16 Oktober 2013

Liberté French Brasserie Jakarta at Galleries Lafayette Pacific Place

To be  honest, If I'm not stepped in to Galleries Lafayette in Pacific Place, I would ever know that there's a fancy restaurant in it.

Located inside Galleries Lafayette at 2nd Floor, Liberté offered a very nice French ambiance in their restaurant. It looked so classy and elegant. They succeed capture the atmosphere from French. It showed in the interior and furniture. Every details remind us with a little cafe that I often see in a movies.

Entering the restaurant, we can see sitting area like in the alley. The view very limited, Either shop view or picture on the wall view. I suggested you take a seat inside of the restaurant where we can find big window as a backdrop with a building view. There's a bar in the middle of the room. No separation between the smoking area and non smoking area. But if you want to feel convy without interrupting by the smokers, choose sitting area in the end of the alley until in the middle of the bar, like we did.

Sitting Area in the alley
the Bar
after we seated, there already menu that also our table mat at our table. Also there are pretty little flowers in every tables. Nice.

Liberté menu

Now let's move to the dishes. Can't hardly wait to taste them...

French Toasts (free complimentary)
White Toast and Wheat toast served with butter and Olive Oil. The bread pretty moist. A really great start.

Beer Battered Butterfish - IDR 72.000
A very promising dish when I read it in the menu. But unfortunately, when it came, the taste not impressed me much. The fish and the homemade chips served waayyy to oily. Even when my friend press the chips with fork, the chips come out from it. The taste a bit bland. So make sure you squeeze the lemon and dip it in to the mayonnaise before you eat it.

Roast Chicken - IDR 80.000
Chicken Leg & Breast, Roast Potatoes, Corn Relish
Since we visit Liberté in lunch hour, so my friend change the roast potatoes with rice. It cook rite. The chicken really tender and juicy. The sauce really soak up into the chicken, not only in the skin. So, this one really worth to try.

Chicken Roulade - IDR 80.000
Chicken Breast, Mashed Potatoes, Tomato Confit
I like this chicken roulade.  The chicken really tender and juicy. It so contrast with the brownish skin. The stuffing make the chicken more fascinating. It so smooth and great to my palate. Served with smooth mashed potato and nice sauce.

Chicken Cordon Bleu - IDR 90.000
Breaded Chicken Breast with Smoked Beef & Mozzarella
The chicken texture still juicy and tender eventhough the skin end up with it's crispiness. Stuffing with smoked ham melted mozzarella plus the sauce make this dish tasty. But for the veggies side dish, it's way too overcooked. So it lost it crunchy texture. And also, for 90k the portion is so petit. I expect a bit bigger portion from this one.

Iced Lychee Tea - IDR 36.000
Great prportion from Lychee Ice Tea. Lychee really dominated this drink gave freshening effect when we drink it.

Vitamin Waters – Watermelon Rosemary - IDR 72.000
(for three or four people)
Pretty presentation from this drink. Like it's name, mineral water that served from Aurum Pitchers only infuse with watermelon. So the watermelon and rosemary taste not too overpowering. For me, this not quite good.

This Liberte is worth to put in your list to be visit. Great place to hangout and a lot menu worth to try. Liberte only need to make an improvement with their Fish and Chips. Other than that, the place already great and the service also excellent.

Liberté French Brasserie
Galeries Lafayette 2nd Floor
Pacific Place
SCBD Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 52-53
Jakarta 12190
Phone: 021-57973425
FB Fan Page: Liberté Jakarta
twitter: @LiberteJakarta

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