20 November 2014

Crematology Coffee Roasters Jakarta

I've known about Crematology because I pretty often passed through infront of it when I want to find dining. Crematology placed in Senopati area. So many coffee hipster lately around Jakarta that offer great coffee with simple dish. Well, I gues we need though. Considering Jakarta traffic lately, and start entering raining season, I think we need something warm and decent. One day, I had an appointment at 3 Wise Monkeys. And it placed just across from the Crematology. Since I came way to early, me and friends decided waiting here at Crematology.

Crematology already looked chic from the front. With wooden exterior and interior, it makes Crematology so earthy, warm and cozy. Outside the Crematology is provided for smokers. But if you want to sit here also ok, since the big table makes you feel like in terrace. Sipping coffee and watch the Senopati busy road. While inside of the Crematology, you'll a find a nice cozy sofa, big table and bench,

Say cheese ^^

Too bad I already have my coffee earlier in the morning. So i decided to passe the coffee here. Instead of coffee, I straight to order their meal menu.

Selection of Muffin and Brownies that looked tempting
Zesty Mac N’ Cheese
Cheddar, Parmesan and Mozzarella with a hint of Chilli
I usually got the mac 'n cheese with full loaded of cheese that make the texture creamy and gooey. But Crematology's mac 'n cheese texture not too creamy. The cheese a bit crisp, which is good. It make the mac 'n cheese taste light but still good. Specially they serve it when it still hot. So the cheese still a bit creamy.


With Oreo Cheesecake and Vanilla Ice Cream
Crazy about their waffles. Its so fluffy, smooth and damn yummy. It also smells good. Like the texture of the waffles. So far I still failed make my own batter to get the fatty and fluffy like that. And the combination between the oreo cheese cake and the vanilla ice cream is really a perfect match. All the taste is balance. Not too sweet and overwhelmed. This one really blown away my palate. Next time I'll try their other waffle fosho!

With a great place and a great service, I bet Crematology has a promising business in the future. Curious still with their others menu.

Crematology Coffee Roasters
Jl. Suryo No. 25, Senopati
Jakarta Selatan 12180
021 - 7278 0012

Email: watashi_waoct4@yahoo.com


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