08 Januari 2014

PANCIOUS - New Identity Revealed

A view weeks ago, I got a chance to attended for new launching Pancious new concept. Beside the new identity launching, Pancious also did the opening for their new store in Grand Indonesia Mall Jakarta.

Pancious Grand Indonesia
So excited to come to this 14th store of Pancious. For pancakes lovers, I guess Pancious is not a new thing. And I guess I don't need to explain for more further. As for me, Pancious is a place for hangout with my besties and also a place for a date with my hubby. I already tried almost all Pancious menus. For me, Pancious always succeed make me satisfied with their menu and service.

The new identity from Pancious not just for the interior and exterior, but they make the whole the changes, like logo, menu books, food packaging, etc.  This inpiration for new logo comes from a scratch from the Chef who always invented their original recipes. As for red color is already become a signature color & a strong identity from Pancious who represented big passion  in culinary world. Meanwhile black give braveness image to Pancious to try a new things just to make all customers happy. Psstt... I still see their old logo in their website. They should change it immediately.

As their new theme, Market Place, so for the launching Pancious new store and launching Pancious new identity, they set up the whole area of the restaurant just like market place with wooden interior and furniture.

Eventhough red has become their identity color, I think in the new concept, I only seen a view red here. But we can still feel the warm ambiance.

While waiting for the main event begin, we welcome with Pancious's yummy appetizers like nachos, baby potatoes and chicken  wrap. OMG! I can't even stop snacking it. I always order baby potato and chicken wrap when I visited Pancious. They're so yummy and perfectly cooked & seasoning.

Look at those yummy appetizers, who doesn't want to grab'em all?? Also look at that gorgeous display. It so adorable.
Chicken Wrap - Moist & Soft tortilla for the wrap, tender chicken that blend well with the sauce. It so nice to have it whether it still warm or already cold. Take 1 and I bet you want it more.
Nachos - Crispy nachos chips topped with crisp beef bacon and barbeque sauce.
Crispy Calamari - A big cut & tender of squid coated with crispy flour and poured with mayo. Taste so yummy
Baby Potatoes - the one that must order in Pancious is baby potato seasoned with herbs topped with smoked beef and mayonnaise.
Small Pancakes & Toppings - For today's event, Pancious served their signature pancake in a small size. The pancakes always fluffy & great. From those many topping, I still prefer the classic one. Only poured it with maple syrup.
Drink this Fresh Milk to accompany your pancakes
After a warmth greetings from Fransisca Tjong, Managing Director Pancious and taste their welcome food, we seated in a nice table that already set-up with many petite cute things. Not for long, came their Pancake for 1st main course that day.

Green Tea Pancake
Single – IDR 39,000          Double – IDR 48,000
So delicate and gentle with Green Tea sauce and biscuit crumble.
I'm a big fan with almost pancake variants from Pancious. And this green tea is one of them. The sauce taste not too sweet. The thickness is just right. Served with vanilla ice cream.

Creamy Marinara Salmon – IDR 72,000
Thick & Creamy, Your choice pasta with salmon, marinara sauce & cream.
The marinara sauce taste not too sour, maybe because it already blend with the cream. The thickness is just right. Perfectly blend with the aldente spaghetti. You can substitute the spaghetti with other pasta of your choice like fettuccine.  The salmon also very tender and not smell fishy. Another plus from this pasta.

Tropical Fruit Punch - IDR 52,000
A punch that dominated with lychee served in a pitcher. So you can share it with your other 3 friends. For me, this punch taste too sweet. The the fruit in it taste really fresh.

Pancious gave all guest tickets that can exchange with all ingredients that Pancious use. We can exchange it in their 'mini market'. I really love the gift like this. Not because they give me free. But it just not a gift. Pancious want to tell to all the guest about their fresh ingredients. What ingredients they use to create their amazing menus. From basic things like seasoning, onion, vegetables, fruit until their pasta and milk. All served here. From this, we know that Pancious only use natural ingredients. No artificial things. So great we can know Pancious even more  through their ingredients.

At the end, not just happy tummy that I've got from today's event. But also a great experience and more knowledge about Pancious. Their hospitality is really a plus beside their yummy food. Hope they keep creat many new menu.

Grand Indonesia West Mall Level 3A unit ED 1 – 01A
Jl. M.H Thamrin No. 1
Jakarta 10310
Phone: (021) 23580936
Opening Hours: Monday – Sunday: 10am – 10 pm


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