06 November 2015

Huize Van Wely at The Papilion Kemang

Long time I didn't see my friend, the heits blogger 'Mak" Yenny (#yennymakanmulu). So in one bright day I asked them to join me to had a splendid Buffet lunch at Huize Van Wely Kemang. A bit bored at office, made me want to escape for a while. So I picked her up at her apartment and straight went to Kemang Area. Luckily traffic been friendly to us.

Huize van Wely had 2 locations so far. On Kemang Raya area and on Pacific Place Mall, Jakarta. The one that I visited is on Kemang location. Located at The Papilion Building. A glass building that look so chick from the outside. Love the atmosphere inside. Look so sleek and clean without any major furniture. But still it looked elegant and sophisticated. The main attraction in would be the cake display and the bar. That's make the room more alive.

Huize van Wely offered Buffet Lunch Menu that we can choose. It only available every Wednesday. They served Indonesian, Japanese and Western on their Buffet table and rotate it every week. That day, I got the chance to have a try Japanese Buffet menu. 

Potato Salad
Salmon Saikyo
Black Sesame Mousse
I love most of the dish that they served. It served fresh and warm. The quality of the food is so no doubt again. The food that I took more than one time was the the Salmon Saikyo and the dessert. The Salmon Saikyo, is so delicate, well seasoning, fresh salmon and not fishy. The dessert, both Dorayaki and Black Sesame Mousse was heaven on earth. It melt in your mouth. Other dishes also you shouldn't missed. It captured the authentic Japanese dish. 

The great thing is, I met the Chef behind this amazing dish. And can't stand my self to approach him. Origin from Japan (forgive me I forget his name), he just not delegate the buffet table to his staff, but he the one who check it, whether the Buffet table perfectly served or not. Well, Sir, I guess you've made it so far.

Huize van Wely also sell the scrumptious praline, cookies and very pretty cakes. It all not include in Buffet menu of course. But you still can buy it in their store. Look at their presentation, really spoiling your eyes and makes mouthwatering.

The price for the lunch Buffet at Huize van Wely is slightly expensive. Its IDR 250.000 but I guess it so worth the price. Considering, all menu that they served is really great and none of them was disappointing. For this Lunch Buffet menu only available on Wednesday start from 11.30am to 3pm.

Huize Van Wely 
Level 1, The Papilion Kemang Jalan Kemang Raya No. 45AA Jakarta Selatan 12370 021 - 719 0789 / 1975

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  1. Welcome back Octa!
    Really miss your attractive, appealing and enticing posts.

    Keep up your wonderful job dear!

    1. Thanks so much Soya... An honor got a compliment dari Blogger heits sepanjang masa... Thanks for the support always *wink*


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