08 Januari 2015

Eating at PASAR SANTA - Part Deux

Many vendors that exist at Pasar Santa. Every vendor offer different kind of food or different theme and concept for their store. That's one of the reason why I came here. This time I bring along my sisters. From my 1st experience visited Pasar Santa, we decided to arrived at Pasar Santa at 5pm. Because we think all vendors must be already open in that time. So we have 4 hours until 9pm to dine.

Well, after on-site, our guess was totally wrong. The place was already crowded. And its getting hot and humid. With a very long queue in every vendors. huhuuu.... So this time, my strategy is find a vendors that look decent and not too crowded.

Ki.Cchin is our 1st destination that day. The concept is like Japanase Street Food Stall. With limited seat, fit around 9 peoples. Ki.Cchin served Japanese Tepanyaki that cost IDR 20.000 for Regular and IDR 25.000 for Large Size.

A too thin slice beef tongue. It so well seasoning. The tongue is tender.

It's a mixed between beef, chicken, tofu and vegetables. The sauce is way to salty to my palate. But the beef and chicken cook to tenderness.

Opening hours: Tue - Sun 12pm - 9pm

The one that capture my eyes earlier is the bright signing board that wrote Creme de la Creme. It's got to be something. Next thing is the smokey Lab tube. Wow... I'm just like in the real Laboratory. Curious, and  it's a Creme Brulee that they sell. I choose the green tea topped with caramel sugar candy and Nutella instead of the original one. I wish the green tea taste a bit more bold. At least the texture is smooth and soft and not too sweet. It cost IDR 20.000 for the Creme Brulee and IDR 5.000 to add toppings


Sepotong Kue served petite home made choux, pastry and ice cream. Bu too bad when I got here, the only left from the is only the Ice Cream. They have chocolate java, green tea, vanilla, and latte ice cream. So I bought their latte ice cream topped with melted hershey chocolate that cost IDR 15.000. The ice cream texture pretty smooth with the right amount of sweetness. Gotta try their choux and pastry next time.

Opening hours: Wed - Sun 1pm - sold out

BURANGRANG placed in the back place beside Claypot Popo. My sister order a plate of batagor that day. Served hot. Because it fried when we order. Love the texture. it's chewy and crunchy. The peanut butter sauce also good. With a hint of spicy.

YOKO FRIES served a snack with potato as a base. What I've got above is potato wedges with beef bacon chunk that have crispy texture, and add a mayonnaise and barbeque sauce. The taste pretty nice. I wish it served more warm.

Guess my hubby still can't moved on from Cendur Bar. He spotted queued for the Cendur. even though that day the queue for Cendur was so long, he even didn't give up. This time he tried their Green tea. It's a durian with shaving ice topped with green tea ice cream and garnish with Oreo biscuit. It supposed to be Green tea kit kat. But since they run out for the Kit Kat, then we change it to Oreo. Like the green tea taste. Not too bitter and not too sweet. So its balancing the durian.

Ph. +628128132312
Opening hours: Thursday - Sunday 2pm - 9pm

Our journey end at ROTI ENENG. Like its name, Roti Eneng serve many variant of fluffy bread with its homemade filling. They have a lot of choice for filling. Since when I came already near a closing time, so they run out the svory bread. Miss Eneng (sorry dunno her name hehehhe)... suggest me to try the Caramel Earl Grey. Its even not listed in their menu. Because she said, she only made it several times. So not a regular menu. Well, if that so, I go with the Caramel Earl Grey then. And I'm in love with it. The caramel is not too thick and not too sweet. The earl grey is smells good and not just a hint. So it has a great balance with the caramel. OMG! You should try it! As for the drink I ordered their home made Ice Chocolate Sea Salt. The milk is not too thick. with a hint of sea salt, this ice chocolate good paired with your bread.


Opening Hours: 3pm - sold out

Because already near closing time, so I end up our Pasar Santa tour here. Still curious with several vendors. From my twice visit to Pasar Santa, I guess I prefer to come early although their not open yet. It just to avoid a very long queue. Click here for another review of Pasar Santa. Happy Hunting!

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Tendean, Jakarta

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