13 Mei 2013

PINK SERIES from Calais to Celebrate International Mothers Day

Last Saturday, May 11th 2013, I was invited to Calais - Artisan Bubble Tea & Coffee. At 1st I'm a bit doubt to attend this gathering. Since the place is sooo faarr away from my crib. The gathering placed in new Calais outlet in Mall at Alam Sutera. But my curiosity beat the long distance, and also because my hubby willing to drive me there hehehe...

The place is not too big. But it's so convy to sit. with a row of chairs and tables in-front of the open bar and also several bar chairs. I like the furniture. It's so unique. With a barrels hanging

Calais at Mall Alam Sutra

In celebrating International Mothers Day, Calais present the PINK SERIES. It's a 4 new kind of variant that inspire by a woman. Calais use watermelon and strawberry as a basic for this Pink Series. Why? Because according to research watermelon and strawberry contain vitamin A that good for skin beauty. Well... woman also needs beauty care from inside aight? And if you curious about this PINK SERIES, you'd better hurry. Because it only served from 8 May - 31 July 2013.

And here are the Fantastic four for PINK SERIES...

PINK SERIES from Calais
Strawberry Milk Tea
Regular   IDR 22.000       Large      IDR 25.000
Consist of milk, strawberry and tea. Shake it all, and we'll get the tasty strawberry milk tea.

Sourberry Smoothies
Regular   IDR 22.000       Large      IDR 25.000
I really loovveee this Sourberry so bad. Consist of sourplum, strawberry and milk. I like the acidity of sourplum and strawberry. Add it with popping pearls. It so freshening.

Watermelon Milk Tea
Regular   IDR 22.000       Large      IDR 25.000
I never thought that watermelon can be this great mix with milk and tea. It so tasty

Strawberry Blush Smoothies
Regular   IDR 22.000       Large      IDR 25.000
Blend strawberry with milk to get this yummy smoothies.

After tasting this PINK SERIES, I get confused which all great. Because all taste great. No Lie. But my favorite is Sourberry Smoothies. Uumm... Calais... Can I have 1 gallon of it? *run hehehe...

Beside tea, Calais also serve coffee and chocolate. Like the one that my hubby ordered. The real chocolate so tasty.

Signature Chocolate - IDR 25.000 (Hot/Cold)
Choose your favorite toppings, 'cause Calais have so many variants that you can choose. Try to mix and match between your drink and your topping. But whatever topping you choose, it's gonna be great.

Calais Toppings
*Picture Courtesy Of Calais

Calais also served a lite bite to accompany you drink your Calais. Here are some of them...

Lite Bite at Calais
French Fries IDR 16.500
Fresh string potatoes  deep fried in vegetables oil, then tossed with garlic and parsley seasoning. I think this french fries is so-so. Means nothing to special about this.

Calais Popcorn Chicken IDR 21.000
Hand-breaded crisp fried chicken generously sliced and topped with crushed basil leaves. Actually this popcorn similar like I used to buy in supermarket. But still, I like it hehehe...

Crispy Calamari Rings IDR 25.000
Calamari deep fried in a homemade batter recipe, served with squeezed of lemon. The batter really crunchy. The calamari also tender and not smell fishy. I like it.

All those lite bite came with peanut chilli and spicy mayo. Of course you don't get like the picture above. That just served for sample hehehe...

Overall, long distance worth so much with the freshness from Calais. Thanks Sara and Calais for having us and we still got goodie bags after it yeeaaii...

We are the Pink Team
Thanks for the goodie bag Calais
Calais Tea
Mal @ Alam Sutera #SF -11 Alam
Jl. Jalur Sutera 30D/18 (Alam Sutera)
P. +62 21 9917 0242
E. info@calaistea.com
FB Fan Page: Calais Tea
twitter: @CalaisTea

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