16 April 2014

Le Cafe Gourmand Gunawarwan Jakarta

Before visiting Holy Crab that still in one area in Gunawarman just across the Le Quartier restaurant, me and my friend decided to have some dessert here before take the massive dinner in seafood restaurant.

The place almost fully packed when we arrived that day. It just the lovely afternoon before the office hour ended.Le Cafe Gourmand have 2 area in their restaurant. And all for non-smoking area. They are also have a private room for you to use. Entering the Le Cafe Gourmand, you will find a nice long table with high stools and a corner seat where you can sit while see the Gunawarman street.

At first we sat in that high chairs. But since we're so curious with the sitting area inside, we ask the waiter to find us a seat when there's an empty one. Lucky for us, we got a nice sofa infront of the cakes display.

I'm pretty impressed when I saw the interior. It so modern minimalist with a bright color in it. The big painting in one of their wall really capture the coffee shop activity. In the center of the room there are display that shown the ice cream and cakes selection. And the opposite one, there's a coffee area where you can have some of selection of coffees.

Since we're going to have big dinner that day, so we only only dessert and drink to accompany our lovely afternoon. And here are what we're ordered.

Ice Chocolate - IDR 40.000
I heard from my friend been here before, that I should to order the Ice Chocolate. That's make me so curious, so I ordered one. And OMG... he was right! This Ice Chocolate was so heaven. The Valrhona chocolate was so dense. A bittersweet chocolate suddenly brighten up my day.

Chocolate Caramel Tart - IDR 35.000
Varlhona Chocolate Ganache with Smooth Caramel and Crispy Pastry
This chocolate tart was so damn good. I really like it a lot. The crust was so smooth and crunchy. And the chocolate ganache was so delicate and smooth. The sweetness also so balance. It's not too overpowering.

This tart also blew me away. Salmon tart from Le Cafe Gourmand similar like quiche. The salmon that blend with the cheese taste so light. The salmon taste fresh without any smell fishy.

We closed our visit with something fresh and cold. What else beside the ICE CREAM!! This ice cream already make me drooling since the first time we moved our seat in front of the cakes and ice cream display. Specially when I looked at the colorful cone. To bad, the server said, they only have chocolate and the original left that day. So, I prefer the chocolate one. As for the ice cream, I felt like i want to grab it all. I love ice cream so bad. Always succeed become my mood booster. Le Cafe Gourmand have 2 kind of ice cream. One is the Gelato and other is the Sorbet. That day, I choose gelato salted and caramel and mango sorbet. And I think I made the right choice. because I like those 2 ice cream that I choose. The salted caramel not too sweet with a hint of saltiness and the Mango Sorbet taste so freshening. It has a good balance between the sour and the sweet. Both sorbet and gelato have the smooth texture.

Overall, it was so nice visiting Le Cafe Gourmand. With many selection of great dessert, they really know how to spoiled their customers.

Le Cafe Gourmand
Jalan Gunawarman No. 65
Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan
Jakarta Selatan 12110


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