15 April 2015


Been so curious with BENEDICT restaurant since it a view month ago when it 1st opened at East Mall, Grand Indonesia around February 2015. And I've heard many positive comments from my blogger mates. So, finally I had time to visit Benedict.

Benedict is still under UNION Group and it means under the same roof with Caffe Milano, Union Deli and so on. Like Union typical restaurant interior, Benedict interior designed with Posh, Modern and Cozy. With wooden interior, Benedict had a green as a basic color. So the restaurant look so earthy and homey. If you look at the window, it remind me of my Grandma house. A big window where we can see the view outside.

The area divided into two area, smoking and non-smoking where it only separated by the tall rack. The bar and the kitchen placed on the smoking area. Like the attractive bar setting. Luckily we've got the place in a nice cozy sofa even though too bad it placed in smoking area. Can't more complaint, since its lunch hour and the restaurant almost Full Packed!

BENEDICT served all day breakfast with the star of the menu actually the Egg Benedict like its name. But, after I'm screening on their menu list, they have a lot of varieties menu that we can choose start from Western, Asian and Mediterranean. As it lunch hour, I'm looking something that can make my tummy happy.


Pork-3-Ways or Grilled Steak, Chili Fried Rice, 7-Minutes Egg, Cauliflower, Furikake
Since we don't eat pork, so we asked the Server to substitute it with Beef Grilled Steak. And it turned to be good. It tender and marinated well. Like the rice also. Its not to spicy and it seasoning well. All ingredients served on the bowl completed each other. So you get the savory, the hint of the spicy, a soft from the egg and a bit crunch from the cauliflower. The furikake that usually you find in Japanese dish, become a topping for this menu, add a sweet taste to the dish. So perhaps this is why I didn't taste too spicy. Because it balance one to another.

Chili Flakes, Scallions, Confit Garlic, Cherry Tomatoes, Pomegranate Molasses
Actually, this is not the 1st menu that I want to order. But then the server suggested me one of their Special Menu. Why it become special? Well, beside the ingredients in it, this menu is not the regular menu that BENEDICT have. This still a trial menu. If the order is good, then probably this Pasta will become their regular menu. Well... I tried my luck then.

Angel Hair Pasta is a kind of pasta that similar like spaghetti but the diameter smaller than the spaghetti. It cooked aldente with a rich flavor of garlic and a hint of spicy from chilli flakes. The duck confit also cooked perfectly. It so tender and juicy. Not to forget the Pomegranate Molasses that give a sweet taste to combine the savory of this menu. The cherry tomatoes add a bit tangy taste. Super love of this Pasta. And I think, Benedict should make put it into their regular menu.


This cheese cake is definitely a heaven for cheese lover. The cake texture is so smooth and soft. Eventhough it full of cheese, but not too overpower. The snickers crumble on top add a crunchy texture to this cake. So it has the good combination in one cake, chocolate mix with cheese, and it really good.

Just heard from the cake name enough to make me mouthwatering. Imagining banana with nutella. And this one become my favorite cake that day. A crusty pie mix with the softness of the banana and the nutella. This one I can eat all day fo sho!

First time I ate Banoffee Pie a view years ago and I fell in love ever since. So I'm glad that Benedict have the Banoffee Pie on their cake list. A pie consist of banana, dulce de leche, cream and topped with nuts crumble. But I only can ate 3 bite. After that, it become overwhelmed. Way too sweet for my palate.

At the end, I really satisfied with what Benedict served that day. The food was great, the service is excellent. And probably on  my next visit, I'll try their all day breakfast that really look tempting to try.

BENEDICT Grand Indonesia East Mall LG #37-#39  
Jl. M.H. Thamrin No. 1 Jakarta Pusat 10310
021 - 2358 1238 
Opening Hours: 10 AM - 10 PM  
Pricing: $$ / IDR 300k for two  
Dresscode: smart casual


Email: watashi_waoct4@yahoo.com


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