11 November 2015

SHABU GHIN – Wolter Monginsidi Jakarta

If you see my previous post regarding Shaburi Japanese Shabu-Shabu, you'll notice that I told you guys that my hubby and I lately always end our self in All You Can Eat dining place. Specially when the rain coming. Eating something hot and soupy sound a great idea. So here we are at the newest join Shabu-Shabu house that located on Wolter Monginsidi area.

We're a bit surprise when come to Shabu Ghin, there are already a long queuing although its already past the dinner hour. Arrived at Shabu Ghin around 8.30pm on weekday and we have to wait around 8 more peoples. Whaattt??!! But since we've been through the jam and the road  construction a long the way, well... no choice unless waiting.

You can choose 4 kind of all you can eat package that you can choose.

  • Shabu Ghin Special Beef IDR 188.000 for Adult or IDR 115.000 for Child/Senior
  • Shabu Ghin US Premium Beef IDR 238.000 for Adult or IDR 145.000 for Child/Senior
  • Shabu Ghin Wagyu Beef IDR 388.000 for Adult or IDR 235.000 for Child/Senior
If you already buy one of the package, you still can buy other meat outside your package for certain price. For example if you already buy the Shabu Ghin Special Beef, and you curious with the Wagyu one, you still can buy the Wagyu also. Shabu Ghin IDR 30.000/plate, Shabu Ghin US Premium Beef IDR 50.000/plate and Shabu Ghin Wagyu Beef IDR 80.000/plate.

Or if you can't manage the all you can eat menu, Shabu Ghin also have Set Menu. That consist Meat 2 plate of Meat and also include unlimited vegetables, drink and dessert.
  • Shabu Ghin Special Beef  IDR 128.000
  • Shabu Ghin US Premium Beef IDR 168.000
  • Shabu Ghin Wagyu Beef IDR 258.000

Shabu Ghin have an earthy dining area concept. With wooden as their element. Divided into two area that separated with a view stairs. Since its pretty full packed that night, me and hubby don't to be seated infront of the Bar.Well, it can also make us easy to fly and grab the food aight? Hehehe.... Electric stove already built in the table. And we can use it separately with our friends. So if you come with your friends or family, you taste their soup also. This is what I did with my hubby. We order 2 different kind of soup so we can taste each other.

Look at that marble on the Wagyu Beef *drooling*
The US Premium Beef  that also you shouldn't miss
If we order the Shabu Ghin Wagyu Beef package, we also have privileged to have other beef like the Shabu Ghin Special Beef and Shabu Ghin US Premium Beef. Since I came to Shabu Ghin already late, so I ran out the Shabu Ghin Special Beef. The one that I tried was the Shabu Ghin US Premium Beef. The texture really great. As for the Shabu Ghin Wagyu Beef... Oh my... It melted in my mouth right away. I die!! My suggestion is, don't dip too long in the soup, otherwise you will ruin the texture. 

Shabu Ghin have pretty wide selection on their Buffet tables that place in the center of the dining area. From vegetables, Mushroom, Sushi, Karage, Tempura Moriawase, Assorted Seafood Balls, Assorted Noodles also fruits and dessert.

Shabu Ghin have 5 type of Soup that already include in your All you can eat package. But incase you curious with other soup outside your order, you still can order the other soup with additional charge IDR 29.000

The Soup that available in Shabu Ghin are Original Konbu, Chicken Mizutaki, Spicy Tonyu, Spicy Seafood and Sukiyaki. That night I ordered the Spicy Tonyu meanwhile hubby ordered Spicy Seafood. Both had an excellent taste. The Spicy Tonyu the one that make me curious. Because it only served in Shabu Ghin only. You never can't find any Spicy Tonyu Soup in other Shabu-Shabu restaurant. So it can be said that it's the Signature Soup from Shabu Ghin. The taste is like curry but more light with soybean based and a bit spicy taste. And the Spicy Seafood with also a slightly spicy taste have a very rich of seafood flavor.

Ramen Spaghetti

Complete your journey at Shabu Ghin with the other sides and menu from Shabu Ghin's Buffet. The Ramen Spaghetti cooked to aldente with great flavor. Love the generosity of the meet and bolognaise sauce. Sushi with wise taste topped with crunchy garlic and crunchy karage on top. The karage and tempura also good. Not greasy. It crunchy outside and tender inside. Skip the Japchae as my tummy getting full.

I like the variant sauce that Shabu Ghin have. Try to be creative to mix'em up. I like the spicy suki taste taht I mix with the ponzu sauce. It suit with the fried  dish.

All you eat package also already include the unlimited beverages and dessert. I like the Sjora Mango drink. It so refreshing. And end your journey at Shabu Ghin with their Ice Cream and toppings.

At the end... we've got the Wagyu Overdose Syndrome here LOL... Dunno how many stack we've been eat. It so melt in your mouth makes you barely can't stop to eat it. Surely we'll comeback some other time to have another Shabu-Shabu Journey.

Jl. Wolter Monginsidi No. 53 (Infront of Seven Eleven)
Senopati, Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan 12160
021 - 720 2336/1827
Opening Hours: 11 AM - 10 PM


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