04 Desember 2013

JJ Royal Bistro - Senayan City

Last Friday me and friends got a sweet escape after whole day worst traffic from Puncak. We're so damn tired, so we really need a nice redemption. So when my friend told me that the new branch of JJ Royal already open in Senayan City, we decided to straight go there.

Placed in Lower Ground of Senayan City Mall, JJ Royal Bistro try to accommodate Jakarta's Urban peoples for hangout and dine. The concept is still the same with JJ Royal Brasserie , the different is only that JJ Royal Bistro don't have any outdoor place. Me personal more prefer JJ Royal Brasserie place.Their outdoor place is so hype and cool. Sometimes they have DJ on weekend. But JJ Royal Bistro also hard to resist.So here we are, seated in a nice sofa black and white zebra design.

There also a nice bar in the middle of the room. With unique stools around the tables. Just turn around and you'll find the cake display. I bet you want to grab it all just like me hohoho.... And this time they have many new selection to choose. OMG it makes me more overwhelming...

Now let's find out what we dig in JJ Royal Bistro

Nostalgia Iced Fruit Soda - IDR 35.000
Menteng fruit with refreshing soda water and crushed ice.
A bit difficult describe Menteng Fruit in english. But this tropical local fruit taste so freshening. The soda mixed with the sourness from the Menteng fruit make this drink unique and fresh. Good after you sweet something sweet or heavy meal.

Iced Lychee Tea - IDR 35.000
 No need to describe about this Lychee Ice Tea I guess. It's freshening fo sho. Favorite in all time dine.

Iced Mango Tea - IDR 35.000
The mango not as dominated as the lychee. But the taste still good and freshening.

Soto Pak Kumis - IDR 65.000
Beef Soup, Egg, Yellow Noodle, Kwayteow, Bihun (Rice vermicelli), Indonesian Spring Roll, Potatoes & Tomatoes, Served with Crackers.
I like the soup much. It savory yet tasty. The beef is so tender. The noodle and bihun also cooked well. Not too soggy. Add it with condiment like spring roll that filled with bihun (Rice vermicelli) also. It's crispy and good. Better eat it while it's hot. So all the seasoning more flavorful. 

Iga Garang Asem - IDR 65.000
Tender Beef Rib Soup with mild sour broth, belimbing wuluh (Averrhoa bilimbi), crackers & sambal.
Aaww... I don't expect that this Garang Asem would be exactly the same like in my home town and also close to my mom usually made. The sourness from the broth and  (Averrhoa bilimbi) really come out all the flavor. The beef a bit chewy at first, Hard to cut. But thanks to the Manager and the Chef Denny Setiawan who willing to fix it and cut it all to a small bite. What a great service....

Homemade Mozarella Spinach Ravioli - IDR 75.000
Stuffed Spinach Ravioli with Ricotta, Goat Cheese, Black Olives, Mozzarella, Served with Pomodoro Sauce, Basil, Parmesan, Poppy Seeds & Pine Nuts.
At first bite, I taste it a bit bland. But when I tossed it all, all the fragrant ingredients become mixed together and bring out its flavor. When I taste the ravioli I didn't found any spinach like in description. But then Chef Denny explain that he made a change with the filling. He change it with pumpkin and also change the sauce a bit. He infuse the tomato with a bit strawberry. So we can taste a bit sour and full of herbs from the basil. Pine nuts add a crunchiness texture to this ravioli.

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner - IDR 80.000
Black Pepper Smoke Chicken, Chicken Breast, Homemade Bbq Sauce, Mushroom, Mozzarella & Cheese
This Winner Pizza is Ian Consulta's recommendation. Not only him actually. A server that I asked also recommend this. A thin crust pizza, really crispy but not chewy. But I still taste a bit flour above the pizza. I like the topping much. It so generous topping's amount.  The chicken breast really tender, the black pepper smoke chicken also tender and tasteful. I don't really like the sauce. It too sweet to my liking. it left a weird taste after.

New Sweet Tooth from JJ Royal
JJ Royal always know how to spoiled their customers. They have some new cakes to serve to their customers. And of course all of those cake is really tempting to try.

I always have a big smile after visiting JJ Royal. Their hospitality, their great quality of food, is the one who make me always want to comeback again. To bad don't have much time to get a chat with Chef Denny Setiawan. And to bad you already eliminated from Top Chef Indonesia.

JJ Royal Bistro
Senayan City LG fl. Unit L-06 B1
Jalan Asia Afrika Lot 19
Jakarta Selatan 10270
021 - 2932 9262


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