14 April 2014

Holy Moment at HOLY CRAB Jakarta

Been so curious with the existent of one of Seafood restaurant in Jakarta. Holy Crab placed in a strategic area called Gunawarman. Not too far from SCBD area. Thanks so my mates Aline who introduce me to Holycrab. So that night was a girls night out.And on my second visit, it because suddenly my friend Yenny who really craving for this Holy Crab. So here's our story...

Holy Crab is not just an ordinary seafood restaurant. Entering Holy Crab area, you will find many nautical things like paddle, sea-shell and even the big ropes. This Louisiana Seafood style has pretty spacious place to dine. Holy Crab have 2 floor that fit for at least 130 person. There's also a private dining area. We seated infront of the dummy board. Dummy board is a guide how to eat your crab. So hillarious.

Holy Crab Facade
Private Room
Even the door handle is look like paddle
This Dummies Guide To De-Shelling really help a lot
Holy Crab served a very tempting seafood. From crab, Lobster, Shrimp, Clam, Fish and Calamari you named it. Looking at the menu it self already making me mouthwatering. For crab, Holy Crab have selection of import and local. For import, I can't give you specific price. Because Holy Crab set the price into seasonal price. Last time, I went there, the price around IDR 80.000 for 100gram for the dungeness crab. Beside the Dungeness Crab, other import crab are King Crab Legs and Snow Crab Legs. The size of the legs is so huge. Beside crab other import product is definitely Lobster.

The plastic napkin to keep your clothes clean
Eating in Holy Crab means forget the table manner, forget all the knife, fork or spoon. Its a place where you can get dirty and lick your fingers with no hesitate. And where's the plate? There's no plate also y'll.... The seafood will spread upon your table. Of course after it cover with paper napkin. Get down to the mess and enjoy the crab till the last bite.

Those are the only tools we used - to smashing and dig in the crab

Cajun Fries - IDR 25.000
Love this cajun fries. A really crisp and well seasoning of french fries. Just dip it into the sauce that you get when you order your seafood. The taste become more tasty.

Onion Ring - IDR 25.000
Look at that gigantic onion ring. Usually I only had an onion ring size thinner than that. But Holy Crab have the big version. It coated well and it taste great.


MUD CRAB - IDR 45.000 / 100gram
The crab above was around 500gram's weight. I thought the local crab, was not going this big. It's enough for 2-3 person though. The meat is so so juicy and tender. The sauce it-self really soak in to the crab. I don't mind have to struggle with the crab shell. I just need to smash it with the wooden hammer. The crab taste fresh. I even didn't smell any fishy smell at all.

SHRIMP - IDR 28.000 / 100gram
The size of the shrimp also pretty big. It so fresh and not fishy. I can taste the juiciness, sweet, tender and so smooth in the very first bite.


Holy Crab have 3 spiciness level from the sauce that you can choose.
                                             HOLY MOLY!
Since I ate with my Yenny who couldn't handle the spicy taste, so we ordered for the mild sauce. The sauce texture just like bolognaise. Even though it called mild, but I still taste a bit hint of spiciness in it. The mild not only for the spiciness. But also in its texture. So when we combine it with the seafood,  it doesn't make it too overpowering. So it make the seafood still the main star. And in our second visit, we're so curious with the HolyMoly sauce. Yes, we dare our selves to try that sauce. And yess... it so hot like  hell! It really burn my lips and my throat. But the weird thing is, it make us want to grab it again LOL.


Lemonade (Free Flow) – IDR 25.000
The sourness & the acidity from this drink can balance the heat from the sauce

Ice Tea (Free Flow) – IDR 25.000

Complimentary Orange - to reduce the heat from the sauce
One more thing that can be the fun effect from this restaurant. I guess this is the only restaurant that rent a "Selfie Stick" or we called it "Tongsis (tongkat narsis)" and yes, we use it several times just for fun hehehe...

Overall, we're have so much great time to have dine here. With the good service and good quality of food. I hope Holy Crab keep maintain the quality of the food and the service in the future.

The Menu
The Holy Crab
Jalan Gunawarman No. 55
Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan
Jakarta Selatan 12110
021 - 2923 6155
Opening Hours:
5 PM - 10 PM (Weekdays), 12 PM - 10 PM (weekends)


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