18 Februari 2013

Holycow! #TKP Sabang

A view weeks ago,  Open Rice held gathering at Steak Hotel by Holycow new location  Sabang. See the location. I just need to blink my eyes from the place. So, I was excited to attend this gathering. We called this branch with TKP Sabang. TKP also means Tempat Karnivora Pesta. So, I imagine there are going a lot of meat that serve here.
Holycow TKP Sabang took placed in 5th Floor Sere Manis Restaurant Building in the corner of Sabang Street. Sabang Street or also known as K.H Agus Salim Street really famous with variety restaurant from local to international, from fine dining to street food. In this branch, Holycow took theme Rooftop Garden. It was so nice dine in here. If it's rain or in outside way too hot, don't worry, because Holycow have a nice indoor complete with mini-playground for your kids. Since that day suddenly came a very hard rain, so from outdoor we moved into function room. One thing tha I curious most about the interior. Looks like the owner adore Liverpool so much. It appear on their ceiling hohohoh

Indoor Interior
Now let's dig the meat that I can't hardly to wait.... They served it with 3 kind of sauce that we can choose. Such as Buddy's Special, Mushroom, Blackpepper and Barbeque. Every have it's ow signature taste and definitely all great. Me like the mushroom and buddy's special.
Steak Hotel by Holycow that's make me mouthwatering

PART  2 Holycow Steak (400gr) 
Me started with the steak I ordered. Which was Part 2 that using a very tender and juicy rump part. This 400gr steak is a serious deal. Because it's really thick and huge. I asked for medium for my steak. But maybe since my steak have to be model first, it turned to be medium. Luckily it still taste yummy and juicy. The herbs perfectly blend with the meat.Served with french fries and spinach saute.

PART  2 Holycow Steak (400gr)  - IDR 99.000

PART  1 Holycow Steak (350gr)  
The  next steak that I tried was Part 1. This is Holycow's ultimate steak. Why? Because it through the slow cooke for 4 hours with secret method. This method still keep all the juiciness stays in the meat. So we still can see the pink color in the meat. And they don't lie. It still feel juicy and tender. Served with french fries and spinach saute.

PART  1 Holycow Steak (350gr)  - IDR 89.000
Wagyu Sirloin
Usually, most ladies avoid this Sirloid because too many fat in it. But Sirloin that I taste in Holycow pretty good. It still have the juiciness and it still tender. Served with french fries and spinach saute.

Wagyu Sirloin IDR 109.000
Mashed Potato
Holycow also served us their mashed potato. The appearance looks like 2 scoop ice cream. With cherry tomato on top.But  I think, the taste not as good as the appearance. The seasoning and the herbs not too tasty. All I felt is just the raw potato. Really need improvement on this.

Holycow and Openrice also have a picture games. And voila... I'm one of the winner.. Yipeeyy... I won the Red Velvet from Cupcake Company. It taste so moist and not too overpowering in sugar and icing. Love it. The 4 others also won the Twitramisu from the Cupcake Company.

Red Velvet IDR 16.000
Twitramisu IDR 16.000

Don't forget to tweet when you visit Holycow. You will get Twitramisu or Red Velvet Cupcake for free from the cupcake Company. Put hash tag ( # )  in your tweet. But you also can buy the cupcake for IDR 16.000 each.

and here are the happy face...

Overall, I really had a great time here. Holycow really keep the service and quality since the 1st time I once ate several years ago. Keep it up y'll

5th Floor Seremanis Restaurant
Jl. KH. Agus Salim No. 16
Jakarta Pusat

Delivery: 021-70877380

Monday – Friday
11am-2pm dan 5pm-sold out
Saturday – Sunday
11 am – 12 pm

FB: Steak Hotel by Holycow
Email: steakhotelbyholycow@yahoo.com
twitter: @Holycow_Radal


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