiskey & Dry Sake with Sweet Vermouth
A really ear catching name from the cocktails selection. Never think that whiskey and sake can be work as a fantastic cocktail drink. With a blend of sweet vermouth, we can taste a hint of orange taste in it. So refreshing. 

Sake, Kahlua, Vodka & Espresso Coffee
Can't decide between coffee and liqueur? Why don't you have both? A blend of sake, kahlua, vodka and espresso coffee has become an amazing mix of cocktails. If you buy this cocktails, surely you;ll get the martini glass, not a sloki glass like above.

Fresh Kiwi Muddled with Lemon Juice, Monin Kiwi Shaken Hard and Charge with Sprite
If you want something non-alcohol, then maybe this Kiwi Mocktail can be you preference. But I think, the kiwi taste a bit lost, dunno because it to much ice or maybe it just added a little sip of it.

At the end, it been so much great experience to had a chance try the Japan traditional menu. Even though the taste not too bold, but all menu they served really fascinating and really worth to try. A variety of food and price make 3 Wise Monkeys must visit place. Thanks so much 3 Wise Monkey for having us and for the goodie bags. Loved the Chum-Churum Sake.

3 Wise Monkeys
Jalan Suryo No. (Across Crematology Coffee Roasters)
Senopati, Jakarta Selatan 12180
Phone: +62-21-29126528, +62-21-96304795
Opening Hours: 11 AM - 10 PM (Daily) - CURRENTLY
Pricing: $$, Range from IDR 30.000 - IDR 550.000

Email: watashi_waoct4@yahoo.com


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