08 Januari 2015

Eating at PASAR SANTA - Part One

Been a while I want to try to eat at Pasar Santa. I've heard that Pasar Santa has improve not just a traditional market, but involved to a place where we can eat. Not like other food vendors at traditional market, Pasar Santa dining area full of promising food vendors that enough make me drooling.

Even though its clean enough, but never imagine a convey and cold place here at Pasar Santa. Because most of vendors only have maximum 10 - 15 chairs capacity. Imagine if its full booked. You have to queue. And some vendors have a very serious queue. Long like train. I've been to Pasar Santa twice, just because I'm curious with all the vendors. Before begin your journey to Pasar Santa here's I give you several hints
1. Make sure you wear a comfortable clothes, since its non-AC place
2. Leave your heels, wear Sandals or Flat shoes
3. Bring some cash, most of vendors prefer cash even though some of them have debit or BCA Flash
4. If you already know where to go and what to eat, pay attention of their opening hours. Even though it says open in certain times, but it depends on the vendors. For example DOG vendor. It says open at 3 but when I visit they just ready at 4.30pm!! Better check their Instagram.Usually they updated their opening hours.
5. Unlike the other restaurant, they have pretty late opening hours. Around 12am to 3pm. Again, better check their Instagram.
6. Better come early, even though most vendors write their closing time, but many of them already sold out before closing time. Like Papricano Mexicana for example. They already sold at 6pm!!
7. Coming early also to avoid a very long queue and end with disappointed because they out of stock.


Fried rice made from squid Ink served with fried egg
Taste wise not too big portion. The only kick from this fried rice is only the hint of spiciness.  

Manadonese Food, A Branch from Bandung.
Pasar Modern Santa 1st Floor, Foodcourt Area
Tues-Sun 11:00-21:00

At first I was tempting to order their Burrito or Taco. But remembering I still want to explore several food vendors here at Pasar Santa, so I (only) ordered Beef Quesadilla. Surprisingly, Papricano give the generous amount of beef and cheese in their Quesadilla. Made by order so you'l get the warm food from them. Love their Salsa and Guacamole sauce. RECOMMENDED!

Ph. +6281514298907
Opening hours:
Wed - Fri: 3pm - 9pm
Sat - Sun: 2pm - 10pm

Single - IDR 35.000 || Double - IDR 40.000 || Triple - IDR 45.000
SAUCE (White, Cheese, Red) - IDR 5.000
So curious with  this hotdog. They made the bun from charcoal. That's why the bun color is black. What I have above is Single Hotdog with White Sauce. White Sauce is combination between mayonnaise and black-pepper. It turned to be a good pairing.

Pasar Modern Santa 1st Floor, Foodcourt Area #57
Wed – Sun

So curious saw their preparation. Setting this and that. No wonder, December 26th was their 1st open and exist at Pasar Santa. And since it 1st launching, they give it free for their customers that day. Woooww!!  Lucky me to be the 1st who can taste it that day. Like its name, It's a Wrap served a wrap kind of food that you can choose the filling. They made the wrap from spinach. That's why the colour is green. They serve chicken, Dory Fish and Beef. Then you can choose 3 kind of veggies that you want to input to your wrap. The choice between Tomato, Lettuce, Cucumber, Paprika or Pineapple. Last you choose the sauce, barbeque, mushroom, black-pepper or mayonnaise. For my wrap above, I choose Fish with lettuce and tomato paired with mayonnaise. The fish taste crispy on the skin and still tender inside. The important thing is, its not smell fishy. The mayo taste less kick. I expected to be more bold on the sauce. While on the other day, my sister had their Beef with Barbeque sauce and it turn to be great.

Pasar Santa 2nd Floor #36
Opening hours: Wednesday to Sunday

Fatboy is one of vendor that sell various kind of satay. The things that they put in the skewer is Fish Cake (Otak-otak), Cheesy Stick, Sausage (IDR 12.000). Beef Patty, Dumpling, Egg Chicken Roll (IDR 10.000) Lobster, Fish, Salmon, Crab, Squid, Shrimp (IDR 8.000). Chicken Skin, Chicken Intestine (IDR 6.000). Like the sauce that they put in the balls. I love the lobster and the salmon one.

Ph. +6281294124024
Opening hours: Changing daily, pls check their instagram.

So unique and creative  dessert that Barnana have. Its a frozen banana that wrapped inside melted chocolate. You can choose your favorite topping like almond, cornflakes, oreo, regal biscuits, sprinkles, peanut butter, salted caramel and nutella. When I bought the banana, they have a today special menu which banana topped with ovaltine sprinkles. And this banana is so fuckin' good. I definitely going to buy again again and again on my next visit. RECOMMENDED!! 

Opening hours: Sat - Sun 3pm - finish

Beyond Cendur (Cendol Durian) is a variant of dessert that consist of durian, cendol and other topping like, grass jelly, nutella, green tea, oreo, vanilla & green tea ice cream, black sticky rice and even kit kat Green Tea. What I have above is Cendol Durian one of their signature best seller. Love the consistency each ingredients in it. Even though the taste way too sweet, but the durian is irresistible.

Ph. +628128132312
Opening hours: Thursday - Sunday 2pm - 9pm

OMG! The food list that I've tried pretty long. At first I want to compile all my Experience from my visit to Pasar Santa. But then, instead of scrolling to long, and make you tired, I decided to split my journey into 2 review story. Click here for another review of Pasar Santa.

Jl. Cipaku I
Tendean, Jakarta

Email: watashi_waoct4@yahoo.com

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