18 Desember 2013

Le Quartier Jakarta

One day I feel want to feel a romantic ambiance dinner with my hubby.  We, two crazy people, want  try to be a romantic couple once. So, based on my mate recommendation,we ended up in a fancy France restaurant, Le Quartier. Before that, terribly sorry for not so good pictures. It because the night scene and low light.

Le Quartier try to adapted romantic neighborhood brasseries. It capture with the big and elegant chandelier everywhere. Le Quartier has a vintage interior with wooden furniture since the front door. With a lace curtain and big window, Le Quartier really feel homey. They really pay attention in every details. All elements look match and good together. Event they don't forget the restroom. The restroom look nice and as elegant as the diner area itself.

Rest Room
In the middle of the room, we can found Bar table that filled with choice of alcoholic drinks. You can sit here just for chill. They have many selection of champagne and liqueur.

Since we begin our dinner with a something sweet earlier, so me & hubby straight to go with Main Course. After a view times reading the menu, here area what we have for dinner.

Complimentary Bread
After we seated and ordered our dinner, this complimentary bread served in our table. A very moist wheat and plain bread. Pair it with the fragrant olive oil and smooth butter. Really good to start your main course.

Iced Pomelo and Lychee - IDR 38.000
Balinese Grapefruit, Lychees, Lychee Syrup, Mint, Soda
A very freshening drink came from this drink. Both lychee and the grapefruit really succeed pop out it taste. And a mint make this drink more fragrant. The taste is not too sweet, which I like.
Sweet Camomile - IDR 36.000
The delicate fruitiness of orange petals over the mild tartness of camomile.
Since the restaurant a bit cold, so this hot drink really suitable to accompany the night. Really fragrant and nice.

Barramundi Centercut Fillet with Lemon Beurre Blanc Sauce - IDR 116.000
A very tender barramundi fillet. It taste so fresh and not smell fishy at all! Without over seasoning, this barramundi already taste great. Really melted in your mouth. It cooked to perfection. Served with Lemon Beurre Blanc Sauce. It based on waiter's recommendation. A bit sour from the lemon give a good balance to the barramundi. Nice!

Beurre blanc — literally translated from French as "white butter"— is a hot emulsified butter sauce made with a reduction of vinegar and/or white wine (normally Muscadet) and grey shallots into which cold, whole butter is blended off the heat to prevent separation.

Norwegian Salmon Steak with Tarragon Bearnaise Sauce - IDR 148.000
Same like Barramundi above, Salmon Steak here in Le Quartier served very pretty. Perfectly cooked without any fishy smell. The salmon is so smooth. Every bite is taste like heaven. Even withour the sauce, this salmon already taste great. But it also good paired with Taragon Bearnaise sauce. Bearnaise Sauce is a sauce made of clarified butter emulsified in egg yolks, white wine vinegar and flavored with herbs.
The taste is similar like mustard. A bit sour and good paired with the salmon.

All Steak that I ordered served with grilled tomato, potato and garlic. The garlic not that smelly. It taste great. And give more kick sensation to the steak.

At the end, I love every elements that served in Le Quartier. I definitely will comeback someday to try another menu from Le Quartier.

Le Quartier French Restaurant 
Jl. Gunawarman No. 34 Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta  
021 - 7278 8001


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