09 Oktober 2013

Koultoura - A little nice coffee shop

Walking down in Greenville area, I wont waste my time. Since this area quite far from my crib, so whe I got a chance to visit Greenville, I visited 3 places in a row. And this Koultoura is a 3rd place. Curious because I often saw review about Koultoura.

Luckily, I've got a chance to visit Koultoura. And since my mate got birthday today, so he treat us here in Koultoura. Thanks a bunch Soya (^o^)v

When I first stepped in to Koultoura, I straight to their rest room in 2nd Floor. Nature call can't resist hehehhe... And they also put the cute details in their rest room. I notice it, when i wash my hands...

Cute Rest Room
Looked around in 2nd Floor, the place pretty spacious with wooden interior and looked rustic. With a mural and pictures on the wall, Koultoura ambiance is so great to hang out.
2nd Floor
1st Floor
Beside the wooden stool, actually they also have a long bench and tables. But, I forgot to take a picture of those hehe...

Enough about the cute place spread. Keep scroll down... I'll tell you the Koultoura menu. From their good coffee to their scrumptious dishes...

Iced Lychee Tea - IDR 25.000
Fresh lychee tea. Always good in any occasion
Pink Lemonade - IDR 25.000Always loved sour taste from the drink. This pink lemonade good to neutralize pasta & sweet menu. So freshening.
Mocha - IDR 35.000
Cocoa with espresso and fresh milk. Served in a small thin can cup. Cute presentation. Better use not to much ice to get more mocha flavor.
Iced Green Tea Latte - IDR 30.000Love love love this green tea. The green tea flavor is so dominated even when they add to much ice on it.
Espresso Latte with Caramel - IDR 35.000
Cute latte art presentation. The taste is also good. Perfect balance between coffee and caramel.
Burger ala Papa Bear - IDR 65.000
OMG!! This burger taste so yummy. Their truffle beef patties is so yummy and juicy. Served with melted cheese and caramelize onion make this burger rich in flavor. Plus the bun is soft. Served with potato wedges. Recommended.

Croque Madame - IDR 45.000
Crunchy sandwich with melted cheese, ham and egg covered with béchamel sauce and touch of cayenne pepper. Very generous of melted cheese. Sandwich bread texture is great, so delicate. The cayenneadd more flavor to the cheese. Served with potato wedges. Yummy...

Truffle Mac & Cheese - IDR 45.000
Mac & Cheese with Truffle oil with bacon bits. Macaroni cooked al-dente. With very generous amount of the sauce. I think this mac & cheese can be more great if they add something in the sauce to make it more tasty. Because it's to bland to my palate.

Chicken Maryland - IDR 55.000
A quarter of pan fried chicken served with our signature barbeque mushroom sauce and covered by rocket salad. Chicken Maryland froom Koultoura is so recommended. Tender chicken seasoned well. The salad is fresh. Every elements from this dish is so yummy.

Koultoura is definitely must visit place. Nice ambiance, nice service and nice coffee and meals. Add Koultoura to your list For hang out or simply chit chat with your mates.

Jl Taman Ratu Indah Blok AA2 No 33
FB Fan Page: Koultoura Coffee
twitter: @Koultoura

3 komentar:

  1. hihi ada foto the birthday boy :D nice review octa, like always..

  2. OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!
    You've put my handsome picture there..... I love you so much!

    BTW nice review though.... i really like how you storytell us with your own language... I have to learn a lot from you.

    Keep up your wonderful job Octa!
    LOVE IT!!


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