17 Februari 2015


Throwback to June 2011, I remember when my hubby and I were struggle in arranged our wedding. How we faced so many demands from our both families. Well... no wonder, we come from a very different culture. Because marriage is not just marrying our couple. In Indonesia, married means you'll marry will the whole family.  As a Javanese, my mom demands a cultural Javanese wedding with all details that Javanese usually called with bibit, bebet, bobot. While my hubby come from Betawinese and Padangnese, hope their 1st Man wedding in the family can gathered all families and colleagues. And not too forget we come from a very big family. So imagine how stressful we were, when we were tried to combine all ideas and thoughts.  

Now couple don't have to worry about what wedding would they have. We know have Bridestory. Since over a year ago, Bridestory has become a perfect solution to make their dream about wedding come true. Here in bridestory, they have many vendors that we can choose. You can decide what theme do you want, from the venue, caterers, even the invitation. And this all also can suit with our budget. No matter how many or how do you want your wedding to be look like, Bridestory have the solution. OMG! This can make bride and groom more relax and non-stress feeling. It so easy to use, so easy as 1,2,3 and so many option that you can choose.

Like I told you earlier above, that Bridestory has so many option. If you see the option above, you can search whether you'd like to search about venue, catering, photography, clothes, invitation, event a place for honeymoon! And the great thing is Bridestory can reach you in almost all over city in Indonesia. Or perhaps, you still confuse or dunno which is best for you? Dunno where to start? Or perhaps you have a tons activity out there that still need your attention beside your wedding? Bridestory have a Wedding Planner List.

Just click on "Category" for Wedding Planner, the baam... all Wedding Planner Vendors spread on your screen. This also can selected by location and budget. Their portfolio can be your measurement what kind of wedding would you like. Do not hesitate to contact them. Bridestory have the complete contact for every vendor.

Some of Diamond Vendors
*photo courtesy of Bridestory & Vendors
Are you an heiress or want to to throw an extravagant wedding with Super VIP guest with unlimited budget? Well don't you worry. Because Bridestory have a Diamond List that you can peek on. On Diamond List you will see many suggestion vendor. From each vendors you can click on and you can see their portfolio. Each vendor will sure you have an exquisite service with top rated.

Bridestory also have link for their Blog. It consist of many great story that  you can read on. Just read about  How to Embrace Differences in a Relationship or perhaps read this, make me remember when I 1st got married with a very different culture  The unison between two cultures: Traditional Melayu and Sunda Wedding . Many inspiring and great post that you can read on Bridestory's Blog.

Calling to all vendors who want to join with Bridestory. Through Bridestory you can meet your future customers.

To the Bride and Groom to be, hope you'll have a fantastic wedding. At the end, it not just a ceremony and party, but to bound two different personality into one soul. 
Enough saying. Before my imagination gone wild, better you click on www.bridestory.com and their INSTAGRAM Happy surfing guys. May you have a bless-full and fantastic wedding. Cheers!

Email: watashi_waoct4@yahoo.com


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