13 Maret 2015

Giyanti Coffee Roastery Jakarta

Been heard about Giyanti Coffee Roastery for a long time. But never got a chance to come here. Since I have a baby project program, so I often avoid Coffee Shop. But lately, I seldom cheated to my forbidden list hehehe... So when my sister ask me to join her for coffee and for work, I said... lets go...

I've been worn by my friends, that Giyanti can be a really crowded on weekend. And usually the seat will be sharing with others if its already full. Mind the privacy. Located in Menteng Area, or to be precise at the antique area, Jalan Surabaya no 20 Jakarta.

Giyanti split into two area, indoor and outdoor. With theme minimalist and eclectic, Giyanti ambiance look so much fun and friendly. With a sofa and wooden furniture at the indoor area. Its a combination between traditional and modern. I used to sit at the indoor, but since I have to sit with others (yes... that Saturday is bloody crowded) and I only sit at little stools, so me and my decided to move outdoor.

Outdoor area is so humid. Even though they already give a big Floor Air-Con outside. So finally we sit at bar stools. And sip our coffee.

Full body with a little bit acidity. I like the composition It so fragrant. I like if the coffee taste a bit bitter. So I passed the sugar and just enjoy my original coffee.

Since the weather is so humid I think I need a cooler. So I cancelled my Piccolo and ordered the Affogato. A vanilla ice cream with espresso.And surprisingly it's so good. The espresso make a balance to the sweetness of the vanilla ice cream. A great redemption for the hot day.

APPLE PIE - IDR 30.000
Aaakk.... Giyanti have the very great Apple Pie. Look at the layer of the pastry. It's crisp out but it so fluffy and soft inside. Not too forget the star is apple it self. A bit tangy, sweet it all have a great balance. Specially Giyanti pre-heat it again on their microwave. I Die!

Overall, Giyanti Coffee Roastery that run by Hendrik Halianto is superb. Despite of the over-crowded place, all coffee that they served is beyond amazing. Probably you should avoid weekend.

Giyanti Coffee Roastery Jalan Surabaya No. 20, Menteng Jakarta Pusat Opening Days: Wednesday - Saturday Opening Hours: 9.30 AM - 5.30 PM WEBSITE | FACEBOOK | TWITTER | INSTAGRAM

Email: watashi_waoct4@yahoo.com


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