30 Juli 2012

Collage Pullman for Ramadhan Delight

A view days ago, I was invited to breakfasting at Collage Pullman Central Park Jakarta. Since Ramadhan already started since 10 days ago, Collage Pullman offers  a variety of  Mediterranean Cuisine that Chef Ayman Ahmed from Pullman Dubai served for us start from 19 July - 18 August 2012.

Collage is an all day international dining offering a very fabulous breakfast, lunch and dinner. They have open kitchen concept and very cozy place to dine. Separate in 2 area, indoor and in a park where we can enjoy for shisha.

Park Area
Entering the Collage Area, I already drooling with the Ta'jil...

Sweet Tajil - me loved the Um Ali
From Above to Below: Yoghurt with Cucumber  -  Eggplant Musagah - Betrout Mutabel - Cawliflower with Tarator - Hummus - Stuffing Eggplant
The cold appetizer so Mediterranean style. From all above i kinda like the Eggplant Musagah and the Hummus. A taste a bit sour and not spicy.
From Above to Below:Lentil Soup - Kabah bel Laban - Kushari Pasta - Chicken Topkabi - Shikh Al Mahshi - Sish Towok - Lamb Kofta
From those dishes I kinda like Shikh Al Mahshi Potato - an eggplant stuffed with mince beef served with tomato sauce. Kabah bel Laban pretty good, too bad I run out for the samosa. Sish Towok & Lamb Kofta - Lamb & chicken skewers also taste great. It so tender. In the other hands, I don't really like the Lentil Soup, tasteless.

Shawirma Chicken
The pita bread was so great, stuffed with mix chicken and lamb. Served with garlic or sesame sauce.

Sengari Fish
A very tender dory fish served with onion, herbs and Capsicum. Also garnish with eggplant, onion and the Capsicum.

Besides the Mediterranean dishes, Collage also served many varieties western and Asia menus that also make me drooling and make me mouthwatering.

Petite Cake and Snack
Pasta cooked al dente, but the sauce was too creamy and thick
Seafood, Tapas and Salad - so freshening
Sushi and Takoyaki yummy...
Thanks to Pullman Central Park, especially Ms Rita who invited me to taste the fascinating Ramadhan Delight. It was so much fun.

Rp. 198.000++ (lunch)
Rp. 218.000++ (dinner)
Weekend Brunch
Rp. 248.000++ (non-alcohol)
Rp. 418.000++ (alcohol)
Tajil buffet Rp. 95.000++

All prices are subjected to 21% of Government tax and Service Charge 

Collage All Day Dining
Pullman Jakarta Central Park
Podomoro City
Jl. Let. Jend. S. Parman Kav. 28, Jakarta 11470
Ph: +6221 29200088
Fax: +6221 29200099

Twitter : @Pullman_Jkt_CP
Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/pullmanjakartacp
Blog : http://pullmanjakartacentralpark.blogspot.com


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