11 Oktober 2013

Pipiltin Cocoa

Yeaaiii... I finally got a chance to visit Pipiltin Cocoa. I first known Pipiltin Cocoa from my mates, who lives near Pipiltin Cocoa. Heard her describe about Pipiltin Cocoa  make me so curious. Luckily me & several mates had a chance to visit Pipiltin Cocoa.

Pipiltin Cocoa located in Barito Road, Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta. From the facade, it's already looked eye-catching, with a big orange signboard. When I first stepped in we can see their open kitchen. So you can see the magic happen here. Uumm... make me more curious. Some of chocolate making, remembering me with HESTON BLUMENTHAL with his molecular gastronomy idea.

Now moving to 2nd floor for the sitting area. I felt the industrial theme in here. with a cement stairs and floors also a unique stairs handle. So cute. For furniture, they use wooden element. This restaurant is so earthy.

This is another part what I like from Pipiltin Cocoa. They really separate the smoking room and non-smoking room. So for smoker, your can have all your smoke for yourself.

Now let's move to part that I bet you've been waiting for... Chocolate spreaaadd...

Tabanan Chocolate - IDR 50.000
Mousse, spiced creameaux, chocolate pearl, dehydrated chocolate mousse
What a great presentation. I'm so impressed when I first looked at it. We have to picture it quick before the foam get melt and lost it bubbles. When I started to dig in, I felt a bit strange. The chocolate divider is taste good. The bittersweet chocolate come from the chocolate ball. Meanwhile others taste a bit bland. As for me, this Tabanan not my kind of chocolate favorite.

Egg No - IDR 47.000
White Chocolate Panacotta, Mango, Passion Fluid, Chocolate Chili Soil, Selasih
Another cute presentation from Pipiltin Cocoa. Look at the cotton candy. We have to eat it soon, before it collapse. The taste really balance 1 another. The sweetness from the mild panacotta and cotton candy can blend together with the sourness from mango and passion fluid. Must try!

Freeze - IDR 45.000
Frozen Macaroon, Milk Cloud, Rice Crispy, Tonka Chocolate Sorbet
OMG!! This Freeze one is the one you should try when you visit  Pipiltin Cocoa. Those frozen macaroon is not actual macaroon. It's an ice cream with a different flavor in macaroon shape. You'll get banana, strawberry and chocolate. Each flavor have different character and it's all good. RECOMMENDED!

Ebony Ivory - IDR 47.000
Bitter chocolate mousse, vanilla, dark sweet cherry
This Ebony Ivory actually split in 2 elements. Like yin and yang, day and night. The bottom we can see chocolate mousse and dark cherry, dark cherry jelly and smokey brownies. The smokey taste too overpowered. Maybe because we open the top side too long. Meanwhile at top side, we can find vanilla mousse that have a milky texture. To make a good taste, you have to eat it those both side. Just grab a little form bottom glass then mix it with vanilla mousse from top glass.

Devil Chocolate Brownie - IDR 45.000
Double Vanilla Ice Cream, Chocolate Lace.
This devil chocolate is so damn good. The brownie is so moist and smooth. With the generous amount of chocolate all around. Since the sweetness not to overpowered, so eat as much as you like without feel overload. It just melt in my mouth.

Chocolate Forever - IDR 39.000
Chocolate mousse bar also taste heaven. So moist and the bittersweet from the chocolate make this cake more great plus the amount of the chocolate is so generous.

Fruit Paradise - IDR 30.000
To balance all the sweetness that I already eat, so for the drink I ordered something a bit sour. The waitress suggested me to have this Fruit paradise. But the taste not like I expected. I forgot the name of the seed that they add in this drink. But the taste is like herbs.

Iced Dark Cherry Tea - IDR 29.000
This one also taste a bit bland. The cherry I think not too dominate the drink. But pretty okay to neutralize the sweetness.

Overall, Pipiltin Cocoa is definitely a heaven for all chocolate lovers. They served many varieties chocolate that we never imagine before. Either for the presentation or for the taste. We never can guess what on our plate. Really playful. But don't worry, the server always ready and really patient explain all the menu we ask.

Even though Pipiltin Cocoa famous with their chocolate, but they also sell another dish from Indonesian menu, Pasta, and other dish. So if you can get a full course here.  You should try.

Pipiltin Cocoa || Facebook || Twitter || Website
Jl. Barito II No.5
Jakarta Selatan
Phone: (021) 72800011
Opening Hour :  Monday-Thursday 10.00-22.00, Friday-Sunday 10.00-23.00

Pipiltin Cocoa
Pipiltin Cocoa


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