09 Januari 2014


OMG! This is so late post from me. Terribly sorry because I have a lot to be done lately. But I'm still excited to share you all in this event that I attended which is Sendok Garpu Food Portal 7th Anniversary. This event was held at Eatology.

I know about Eatology since the 1st time their open their restaurant in Sabang Street. Since I just to blink my eye from my office to get to Eatology. First came to this restaurant nothing impress me and to be honest I'm quite dissapointed with their menus. For I dare my self to taste them again several month ago with my office mates, and I was so surprise that they already increase their dishes. Now the menu taste decent and well balance. So different with the 1st time I taste. Now I'm impress.

Eatology served many kind Western and Asian Food. From Steak, Rice to Pizza are served here. Entering the Eatology area, we can see their bar where there a cake display and choice of beverages.  With the wooden furniture and a greeny patio, Eatology looked so earthy and warm. Divided into two areas Indoor (where you can not smoke) and Outdoor (where you can smoke). Both really have nice place to sit.

*Picture courtesy of SendokGarpu
For you who not familiar with Sendok Garpu yet, let me give you a little hint about Sendok Garpu. Sendok Garpu is a Food Portal where you can search many kind of restaurants and cuisine. If you feel confuse where to go for eat, just do a one click here and you can find so many choice of restaurants here. This easy application can make you saving more time in searching idea to dine.

After we seated in a long tables, we did some introducing with Sendok Garpu members and crew. Then, Eatology start to served their appetizer.


Onion Ring
A crispy onion ring was served hot that day. Taste pretty nice served with mayonnaise to make this onion ring more tasty. That day, this onion ring that make me can stop snacking it.

Salmon Skin
Taste decent. With a crispy texture and well coated. What I like about this salmon skin is that it's not fishy or oily. It also good if you pair it mayonnaise or barbeque sauce.

If you want a light and healthy snack to start your dine here, you can choose this edamame. A very tender beans can make you not realize that you already eat all beans the whole plate.

French Fries


Chicken Steak
 A tender chicken steak was served that day. It was perfectly cooked. So the texture is not dry and still juicy. Served with barbeque sauce and french fries for the side dish.

Club Sandwich
This sandwich is for the Eating Challange. The portion pretty huge. From the contestant hint, they said the taste quite good.

Ice Cream
Dessert! Strawberry and Vanilla Ice Cream complete my lunch that day.

Birthday not complete without birthday cakes
An event not complete without family portrait
At the end, it was such a great time attending SendokGarpu Anniversary. Hope you guys more success. And happy to be back to Eatology  again. Such a hospitality.

Jl. K.H. Agus Salim No. 22 D-E
Sabang, Menteng
Jakarta Pusat
Phone: 021-31930518


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