25 November 2015

GYROS ALLEY – Panglima Polim Jakarta

I never in my life taste Greek cuisine. Saw on my friend's post couple times about Greek cuisine, and makes me curious to have a try. It's not too hard to find the Gyros Alley location. They have a big sign board with big Gyros in-front of their restaurant.

Me and hubby arrived before dark, and thinking sit outside on balcony. Sounds great and its not too hot anymore. But too bad, it already vacant with other peoples huhuu....

Gyros Alley separated into two Floor. When you entering the restaurant, you'll find the Bar and the Grilling section. It so attractive. Not much sitting area on 1st floor. We decided to sit in 2nd floor. They placed the big mirror to make an illusion a big room. And all over their walls there's Greece thematic mural.

FALAFEL - IDR 45.000
Falafel is a common dish from Middle East. Usually made from chick peas, fafa beans or mixed from both of them. Falafel can be eaten as a snack or served with pita bread. It usually served with salad and tzaziki sauce, hot sauce or drizzled with tahini-based sauce.
We choose this falafel as a starter just because we so curious, and we end with enjoyed it so much. The fried falafel balls is so fragrant with herbs. It so crunchy on the outside and so flaky on the inside. I like dipped it in the tzaziki sauce. It tangy yet refreshing. 

LAMB - IDR 62.000
CHICKEN - IDR 55.000
FALAFEL - IDR 50.000

Charcoal Roasted Meat, Tzaziki Sauce, Tomato & Onion Wrapped in Homemade Pita Bread.
Gyros is a Greek Style tender lamb or chicken fillet that has been marinatedfor 42 hours stack in  horizontal charcoal spit and roasted to perfection. We ordered this Gyros Souvlaki because its the signature dish from Gyros Alley. Looks like we have the right decision ordered this menu. The one we ordered is the Gyros Souvlaki Lamb. It taste so darn good! The lamb is well marinated, juicy and so tender. The pita bread also soft and moist, It perfect match with the tzaziki sauce. 

LAMB - IDR 65.000
CHICKEN - IDR 58.000
FALAFEL - IDR 55.000

Platter Charcoal Roasted Meat / Falafel, Tzaziki Sauce, Greek Salad, Pita Bread.
Actually the Gyros Platter is not so different with the Gyros Souvlaki. The different is only if the Gyros Souvlaki is the meat wrapped in pita bread, while in the Platter the pita bread served separated from the meat. Just realized that we ordered both with Lamb. Guess we're in the mood for lamb. And again, the lamb is very juicy and tender. I love all the combination with the salad and the tzaziki sauce. Really addicting.

At the end, on the first time our visit and our first attemped to have a try for Greek food, we can say it nailed! The food that Gyros Alley served is really good. With the good ambiance of the restaurant and a good service, Gyros Alley is definitely a place that worth to visit. We might be back for their other menu and dessert. We're to full to have our dessert on our first back then.

Jl. Panglima Polim IX No. 8
Melawai, Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta 12160
Phone: (+6221) 7269877


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