19 Februari 2013

Bonchon Myun

Last Saturday me and several bloggers mates was invited by Bonchon for brunch. They about to launch their newest menu, called Myun (Korean signature noodle). This event was held in Bonchon, Citiwalk Sudirman. This is not the 1st time I came Bonchon in this branch. We seated after we're done with registration.

Bonchon Citiwalk Venue
A weeks before the event, Bonchon's Event and Social Media Coordinator email me for the invitation and I can choose the brunch menu that I want.
Since I came to this event with my hubby, so we ordered different menu. So I can taste both new Myun.


Kimchi Soup - IDR 10.000
I ordered Kimchi Soup for my entree. Since I'm a bit flue and soar throat, so this Kimchi Soup a bit help to calm my flue.  This soup is so sour and spicy. But I kinda like it. It seasoning well.

Bonchon Bites Spicy - Regular 10 bites - IDR 13.181
I always love this Bonchon bites, especially the spicy one. I even take this once into a movie theater (sstt... don't tell the security hihihi). Eventhough, I think the chicken not as thick as the 1st time they launched it.  The crunch and the spicy is always hard to resist.

Fresh Salad - IDR 25.000
I also tried my friend Niya entree. Bonchon Fresh Salad really served fresh. The lettuce and carrot still crunchy and fresh  I like the dressing a bit sour but nice. Vegetables topped with fried batter.

Main Course

Available Starting from March 2013
Here are the stars of the day. Signature noodles from Korea called Myun. Similar like ramen in Japanese food. Myun in Bonchon consist of Myun, chicken cutlet and topped with sauce that mixed with chicken chunks. Bonchon present 2 kind of Myun. The spicy and the classic one.  If Bonchon say it spicy, the you will get the real spicy in it. For the Classic one, the taste is sweet but still have spicy taste in it. It supposed to the classic one don't have the spicy taste, so who don't like spicy still can eat Myun. To accompany the Myun there's a chicken cutlet. At first I thought my tongue can't feel the taste. Because the chicken cutlet taste bland and  too dry. Not as juicy and tender as the Bonchon chicken. But when I got a chance to asked the Chef, he said to make it not bland, we should mix it all with the Myun. So it's not become overwhelmed. As for the Myun, I think it a bit overcooked. So when I mixed it with the sauce, it became to soggy.  
Spicy Myun
Classic Myun
Overall, for the Myun, Bonchon still need a bit improvement on this menu.


Blueberry Snowflakes - IDR 11.800
Hubby ordered this Blueberry Snowflakes for his dessert. The blueberry syrup more tasty than the 1st time I tried. But still... the mochi is so petit. I barely can't see it hehehe... 

Small Mochi 3 pcs - IDR 14.090
This mochi is my all time favorite dessert from Bonchon. Whether it's strawberry, mocha or vanilla. I like'em all. The softness of the mochi covered the ice cream inside. I guess 3 pcs is never enough hehehe...


Lemon Tea Small - IDR 6.818
We prefer this fresh Lemon tea.

Overall, we really had a great time Brunch in Bonchon. Nice peoples and good food.

Bonchon Greeting Card - Handwriting by Michelle from Bonchon. Really touchy (^o^)

The Happy Face

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