18 Februari 2013

Holycow - Lunch at Rooftop Garden

After my last visit to Holycow #TKP Sabang, my hubby apparently mouthwatering looking at the steak picture. Since our office so close and I just need to blink from my office to Holycow #TKP Sabang, so here we are meet at  Holycow #TKP Sabang for lunch.

I choose sitting in the outdoor area. This is because, on my 1st visit I can really enjoyed the rooftop garden area due to a very hard rain. Even though the sun shine so bright outside, but I didn't feel to hot sitting outside. Maybe this is because the eco garden that they use.

Outdoor Area
After we seated, the waitress gave us bread stick as a compliment. The taste was so bland. But when I tried to dip in to the sauce, it pretty good hohooho...
Breadstick - Compliment
Wherever Holycow located, my hubby always order Wagyu Rib Eye with mushroom sauce. The medium well of wagyu rib eye cooked perfectly. It blend together with the herbs. Taste juicy and tender.Served with french fries and  sauteed spinach. 

Wagyu Rib Eye IDR 119.000
For my self, I ordered Burger Wagyu or usually called Bergyu. I also ordered with medium well. The meat is so tender and juicy, mixed with cheese onion and mayonnaise all melted together in  my mouth. Not to forget, Holycow special sauce. I choose Buddy's Special to accompany my Bergyu. Served with french fries. 

Bergyu - IDR 44.000
Don't forget to tweet when you visit Holycow. You will get Twitramisu or Red Velvet Cupcake for free from the cupcake Company. Put hash tag ( # )  in your tweet. But you also can buy the cupcake for IDR 16.000 each. The cupcake very moist and taste good.

Red Velvet Cupcake - IDR 16.000
Hubby after meet the Meat hohoho

 5th Floor Seremanis Restaurant
Jl. KH. Agus Salim No. 16
Jakarta Pusat

Delivery: 021-70877380
Monday – Friday
11am-2pm dan 5pm-sold out
Saturday – Sunday
11 am – 12 pm

FB: Steak Hotel by Holycow
Email: steakhotelbyholycow@yahoo.com
twitter: @Holycow_Radal


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