19 Juli 2012

Coffee Time With Haagen Dasz & YukMakan

Last Friday, I was invited to Haagen Dasz & YukMakan event. Haagen Dasz want to introduce their coffee variant. The event took place in Plaza Indonesia. The place was not too spacious, but convy enough to chill out and eat some ice cream.

We know Haagen Dasz for its ice cream. They always have many variant ice cream. But this time, I was invited not for the ice cream, but for its coffee. I already imagine that they will give me cups of coffee. I love coffee, but 6 glass in a row? ooww... But luckily, Haagen Dasz served us in a small cup as a tester for each variant. They use Illy Coffee in all Haagen Dasz outlets, but they not grind it themselves. It already grind by Illy before. So, Haagen Dasz only received the ready stock coffee that already grind.

Speech from Haagen Dasz & Yuk Makan
Haagen Dasz Coffee from Illy
Espresso 16k
Short, Sharp, Strong Black Coffee. To get the great taste of espresso, we need to brew it into a very boiling water.

Fresh Brewed Coffee 16k
I think this fresh brewed coffee taste like instant coffee that we know. The appearance looks like espresso, but the taste was more light. 

Espresso Machiato 22k
Espresso with a shot of hot, frothy milk. Better espresso original than this one.

Affogato 48k
A steaming shot of espresso poured a scoop vanilla ice cream. Haagen Dasz said, we can change the ice cream flavor as we like. But I prefer the vanilla one. It so affogato authentic. 

Cafe Latte 22k
Espresso blended with hot, frothy milk. Mine, brewed well. The combination between the frothy milk and the coffee really balance. Kinda like this one

Cappuccino 22k
Espresso topped with hot, frothy milk. Also like this cappuccino.  All mixed well.

Beside tried mine, I also taste my friends coffee. My friend cafe latte have too much milk, and the other a bit plain. So, I guess the barista still don't have the exact measurement for each coffee. Really need to fix this things. For coffee lover, taste is important.

Actually there's one more coffee called Double Espresso (26k). But remembering single shot already make heartburn, so we decided not to try this one.

Beside coffee, Haagen Dasz also served us Ice Cream and cakes (yeeii...)

Chocolate Mouse Cake 29k
This cake consist chocolate crust at the bottom, then chocolate mouse, chocolate cake and topped whit thick choco. The taste? Don't ask... it really melt in mouth.  The most suitable cake to accompany you drink your coffee.

Blueberry Cheese Cake 29k
Blueberry Cheese Cake also so great. Love this one also. Consist of cake crust, sponge cake, cream cheese and blueberry cream, sponge cake, cream cheese and topped with blueberry jam. 1st thing in my mind. This is definitely the guilty pleasure ever.

Oreo Cheese Cake 29k
Oreo Cheese Cake consist with oreo crust, cream cheese, oreo crust again, cream cheese again then topped with oreo crumble. 

Cookies & Cream, Strawberry Cheese Cake, Macadamia
No comment about Haagen Dasz ice cream beside I loovveee all Haagen Dasz ice cream. They always served fresh ice cream. But from the three above, I like strawberry and cheese most. Sweet and sour blend well.

Overall, this Haagen Dasz was great. They really always have something new to try. Thanks Yuk Makan and Haagen Dasz for the invitation \(^o^)/



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