09 Juli 2013

Lasagna Lasagne

Already around a month ago a very nice girl name Vira Vinsensa tweet me to promote her Homemade Lasagna. Since... I'm total forgetful and my Twitter, dunno why, no notification alert, So I thought it already forgotten. Until, I saw lasagna pictures spread from my several Foodies Mates. My Alter Ego, Garfield, suddenly drooling see Lasagna. Then I start to scroll my twitter again, finally there's still Vira's contact.

Under the name LasagnaLasagne Vira Vinsensa have a big dream to deliver some great Lasagna. Luckily she make her dream come true, otherwise we never can't taste this yummy Lasagna.

There are 3 kind variants of Lasagna
Original Beef 
                                 Mushroom  Mix  Beef 

Also there are 2 size of  Lasagna that you can order...
Personal size 15x7x3 cm - IDR 45,000
Large size 18x8x4,5cm - IDR 85,000
*exclude Shipping Charge - based on Area, with minimum purchase IDR 100.000

Since my crib far from Vira's place, so I wont waste my 30k shipping charge hehehe... Let's dig the Lasagna...

I always like mushroom whatever what shape and kind the mushroom is. So this mushroom is the 1st cross in my head when I ordered it. When I start to dig it, I got the big chunk of mushroom, mixed with generous cheese and bolognaise sauce. The pasta layer is so tender. It cooked well. My dad & My sister can handle for this mushroom. They love it.

Again... I've got a very generous filling. Big chunk of mushroom, lots of minced beef and cheese.

This lovely Vira Vinsensa gave me an extra Lasagna for to dig in. And I'm so extremely happy after see that she gave me the big one.  Not different than the small one. I still got the soft and great layer of pasta, I still got the generous minced beef and a bit sweet taste of tomato paste sauce. And I still can't stop to dig this Lasagna.

So, after eat all variant without stopping, my conclusion is this Lasagna worth to compare with other Lasagna from best restaurant in town that I ever tried. I don't mind with a bit sweet taste from the tomato sauce. Luckily it still can balance the cheese. Just re-heat the lasagna in oven or microwave for a while. It makes the cheese melted and all the ingredients blend together. Especially for the MIX one. I tasted it when it already cold. And the taste become bland. Those mince beef, sauce and cheese can't blend together.

Finally... all Lasagna only can stand 15minutes in mom's dining table hahhaa... Everybody grab it all fast & furious and suddenly become stingy by holding our plate hard, afraid someone steal their lasagna hahaha...

Want to taste this heaven Lasagna too? Note this...

Available only On Monday and Friday
Place ur order 3 days in advance

Lasagna Lasagne
Twitter : @lasagnalasagne1
Ig : @lasagnalasagne1
Fb : lasagna lasagne



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