13 Januari 2014

Elicxir Artisan Gelato Plaza Indonesia

A view weeks ago, an invitation dropped in my email. it came from Elicxir Artisan Gelato Ice Cream. I always excited with ice cream. Specially nitrogen Ice Cream is still on the top list for ice cream. There are several Nitrogen Ice Cream store these days. And Elicxir want to join the battle for Nitrogen Ice Cream.

Located on the 5th Floor of Plaza Indonesia just accross the Pancious restaurant, Elicxir took in not too spacious placed. I guess not more than 30 can fit here. Because it hand packed, you can just grab it and take it away. Even though the place is not too spacious but it convy enough to hangout or just sitting relax for a while and peeking on Elicxir scientist create their Gelato Ice Cream.

The owner, Jennifer & Jensen really take serious with the Elicxir Artisan Gelato Ice Cream. Not just with the cozy place, but with the selection of the Gelato & Sorbet. They will updated the variants of their products, so it wont make their customers get bored with the menus.


Pom Pom Bomb – IDR 27.500
Noisette Potato with Spicy Truffle Elixir
Pom Pom Bom is a snack like fried mashed potato. The taste a bit more spicy even I taste it like there's curry in it. Served with spicy mayonnaise as companion. Those snacks really good while it still hot.

Noir Dutchess – IDR 27.500
Duchesse Potato Flooded with Dark Chocolate Fondue
Basically it's same with the above one. The different is only in the dipping sauce. Elicxir want to try another unique things with pairing this balls with chocolate sauce. But I still prefer the mayo one...


Breakkie Champion
Corn Cereal Milk Gelato
Basically this gelato is like you eating a bowl of corn flakes with milk. Breakfast has turn become an ice cream. What an idea. I just can finished it 1/4 cup since it's too milky and sweet to my palate. But if you like milk, you'll gonna love this one.

Banana Cream Gelato with Salted Caramel Cookies
A banana cream Gelato comes next. A very balance banana and milk is really tasty. The sweetness is just right, not too overpowering. Topped with salted caramel cookies which is too bad eventhough the texture and the crunchy is great but I just wish the salted caramel can be more pop-out.

You Have Me, That’s Why It’s Red
Raspberry Sorbet with Madagascar Vanilla
After try 2 milky gelato, Raspberry Sorbet could be a perfect balance. But too bad, this gorgeous raspberry sorbet taste not too bold enough. I just wish the raspberry and the sourness more dominated this could be a great sorbet.

Royal Velvet
Taro Velvet Gelato with Hojicha
This beautiful purple is really a star that day. Not just because this gelato that mixed with taro and hojicha but all component in this cup really perfectly balance. I really can't stop eating this. If next time I come back to Elicxir, I definitely order this one. So RECOMMENDED! 

Black Diamond
52% Pure Chocolate Sorbet
If usually I taste sorbet with fruit flavor, this time Elicxir give us a try to taste chocolate Sorbet flavor. And just like the raspberry, the chocolate taste not bold enough. Maybe because it's only 52% chocolate in it. If I see in their menu board, it used to be 70% pure chocolate. If just the chocolate a bit more powerfull, this black diamond really can shine bright like a diamond ehhehehe...

If you want to add more topping in your ice cream, you just need to add another IDR 3,000 for each selected topping such as honey peanuts, crunchy cornflakes, caramel sauce and chocolate buttons. I wish they could add fruits as a topping. It can be more freshening for the sorbet.

Elicxir Artisan Gelato  
Plaza Indonesia Extention, 5th fl. #019  
Jl. M.H. Thamrin Kav. 28-30 Jakarta Pusat 15350  
021 - 2992 1716  


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