25 Juni 2014

Authentique - For the Fresh Made Bakery

It's been a while since I went to Authentique French Bakery with my friend Aline. Why I pending this post too long? It just because at first we plan to back to Authentique French Bakery again a very soon. But too bad, we never got a chance again to go back. So I guess I don't have a ny reason to postponed it again.

A bit tricky to  get to Authentique French Bakery. If you already at Kemang Raya Street, you just need to find Hero Kemang that located at Kemang Selatan 1. From the facade, the place look petite but really eye catching. With 2 Vespa that wrote Authentique infront of the entrance. Stepped in to the terrace, there are some chairs that maybe fit for 7 people only. I believe this area this meant for smoking area.

Stepped in to the Authentique French Bakery area, again, the are only several place to seat. Perhaps it only fit no more than 12 people. So, instead of dine in, peoples who don't get seat, but don't want wait too long can take away their orders.

But luckily for us, we got a seat infront of theiir bakery display. even though the place not too spacious, but it bright enough to make it look spacious. With a petite colorful decor make this place so cheerful. So confuse, what to order, since a lot of bakery and other meals that look tempting to order. Plus... the smell of the freshly made of bakery really make me even more hungry.

Since it still 10am, and we haven't breakfast yet. So, we order something that can make my morning mood boost.

The bread was dry but moist at the same time. Filled with beef ham (choice of beef or pork) make this croque madame sooo damn tasty. Topped with cheese on the bread and also topped with sunny side egg that looked bright like the sunshine.

Once I had this, the taste pretty good. The meringue inside is crunchy and not too sweet. The sweet flavor comes from the chocolate that cover all over the meringue. Outside the chocolate there's still chocolate rice (meises) that covered all over the ball. Loved the crunchy texture. Too bad, they don't serve this Meringue Ball any longer.

Small - IDR 5.000
Big - IDR 15.000
A half Dozen Of Big Canele - IDR 80.000
Always interesting in French cookies and bakery. And when I saw this Canele, it so hard not to grab one. So I grab 2 small canele. The burn texture from the caramel outside not taste bitter. When I bite it, the chewy texture from the canele and the crunchy texture at the outside really play in my mouth. It blend with the smoothness from the custard inside. What I like from this canele is the taste is not too sweet.

Like I said earlier, Authentique served many kind of bakery that freshly made. Not just the bakery, but they also serve macaroon, pies and other tempting products. Next time I visit Authentique again, I definitely will grab some of them. 

Authentique Menu
Just like feel at home here at Authentique. Nice and friendly service. Family business never goes wrong. Always make the customers feel comfortable. Specially with their homemade dishes. 

Jl. Kemang Selatan 1 No. 20 A, Kemang
Phone: +62-21 7180011

Email: watashi_waoct4@yahoo.com


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