29 Agustus 2012

Zenbu - House Of Mozaru at Plaza Indonesia

A weeks ago me & my girls heading to Plaza Indonesia to have lunch. Considering varieties of menus, so we decided to had lunch in Zenbu Plaza Indonesia. Zenbu means completeness, means you can get all the things in one plate.

Zenbu Plaza Indonesia placed in 5th floor. This restaurant have open kitchen concept. The place pretty spacious and nice enough to dine. With wooden interior, the interior still looked Japanese style.

Zenbu Venue
Here come the menu parade...


Agedashi Tofu 20k
Calories: ± 97
Deep fried tofu pieces deep into shoyu based sauce. So light and so tasty.

Okonomiyaki Original 35k
Calories: ± 229
A Japanese style pancake with mixed vegetables and smoked bacon grilled on an iron plate slathered with Katsubushi, sauce and mayo. Since the iron plate was so hot, it make the okonomiyaki overcooked and and burnt. So, we we just ate the top of the okonomiyaki. Luckily, the sauce taste good.

Main Course
Zenbu known as  House Of  Mozaru. Zenbu have many varieties menu that really should try. Because the tagline of the restaurant is House Mozaru, so we definitely ordered this one. The great things eating in Zenbu is, they tell us the calories for every single menus. So, for diet people, you don't have to worry about the calories that you going to have.

Zenbu Mozaru – Regular 60k | Large 80k
Gindara Mozaru - Regular 50k | Large
Mozaru is a perfect blend of rice with various Katsu toppings, covered with mozzarella cheese with choice of tomato, butter or dynamite sauce.
Zenbu Mozaru:  Calories: TM ± 750 BT ± 754 DM ± 832
Zenbu means complete, so in this mozaru it have all toppings, like chicken, beef, fish and shrimp. I prefer the regular one. I choose butter for the rice and with dynamite sauce. Dynamite means the spicy one. But I think it's not that spicy.
Gindara Mozaru: Calories: TM ± 491 BT ± 500 DM ± 575
The gindara perfectly cooked. It's not taste fishy. I also like this one. I choose butter for the rice and with dynamite sauce. Dynamite means the spicy one. But I think it's not that spicy.

Zenbu Ramen
Regular 50k – Calories: ± 236
Large 65k - Calories: ± 331
This Zenbu Ramen was my friend menu. Combination Of chicken, beef and ebi. We can choose the soup taste. My friend choose kuro (soyu) soup. Taste light and good. The noodle perfectly cooked. The  chicken, beef and ebi cutlet also pretty big. There's also onion ring as a side dish. I simply loved this ramen. Better eat while it's hot. More tasty.

Salmon Teriyaki
Regular 70k – Calories: ± 554
Large 85k - Calories: ± 826
A bowl of rice set  with salmon teriyaki as a topping and scrambled egg as a side. The salmon really tender and the sauce blend well with the salmon.

Beef Teriyaki
Regular 45k – Calories: ± 618
Large 55k - Calories: ± 917
A bowl of rice set  with beef teriyaki as a topping and scrambled egg as a side and nori as a garnish. The beef really tender and the sauce blend well with the beef.

Rainbow 65k
A perfect combination of salmon, tuna, snapper, ebi, and avocado filled with unagi. What more can I say, all freshness ingredients comes in one plate. I like the salmon most.

Zenbu have several great must try dessert. I always drooling when see the dessert.

Adzuki Parfait 30k
Calories: ± 250
Frozen red bean with ogura (red bean) and green tea ice cream. This dessert is heaven. Much ice cream but didn't leaves any weird taste after. Recommended.

Creme Brulle Peach 20k
Calories: ± 510
The texture is so smooth and light. The peaches hidden under the creme. Love it.

Fruit Tempura With Ice Cream 20k
Calories: ± 115
Curious with the taste. But regret it at the end. The fruit was only pineapple, papaya (which i don't like) and 1 other fruit that i don;t similar. I already lost my curiosity when I ate the papaya. Luckily i already taste the ogura ice cream even it's for one spoon. If the fruit like strawberry, kiwi, mango or peach it'll be more tasteful.

Tempura Ice 20k
Calories: ± 127
If you ever eat fried ice cream, well this is the one. The ice cream didn't melt and the tempura flour not oily. It's good. Topped with cherry jam


Hot & Cold Ocha - Complimentary & Refillable
I don't know whether the cold ocha too much ice or what, but the tea taste is more strong when you drink it in a hot.

Ice Cappuccino 25k
Not too milky, the coffee and the coffee blend well. It taste good.

Ice Macha Latte 25k

Calories: ± 173
Have to order this one. Macha and green tea taste great. Love it.

Overall, I really love Zenbu Plaza Indonesia. Great food, great service and great price. Gonna back here fo sho...



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