06 Maret 2015


On my 1st posted regarding Bridestory , I described you about the Bridestory as a wedding portal. How easy now Bride and Groom to be to arrange on their Dream Wedding. On this time post, I'll describe about one of essential thing on a Wedding.

For me, the most important element of a wedding are wedding Catering, wedding Venue, and Wardrobe. Catering become a very major things when you held an event. We also can't held a wedding or an event without a great venue. At least a place where we can share joy with our guest. And every bride and groom must be want to look like a queen and king on their once of a life time event.  This time post, I'll review about VENUE for your idea. Bridestory have sooo many choice that you can choose. Just click the location and the budget, and voila... all list will listed on screen.

I used to have a dream throw my wedding at romantic and unique place. One of place that pop out in my mind is a wedding by the beach or a wedding with Ocean view. It sound romantic. One of the place that I remember is The Sanctus at Bali. You can held an event by the pool with beach and clear sky as your background. Oh sound so perfect.

The Sanctus at Bali
Another place for Wedding with Beach or Ocean is Arumdalu at Belitung that have splendid view. If you ever see "Laskar Pelangi" movie, then you'll get the view for more less look like that. For more pictures, you can see on their WEBSITE. And last place that becoming my daydream for a beach theme wedding is a Chapel at the Conrad Hotel, Bali. I might be not gonna use the Chapel since I'm not Christian. But, the breath taking view from the Conrad and the Chapel area is the one I consider to held a party here. For more pictures just link to their WEBSITE

Arumdalu Private Resort
Chapel at Conrad Bali
Garden or party near the swimming pool can be another choice to held and event. I also once dream about my own garden party where situation can be so intimate with our guest. Below some of venue that capturing my eyes when I scroll on Venue List on Bridestory Website.

First place is Elephant Safari at Bali. Never cross is my mind that blend with nature can be this amazing. Imagine that you have an elephant as a ride instead of a car like usual. Surrounded by the green garden, Elephant Safari could be one of your choice. Click on their WEBSITE for more picture.

Other place that would be Rumah Maroko (Morocco House) at Jakarta.  There are 4 rooms that available in Rumah Maroko.  Casablanca room, Riyad pool Side, Casa Andalucia 1&2 floor and Marakesh Room. For 400pax maximum capacity. The details of the house really replicate from the real Morocco house in it country. Just check out their WEBSITE.

If you still think that Diamond is a girl bestfriend, well maybe that's a well point. Diamond not just for your finger ladies. Bali also have The Diamond Chapel. The diamond shape of a chapel really make you feel like a queen and a king in one day.

What If you can held a Wedding at a temple that used to be a 7 wonders of the world with breathtaking view? Well, you can have it here at Plataran Borobudur Resort & Spa, Yogyakarta. As a Javanese, I feel shame that I just know about this place. This place full with traditional Javanese ambiance. Check out their WEBSITE also.

Malang also have a beautiful join Venue for your Wedding. Just look at the Singhasari Resort Convention. The chapel and the outdoor area give you a perfect picture for an Outdoor Cinderella story wedding. Also check on their WEBSITE.

Indonesian climate that usually unpredictable, makes us gambling if  we want to held an event outdoor. Well, don't worry about it. Because Bridestory have plenty of it. There are some Indoor Venue that so pretty and of course looked extravagant.

Pullman Hotel Jakarta is one of many fancy Hotel that I would pick If I would to held a wedding. The spacious room make us possible to transform their ballroom into something amazing. I think the decorator can push their their imagination to the limit here. Check out their WEBSITE.

If I have to describe more venue from Bridestory its gonna be a long post. Because Bridestory sooo many choice of Venue Vendors that you can pick. Just check on their Website on www.bridestory.com and their INSTAGRAM Wherever place you choose, make sure that you and your guest can share joy together. Have a splendid Wedding Couples.

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