13 Maret 2015

Cali Deli - Menteng Jakarta

After a quick bite and a quick at Giyanti Coffee Roastery that located next the door, me and my sister still a bit hungry and want to find a lil' bit relaxing and not crowded place. Since we're too lazy to go anywhere, so we decided to have a (again!) quick meal but still can have our relax moment. So here we are at Cali Deli.

Located in Menteng Area, across the antique market, Jalan Surabaya, Cali Deli specialize them self into a Vietnamese Sandwiches (or it usually known as banh mi in Vietnam) Restaurant. Built in the year 2006, and also has another eatery called 'Madame Ching' that served Vietnamese Noodles  and located also in Cali Deli area.

Cali Deli split into 2 area, indoor and outdoor. After look at the indoor area, we decided to have a sit outside the area. Because it more bright and convy. The indoor area is more dim light and more dark. Maybe because the sofa color is maroon. Meanwhile the outdoor area is more attractive. We just wish that there's wind and the fan can cover the hot weather outside. Since only few visitor, and no one smoke, even though the outside area is allow you to smoke.

Toasted banh mi with marinated tender slice chicken in Lemon Grass signature Vietnamese  sauce and combine with fresh Vegetables.
Well, even though the presentation is not pretty, but this banh mi surprisingly taste delicious. The lemon grass gave a fresh taste and a bit tangy taste. the chicken also marinated well and tender. So its a well balance. I like the vegetables that still have crunchy texture.

Toasted banh mi filled with chicken ham spread with delicious chicken pate and fresh vegetables.
Loved the chicken ham, but the chicken pate was too over whelmed. Oh, FYI, Chicken Pate is a mashed chicken Liver. It was good if you ate it one bite. But then, you'll feel enough after next bite. Luckily the carrots that already marinated with vinegar and sugar can neutralize it.

Overall, for a quick meal, Cali Deli still one of fine restaurant to have Banh Mi. The baguettes is great, the ingredients fresh, and the service is good.

Cali Deli Menteng
Jl. Surabaya 22, Menteng
Jakarta Pusat
Phone: 021. 98011061/62

Email: watashi_waoct4@yahoo.com


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