02 Desember 2014

Boka Buka Cipete Jakarta

I've been heard about Boka Buka from my foodies friends. And when me and hubby  passed through in Cipete area, we decided to have a try on Boka Buka.

Boka Buka located in Cipete Raya near Laughing Stock & Grill. Opened since 1999, Boka Buka offer a French Casual Dining. We came at 3pm for a late lunch. And apparently, we're the only customers that afternoon. I thought they only serve for lunch and dinner. But, as they welcome us and open their restaurant, we stepped in to the restaurant.

The interior dominated with dark wooden furniture with a dim light. I think it make the room looks small than it used to be. Looks like they placed Boka Buka in a house building. The room that used to be a bedroom, become their private room. Its more relaxing I must say. Still with wooden chairs and an attractive paintings.

Eventhough the dining area is pretty cool, but I don't feel relax and cozy here. So, I ask my hubby into the outside area. The outside area become a smoking area with a big glass door that connected us with the garden backyard. We can find a bar here at the middle room. Since no one here who smoke, then we moved here.

Our lunch begins with the bread and the home made ginger juice in a sloki glass that taste freshening as a complimentary. 
Complimentary bread - The garlic butter is fantastic!!
Cream Of Pumpkin Soup
Cream Of Pumpkin Soup - IDR 35.000
The appearance is so  captured my eyes. Not just the bright pumpkin color, but the smells of the soup is so good. When I take a sip of the soup, it's as its look. Served when it still hot. The consistency is just right, not too thick or runny. Like this soup.

 Pan Fried Red Snapper
Pan Fried Red Snapper
Served with boiled potato, sautee mushroom and tomatoes.
I'm a bit disappointed with this snapper. The fish taste a bit bitter and not so fresh. The side dish also overcooked. This must be a major attention for Boka Buka.

Spaghetti Aglio Olio
Spaghetti Aglio Olio - IDR 65.000
Sauteed spaghetti with olive oil, fresh chilli and smoke beef
When I first taste this spaghetti, my throat is burned! It so freakin' hot and spicy. The waiter has warned us though. But I still can enjoy it. The spaghetti cooked aldente with the right amount of seasoning. 

WINE - IDR 75.000 per glass
As for our drink, we had both white and red wine. YES!! We had wine during our late lunch. I like the white wine better. Its more crisp, light and sweet than the red wine. And the white one is more suitable with the both our menu.

At the end, Boka Buka still not fulfill my expectation. As from I read in several blogs, that they have great menus. Probably, I'll take a second chance to visit here some other times. But their service been very amazing and helpful. 

Jl. Cipete Raya No. 1 Fatmawati

Email: watashi_waoct4@yahoo.com


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